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Don't have to, doesn't have to.

Gotyk w Polsce

Videoconference. Mf2unit8. Health. Qualifiers. Writing. Christmas traditions in Poland. Modal verbs of obligation. Polski przemysł. Addictions. Games. Irregular verbs. Present perfect continuous. Gerund/infinitive. Elevator pitch. Passive voice. It is/there is. First conditional. Countable/uncounable. Nouns plural. Relative pronouns. Fce straszyn. Elementary straszyn. Education. Television and media.

Giving opinion. Films. Pre intermediate unit 7. Intermediate straszyn. Food. Clothes. Going to /will. Passive voice. Third conditional. Rotmanka 2. Job interview.

Comparative and superlative

Technology. Drinks. Entertainment. Housework. Celebrities. Food. Describing appearanes. House and prepositions. British/american english. Travelling. Reported speech. School subjects. Rotmanka. Must/have to. Adverbs. Telephoning. Sport vocabulary. Body parts games. To infinitive. Gerund. Apologies. Money. Hot spot 2 revision. Games. Footprints3 9.

Likes/dislikes. Fun. Winter holiday course. Highly recommended II. Future tenses. Ready to order. Christmas. Extended matura. Intermediate. Passive voice. Modals.


Footproints module 1. Footprints module2. Module3 footprints. Footprint module 4 people and possessions. Module 5 footprints. Footprint3 module 5. Footprints module6. Footprint 7. Footprints 8. Robert. Crime. Hot spot 3 module 2. Describing appearance. Elementary starter. Hot spot3 module 3. Hot spot 3 module 4. Hot spot 3 module5. Hot spot 3 module 6. Hot spot 3 module7. Hot spot2 module 2. Hot spot 2 module 3. Module4 hot spot2. Hot spot2 module 6. Funny facts about Poland. Hot spot 2 module 5.