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Maison. 23 Creative Ways To Hide The Eyesores In Your Home And Make It Look Better. Interior design is always awesome to read and think about, but what about those of us who already have homes or don’t have the money to spend on grandiose and fantastic remodeling projects?

23 Creative Ways To Hide The Eyesores In Your Home And Make It Look Better

Here are a couple of brilliant ideas that will hide some of the common everyday eyesores your home may have and make it look like something right out of a furniture catalog. The cool thing about these ideas is that many of them are all about both keeping things neat and maximizing limited space. As more and more people pile into cities, the efficient use of space becomes more and more important, which a lot of these mods do.

This can involve either clever hiding and storage solutions or creatively re-purposed surfaces – like the blackboard refrigerator. Others are just for removing/hiding eyesores or, better, yet, converting them into something beautiful or amusing. (h/t: buzzfeed) 1. Designed by Deriba Furniture 2. Image credits: 3. Image credits: buzzfeed 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. These 19 Rooms May Seems Normal At First..Till You Find Their Hidden Secrets. Then They're GENIUS. Large amounts of satisfaction and independence usually accompany buying a home.

These 19 Rooms May Seems Normal At First..Till You Find Their Hidden Secrets. Then They're GENIUS.

Homeowners live in a property that is legitimately theirs. There is no reason to worry about loud neighbors, landlords or using old appliances from the stone age. Not only that, once you own a home you can do pretty much anything you want to it (so long as the neighborhood’s Homeowner’s Association isn’t breathing down your neck). A modification that 100% of homeowners should consider? Adding a secret room or passageway somewhere inside. 1.) Source: 2.) 3.) 4.) 5.) House and Home. Quality, Personalised & Unique Designs on Canvas, ... Sustainable/low cost Living. 14 Brilliant Bathroom Design Ideas. We all pay so much attention to keeping the rest of our home beautiful, but when it comes to the bathroom, a pretty shower mat or curtain seems to be enough for most of us.

14 Brilliant Bathroom Design Ideas

But these 14 beautiful bath design ideas we found might inspire to change things up in your bathroom as well! For most of us (especially those of us who are not religious), the bathroom is the closest we will get to having an everyday ritual space. We use it to purify and beautify ourselves and to perform other health-related rituals. So doesn’t it deserve the same sort of attention as a church, temple or shrine?

Home Decor. Great design direct from the makers. Carpenter Crafts Woodland Love Nest For $4,000 in Just 6 Weeks. Carpenter Dave Herrle made his dreams come true - in 6 weeks he built his own beautiful woodland home for just $4,000!

Carpenter Crafts Woodland Love Nest For $4,000 in Just 6 Weeks

Herrle used plenty of savaged materials to create his secluded retreat, and once the house was completed he married the love of his life, bought a dog, and moved in. Dave Herrle worked around the clock to complete his Westbrook woodland home and become self-sufficient. He knew he wanted to live in the forest since after realizing the “benefits of simplicity” while hiking along the Appalachian Trail. His fiancée shared this dream, so he committed himself to build this woodland home in only 6 weeks. Related: Couple Leave Their Jobs to Build a Love Nest From Recycled Windows The beautiful Wee House sits on a wooden platform that provides balcony space to take in the forests’ views and scents.

Stormy Styles: An Indoor Thunderstorm - The Chromologist. I love nothing more than a storm with raging thunder and flashes of lightening brightening up a dark sky.

Stormy Styles: An Indoor Thunderstorm - The Chromologist

So, I was in my element when last week raging thunder storms swept across the UK! However, if like me, you are always a little disappointed that they never seem to last long enough, you could always try bringing a little of the storm into your own home with this quirky little interactive light by designer, Richard Clarkson The aptly named, ‘Cloud’, is a funky lamp that not only looks like a real life thunder cloud, but also doubles up as speaker system to mimic the sounds of a stormy night. The sound system also allows you to stream music and will flash in time to the beat – a sure way to impress guests! Cloud from Richard Clarkson on Vimeo. Sue Carney on Twitter: @andymack1966 saw this & thought of you. We could have a library-pond just like this. How cool would that be? xxx.

Being Somewhere - Low Impact Living. LilacLounge : Love this idea :)) ... Shine Lighting. This has been a really popular trend this year.

Shine Lighting

It’s also very universally appealing and timeless. As a result, decorating your room to this theme will still look great for years to come. The rooms you can decorate this trend in are limitless. It looks fantastic in Living rooms, Bedrooms or dining rooms. The nautical room theme in life Lighting is, surprising, a great place to start with this theme. Ceiling Starting with the ceiling – This is a ceiling light I picked out from our Dar Collection. Dar2333 - The rope fits in perfectly with this trend. Our other favourite ceiling idea was found through a little hunting on Pinterest. Westinghouse - Airplane II 78655 - The nautical theme, with a bit of a twist.

Walls For the Wall lights, I provide you with our two favourites. Vitrail biseauté Turquoise 3D étoiles Suncatcher par SNLCreations. Koi fish Print d'un Japonais style aquarelle par par Manukaman. Heratige Collection Mason Jar Strand avec par sweetteaclothingco. Mur Floral fleur de cerisier papillon Allower par OMGstencils. Padouck Vase Vase en bois Woodturned moderne forme par DJsNature. Moss Bathmat Feels Good, Looks Great — Most Popular Posts. We've always loved moss, so when we saw this bathmat made primarily from moss (that gets watered when you step out of the shower), we had to learn more...

Moss Bathmat Feels Good, Looks Great — Most Popular Posts

This bathroom mat starts with an imputrescible foam called plastazote. Several types of moss are implanted in the cells of foam (a total of 70 pieces measuring 2.4 in. each) and live happily there as long as you shower often enough to get keep it moist while you towel off.