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This Eisner Award Winning Series created by Shannon Watters, Grace Ellis, Brooke A. Allen and Noelle Stevenson is published by Boom Box!

The story follows a group of five friends--April, Jo, Mal, Molly, and Ripley--on their adventures at a less than average summer camp ("Miss Qiunzella Thiskwin Penniquiqul Thistle Crumpet's Camp for Hardcore Lady Types"). Lumberjanes Omnibus Number 1. Lumberjanes Omnibus Number 2. Lumberjanes - Wikipedia. Lumberjanes is a comic book series created by Shannon Watters, Grace Ellis, Brooke A. Allen and Noelle Stevenson[2] and published via the Boom Box! Imprint of Boom! Studios. The story follows a group of girls named Mal, Ripley, Molly, April, and Jo spending summer at a scout camp, and the strange creatures and supernatural phenomena they encounter there. Originally planned as an eight-part series, the comic was quickly made an ongoing series following strong sales and critical acclaim.[3] Publication history[edit] Lumberjanes came about as the result of Boom!

Overview[edit] The story is set in and around Miss Qiunzella Thiskwin Penniquiqul Thistle Crumpet's Camp for Hardcore Lady Types, a summer camp whose attendees are known as Lumberjane Scouts. Over the course of the story, characters earn or refer to various Lumberjane scout badges; these are added to a sash printed on the back of each issue. Characters[edit] Jo is the most cool-headed and analytical member of the group. BOOM! Box. Lumberjanes, Women in Comics Win Big at 2015 Eisner Awards. Holy smokes. Where do we even begin with this year’s Eisner Award winners? Team Lumberjanes (Shannon Watters, Grace Ellis, Noelle Stevenson, and Brooke A. Allen) took home two major awards: Best New Series (!!!)

And Best Publication for Teens (ages 13-17). It’s so, so great to see them get the recognition that they so totally deserve with this awesome comic. Emily Carroll also took home two awards: one for “When the Darkness Presses” (readable online), which took home Best Short Story, and another for Through the Woods, this year’s Best Graphic Album (Reprint). The Best Continuing Series category was packed with some amazing titles, including Hawkeye, Bandette, Southern Bastards, Astro City, and The Walking Dead. Judging by these alone, it’s been a pretty big year for women in comics. Check out the full listing of winners over at (who also took home the award for Best Comics-Related Periodical/Journalism!). —Please make note of The Mary Sue’s general comment policy. 'Lumberjanes' Wins 2016 GLAAD Media Award.

Every year, the GLAAD Media Awards aim to celebrate the best of LGBT-inclusive media and the people producing that work. This weekend at a ceremony in Los Angeles, winners for the 2016 awards were announced, with Boom Studios’s acclaimed Lumberjanes taking home the award for Outstanding Comic Book. Lumberjanes, by Noelle Stevenson, Shannon Watters, Kat Leyh, Carolyn Nowak and Brooke Allen, tells the story of five teenage girls at a summer camp who solve mysteries and encounter bizarre creatures.

In 2015, the series won the Eisner Awards for Best New Series and Best Publication for Teens, but lost out on the GLAAD Award for Outstanding Comic Book to Rat Queens. This year, Lumberjanes beat stiff competition from the likes of Steve Orlando and ACO’s Midnighter and Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie’s The Wicked And The Divine. Out of the three “Big Two” comics among the nominees, two of the series, Midnighter and Angela: Queen of Hel, are already cancelled and awaiting their final issues. How Nimona and Lumberjanes Author Noelle Stevenson Conquered the Comic Book World.

Before she even graduated from art school, Noelle Stevenson was already making waves in the comics community. One night back in 2012 she and a friend starting sketching Marvel’s male superhero Hawkeye in the same ludicrously sexual poses that were usually reserved for his female counterparts. Stevenson posted her sketches online and, much to her surprise, the inside joke between friends blossomed into the massively successful Hawkeye Initiative. Soon artists all across the web were participating as Stevenson sent an early shot across the bow of the notoriously sexist comic-book world that predated and, in a way, predicted Gamergate and a thousand Black Widow think pieces.

Since she left art school, Stevenson has been busier than ever. At 23 years old, Stevenson just had the kind of year that would make even the most seasoned comics writer turn Hulk green with envy. Noelle Stevenson: I think the conversation was already starting to happen, but it’s really blown up in the last two years. You need the news, not the paper. Noelle Stevenson is an author who has made The New York Times best-seller list.

She is nominated this year for three Eisner Awards, the comic and graphic novel industry’s equivalent of the Oscars. A graphic novel she wrote and drew based on a web comic she created hits bookstores Tuesday. She’s written story lines for iconic characters including Wonder Woman and Thor for DC and Marvel. She’s written a television show for Disney. It’s a career many would be proud of, but it’s only the beginning for the A.C. Flora graduate. Noelle Stevenson (right) signs books and speaks with fans Sunday in Columbia. Stevenson signed advance copies of her new graphic novel “Nimona” on Sunday at the Richland Library on Assembly Street in Columbia, and it was familiar ground for her. “I used to hang out here all the time,” the Columbia native told the crowd of more than 100 people gathered to hear her speak and to get her autograph.

Stevenson demonstrates her creative process for fans. Comments Comments. Meet the Local Illustrator of Lumberjanes, a Feminist, Fast-Growing Summer Camp Comic. In the first five pages of the Lumberjanes comic series, five girls triumph over a small army of three-eyed foxes. Each panel is a flurry of haymakers and karate kicks, action-font WHAPs and knockout-star PUNCHes. The series, illustrated by local artist Brooke Allen (right), pegs these tough young women as “hardcore lady types.”

At 26, Allen has drawn Lumberjanes, a fast-growing national series about a girls summer camp and its supernatural happenings, since its first issue in April. Its main characters are five best friends (Jo, April, Mal, Molly, and Ripley) who solve mysteries, wrangle creepy critters, and kick butt—a kind of Buffy the Vampire Slayer meets The X-Files meets Bug Juice. From her home in the Southwest Waterfront neighborhood, Allen churns out comic-book panels at a rocket-fueled pace of 22 pages a month.

Allen takes particular joy in drawing scenes like these. Still, it can be grueling work translating Ellis and Stevenson’s script into pictures that make sense. Grace Ellis. BOOM! Editor Shannon Watters Talks Lumberjanes, Queer Representation and the Value of Scaring Kids :: Comics :: Features :: lumberjanes :: Paste. Editor Shannon Watters has helped guide KaBOOM! — BOOM! Studios’ all-ages imprint — to commercial and critical success, mostly by hand-picking cartoonists with unique voices to put their own spin on an impressive line-up of all-star licenses including Adventure Time, Regular Show and Bravest Warriors.

She also oversees BOOM! Box, an experimental imprint created “for the love of it,” which publishes Lumberjanes, the breakout series of 2014 that Watters co-created with writer Grace Ellis. Paste spoke with Watters over the phone to discuss the overwhelmingly positive reception to Lumberjanes, creating a safe space for queer and questioning readers, curating an all-ages line-up and changing the perception of licensed comics. Paste: Congratulations on the GLAAD nomination for Lumberjanes, and the book’s success in general. Paste: This year’s GLAAD nominees didn’t include any stunt or PR books, just books that handled queer characters like fully rounded human beings.