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Lily Trotters compression socks make you unstoppable. Lily Trotters produces designer, high-performance compression socks for women, which deliver fit, comfort and style, whether you’re in a dress shoe or running shoe. Our compression socks are well-fitting, comfortable and stylish for the women who believe in the benefits delivered by our compression socks. We want to produce truly beautiful, high-quality compression socks that bring the benefits of compression to women in every aspect of women's lives and suit their personal style. Our customized color palette ensures our socks complement every wardrobe from fitness to fashion.

Best Gifts for HER Under $40! – Lily Trotters. Unless you one of those super-organized people with the enviable skill of purchasing Christmas gifts in the summer, chances are you won't be wrapping gifts this weekend.

Best Gifts for HER Under $40! – Lily Trotters

Instead, you'll be scrambling to finish your holiday shopping, hunting for gifts that don't scream "last minute". Take heart, because we've compiled a list of affordable gifts that say "from the heart"! Speak Her Love Language: Gifts That Will Win Her Heart! – Lily Trotters. Really want to make her beam this Valentine's Day?

Speak Her Love Language: Gifts That Will Win Her Heart! – Lily Trotters

Take a look at this list of gifts that we know she'll want--because we want them all. No, seriously, "add to cart" happened multiple times during the making of this list... The Cashmere Lantern Sweater by Everlane Not only is this sweater super-soft with ultra-feminine touches, but the gorgeous rose color can transition easily from a winter to spring wardrobe. Kari's Favorite Ski Gear! – Lily Trotters. We know the right gear can make all the difference in how a day goes down, from cutting first tracks to stomping your landings, but how do you choose what's best?

Kari's Favorite Ski Gear! – Lily Trotters

Hear from Kari Brandt--one of our #unstoppable squad members and serious sister of shred--as she names some of her top choices in ski apparel. I never realized the influence professionals in the outdoor industry have until I became a professional myself. My first summer guiding in Yosemite I started on a guided day hike with old trail running shoes simply because they were the only shoes I could find that morning. My clients asked, shortly into our hike, if they were the shoes I recommended for hiking and what they were. Love your Lilys: Proper Care for your Compression Socks – Lily Trotters. We love our socks, it’s true.

Love your Lilys: Proper Care for your Compression Socks – Lily Trotters

Because there’s so much to love! Their comfort, their style, those colors, their versatility, and the fact that wearing them is like a walkable spa-treatment for your legs. :) Our compression socks are a health investment that lasts, so help them last longer with some simple washing TLC. It takes time for Lilys to get smelly (thank you, moisture-wicking and antimicrobial material!) , but eventually, you’ll probably want to add them to your laundry since it’s still taboo to boast about not having had to wash your socks in three weeks (true story). When you do, give them the proper treatment by following these easy steps: Machine wash separately in cold water on delicate cycle. (These are probably the same guidelines for most of your exercise gear.) For top treatment, use a detergent that can really stand up to your worst odors.

How to Stay Healthy at Home – Lily Trotters. Working Out in a (Necessary) Virtual World – Lily Trotters. Chances are if you’re someone whose commitment to fitness exceeds any limitations created by a shelter-in-place order, you’ve probably already encountered the barrage of free training and workouts made available across all apps and social media platforms.

Working Out in a (Necessary) Virtual World – Lily Trotters

When offerings are advertised for at home, no weights, just weights, body-weight, small space, garage space…just looking for the right workout can make you work up a sweat. Doctor's Orders! Using Compression to Treat Common Sports Injuries – Lily Trotters. Did you know that compression is often an elemental part of a recovery plan for foot and leg injuries?

Doctor's Orders! Using Compression to Treat Common Sports Injuries – Lily Trotters

More and more podiatrists are recommending compression socks to patients for common leg and feet ailments, including those that are running and workout-related. While compression has been routinely and widely used to treat swelling and improve circulation, the medical community is still discovering its numerous applications. Some of those include prevention and/or treatment of the following:plantar fasciitisshin splintsstrainssprainscrampstendinitisarthritis Furthermore, compression can improve our sensation and spatial awareness of limbs (proprioception) making it easier and safer to walk/run. Since many of these afflictions can be running/exercise induced, doctors are finding that compression socks can be both a preventative and rehabilitative measure. Stuck at Home? Save your Legs! – Lily Trotters. Have you noticed a significant dip in your couch cushion or a thinning spot on your carpet under your desk?

Stuck at Home? Save your Legs! – Lily Trotters

Have you been experiencing tingling in your legs or stiffness in your ankles? The past few months have forced us to condense our family, work, and play into much smaller spaces--and it means we’re probably more stationary than we’d like to be. Whether we’re working out of the bedroom, managing “daycare” in the living room, or having a virtual happy hour with friends on the sofa, we’re all sitting or standing in one place for longer periods of time. Need a new Crew? Look to these organizations! – Lily Trotters. With the release of our CREW socks (have you seen our NEW color?)

Need a new Crew? Look to these organizations! – Lily Trotters

, we can't help but think about how important it is to a) maintain happy and healthy feet (duh!) And b) have a "crew" or squad of women that's got your back! Here are some ways to find "sole sisters" to support you on all of life's adventures. The ladies behind AMR know life is full of commitments and distractions, but they’re “here to keep you moving and inspired”.

With everything from podcasts and training programs to blogs and gears, this vibrant community of women will have you going another mile. What’s more important than running in a running group? Started in 2009 to help fight the escalating obesity epidemic in the African-American community, BGR! Have kids, will hike! Originally created to increase awareness of outdoor sports to women, Trail Sisters has become an advocate for women’s participation and opportunity in outdoor recreation, specifically trail running.

How to Avoid Swelling & Maximize Comfort During Pregnancy – Lily Trotters. Calling all mamas and moms-to-be!

How to Avoid Swelling & Maximize Comfort During Pregnancy – Lily Trotters

Lily Trotters will save your feet and they look great too! As a physical therapist who works closely with new and expecting moms, I have seen the many benefits of compression stockings including decreasing the swelling and associated aching of the lower legs and feet. Women often report greater energy and ability to move on their feet while wearing them. Swelling, also called edema, is the buildup of extra fluid in and around your tissues. This is a common occurrence during pregnancy, especially at the later stages, as your body produces and retains more fluid to support the developing baby.