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Instrument Panel, Dash and Cluster Repair - Autotronics. Thank you for choosing our professional instrument cluster repair service.

Instrument Panel, Dash and Cluster Repair - Autotronics

Instrument clusters are vital parts of today’s vehicles, as they provide the driver will all the necessary information while on the road. Unfortunately, as with every vehicle part, instrument clusters (or speedometers) can also fail; thankfully, our experienced engineering team are here to help. Some of the most common faults our engineers have found while working with speedometers are: faulty gauges, fading LCDs, pixelated displays, dead pixels on LCD displays, back light failures, etc.

Whatever the fault on your instrument cluster, even if it’s showing a complete failure, our fully trained and skilled engineering team will be able detect the cause of this failure and fix it properly. Repair your Car Immobiliser - Autotronics. Thank you for choosing our professional immobiliser repair service.

Repair your Car Immobiliser - Autotronics

If you are experiencing problems with the immobiliser of your vehicle, we can help you by recoding the immobilizer box so that you can hit the road again quickly and safely. This exclusive recoding service will save you some precious time and, more importantly, money comparing to bringing your car to the dealership. Our experts have a long record of successful immobilisers repairs, so they know everything there is to know about immobilisers and transponder chips. If you are unsure about where to locate the immobiliser box inside your vehicle, please contact us. Our engineers will be happy to solve all your technical questions. We also provide a key cutting service, so in case you have lost your key we can produce a new one for you. To proceed with your immobiliser recode service, simply select the make of your vehicle from the list below, clicking on the corresponding badge.

Remote Key Fob Repair Service in UK - Autotronics. Autotronics - Car Electronics Repair. How does my remote key fob work? By Inaki Ruiz There are many things in life that we constantly do without knowing exactly how they really work.

How does my remote key fob work?

Locking and unlocking your car with your remote key falls into this category of seemingly inexplicable things. The remote keys were introduced in vehicles in the 1980s and have been a staple of modern automotive security and comfort for the last three decades. The way your remote key fob is both clever and pretty simple at the same time. The keyless remote have a radio transmitter that sends a unique coded signal whenever a button is pushed. The basic functions that all remote keys have are locking and unlocking the vehicle doors. If you feel that your remote key fob is working intermittently or not communicating to your car at all when trying to lock or unlock the doors, the cheapest and more reliable alternative is to send it to us so that one of our highly-skilled engineers can take a look at it and have it repaired and tested.

What happened to my instrument cluster? By Inaki Ruiz Imagine for one moment that you are comfortably driving your car or motorbike on the motorway and suddenly, unexpectedly, all of the lights on the instrument cluster turn off completely.

What happened to my instrument cluster?

For one moment you panic, don’t know how to react and your first instinct is to pull over immediately. You manage to stay calm and reach home but you are unsure about what just happened to your vehicle. This is not just a story; this is a real history that one of our customers told us before hiring our instrument cluster repair service for her car. As you can expect, this lady was still in shock when recounting what happened to her on that motorway. Repair or replace? The decision is yours. By Inaki Ruiz Whenever you experience a problem with your vehicle electronics, the first question that may come to your mind is: should I have the part repaired or should I replace it for a new one?

Repair or replace? The decision is yours

Well, here at Autotronics we can give some reasons to support the first approach. First of all, from a price point of view it is a now brainer. Repairing your remote key fob, instrument cluster or immobiliser will save you a good deal of money. This is for sure the more important factor for the vast majority of our customers and we would like to invite you to check the huge savings involved by yourself.

Secondly, having any of the electronics parts on your vehicle professionally repaired will save you the time and hassle of waiting for your local dealership to get the necessary spare parts from their head offices. Also noteworthy, you should take into account the customer service quality when taking this decision. Ferrari F430 instrument cluster repair.