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Te. Emociones asociadas a enfermedades. K-beauty Europe - About Korean skincare. I would like to share these 2 affordable Korean skin care products from brands Missha & Mizon today.

K-beauty Europe - About Korean skincare

Suitable for all skin types and ages. Really good quality products from Korea, and cheap too. Sample Thank You Note to Rejection (Internship or Job) No matter what stage in your career you are in, thank you notes are highly valued.

Sample Thank You Note to Rejection (Internship or Job)

They can help you land an internship, build your professional network and set you apart from the crowd. However, one of the most overlooked occasions for a thank you is after receiving a rejection. After going through the long application process, interview stage and waiting to get a response, a rejection letter can really sting. But while this particular opportunity has ended, your future is still wide open. Using this time as a chance to connect with the hiring manager or department head can help you later on in your career.

Sample Finance Internship Cover Letter - Goldman Sachs. While your resume is important, nothing makes you stand out more than a well-written cover letter.

Sample Finance Internship Cover Letter - Goldman Sachs

A strong one can highlight your attention to detail, work ethic and passion for the industry. And while most job postings request a resume and cover letter, many candidates skip sending one because they seem too complicated; this is a mistake. Understanding Citations: Cited Reference Search by Fred Chan on Prezi. 25 Inspired Weekend Getaways in Asia - Asia travel and leisure guides for hotels, food and drink, shopping, nightlife, and spas. From BANGKOK Rudyard Kipling's poem The Road to Mandalay etched the eastern town into the Western psyche, but the city's sleepy charm requires a bit of legwork today.

25 Inspired Weekend Getaways in Asia - Asia travel and leisure guides for hotels, food and drink, shopping, nightlife, and spas

Hop the direct flight from Bangkok in the afternoon and arrive in time for that emblematic Burma photo at U Bien Bridge with its iconic silhouettes of monks at dusk. Hotel Red Canal is a sanctuary in the city, but in dry season, escape the dust bowl and trace the colonial ghost of George Orwell to Maymyo, a hill station an hour's drive east that, under British rule, was a retreat for top brass escaping Rangoon’s humidity and heat. For a simulacrum of their high-brow getaways, check in to Hotel Pyin Oo Lwin.

And if you really want to follow historic footsteps, return by train to Mandalay—part of a journey romanticized by Paul Theroux in The Great Railway Bazaar: By Train Through Asia. Take Online Courses. Earn College Credit. Research Schools, Degrees & Careers. How to write a standard research article. Caroline Coffin and Rupert Wegerif ( Research Report Abstract.

How to write a standard research article

Best and worst ways to end an email. Writing the body of an email is the easy part.

Best and worst ways to end an email

The hard part is signing off. Is "cheers" too casual? Too pretentious? Too British? Is "sincerely" timeless and professional, or stodgy and overly formal? Perhaps, as Matthew J.X. But as anyone who has sat staring blankly at a screen, weighing "best" versus "all best" versus "all the best" knows, not signing off doesn't feel quite right either — especially if the context is professional. "Not closing seems way too abrupt," business etiquette expert Barbara Pachter tells Business Insider. And manners aside, the email close serves a practical function. It's also an opportunity to define or redefine your relationship to your correspondent, Schwalbe adds.

If we accept — at least for the moment — that email signoffs are here to stay, the question becomes which one to use, and in what contexts to use it. How to Sign an Email: 15 Steps. Competency framework en. 6 películas budistas que te enseñarán las estaciones de la vida. Twitter2283 2283facebook361K 361Kpinterest232 232google plus315Share315stumbleupon3824Share3824meneame60Share60tumblr97Share97 “El paraíso y el infierno existen sólo en tu corazón”Teisen Deshimaru Hacer zazen es sentarse en silencio a contemplar nuestra propia existencia e impermanencia.

6 películas budistas que te enseñarán las estaciones de la vida

Es una de las enseñanzas Zen, que tiene su raíz en la India y emergió de diversas escuelas budistas. El budismo se ha convertido en una de las grandes lecciones que ha pasado de generación en generación y más allá de ser una religión, es un modo de asumir la vida. La palabra zen proviene del sánscrito y significa meditación. Ser un “Buda” es lograr mediante estas leyes llegar a la iluminación espiritual para llegar a experimentar el Nirvana. “Las estaciones de la vida” (2003), Kim Ki Duk “El deseo despierta el ansia de poseer y el ansia de poseer despierta instintos asesinos”


Peer Review Presentation. Training and development. PR. Para escribir en integratec. Words. 10 online careers you can start with basically no money. Does working from home or any remote location of your choice, while dictating your schedule and having complete control over your career sound good?

10 online careers you can start with basically no money

If so, you should consider starting an online career. It’s a lot easier than you might think -- thanks to the internet, it’s actually quite simple, requiring much less startup capital than you might imagine. With a combination of drive, determination and skill, your online career can start almost immediately. Here are ten that you could literally start today. 1. With so many companies operating these days without a physical office location, it has opened up multiple remote opportunities for virtual assistants to handle a wide range of tasks.

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