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Lightosphere is one of the leading online lighting store in Australia. Lightosphere have a huge collection of lights to enhance the interiors of your home or office. Lightosphere have 11 varieties of lights in Australia. They have a first class reputation and gives exemplary services. They offer a huge collection of designer & trendy lights for home, office with a large stock holding. Lightosphere have surpassed hundreds of other product designs and every design in their collection is a gem.

Close to Ceiling Lights & Fixtures Online. Designer Glass Wall Lamp Lightings & Fittings. Artistic Lamps and Lights For Kid’s Room. Whether you are looking for something unique and interesting for Christmas, your kids birthday or other occasions, children’s ceiling pendant lamp is a great option!

Artistic Lamps and Lights For Kid’s Room

From the creative to the crazy, our children’s lamps offer the easiest possible solution for creating a quality design in any child’s room. Using inspiration from every childhood favorite, from smart geometric shapes to colorful shades, we make sure that your kids can get lighting in their room that inspires as much as it excites. Designed with a real class and sturdiness, these lights could become lifelong heirlooms, a throwback to a younger, simpler time in the life of your child. Until then, though, give your children the comfort they need at night with these delightfully designed lights for children. A kids lamp can help your children find expression to their creativity.

We are an online lighting store offering Australia wide delivery. Show: Sort By: Aircraft Kids Pendant Light / Children's Ceiling Light New-50% Buy Pendants Online. Designer Hanging Pendant lights. Designer Pendants For Kitchen and Dining. Industrial Vintage Pendant Lights. Sparkling Crystal Pendant Lights. Buy Glass Pendant Lights Online In Australia. When it comes to finding attractive and engaging lighting, glass options tend to do the job best.

Buy Glass Pendant Lights Online In Australia

Designed in a manner that allows for easy and authentic lighting to keep even the dullest parts of your home shining bright, our glass lighting options make it easy to capture your home in the shade that you desire. Using a rich grouping of different glass lights, we make sure that you can find a look and a finish that matches exactly with what you would have been hoping for. From the simple to the stylish, we cover every kind of glass lighting. This allows you to kit out your home with detailed and delectable designs, suitable for every need and requirement. It’s thanks to this that you can very easily begin to make sure you are both improving the aesthetic value of your home, and increasing the range of visibility.

Buy Large Pendant Light Online. Pendant lights are a fun, funky, stylish way to add style and illumination, to whatever space you need it in.

Buy Large Pendant Light Online

Large pendant lights allow you to add a touch of style without needing to purchase as many lights as you have customers; these lights will really bring your space to life! Whether you need better or new lighting in a bedroom, bathroom, hallway, and kitchen or wherever you can imagine, there is a light here to not only fit your style, but your budget as well. Large pendants are also quite sought after when it comes to interior design in commercial areas such as cafes and restaurants. They are large enough to attract attention but at the same time ensure the place does not look smaller or cramped. Just look through our incredible variety of large pendant lights online and there is no way you can be disappointed; from domed to patterned, swirled to industrial, we have a style and design to fit your needs.

We deliver to anywhere in Australia. Showing 1 to 15 of 15 (1 Pages) Buy Cluster Pendant Lights Online Australia. Buy Modern Pendant LightsOnline. When you’re going for a certain style in your home or other space, you want to make sure that everything in it subscribes to that same style/look too.

Buy Modern Pendant LightsOnline

From the floor to the ceiling, wall to the wall, every design element you add should bring your design vision to life. If your vision is to bring the modern look to your area, and you need stunning chandeliers or pendant lights to really add that special extra style element, you won’t find better options than this incredible selection.

These gorgeously styled modern crystal lights, available from simple to extravagant, in anything from rigid shapes to flowing masterpieces of art, are not only easy on the eyes, but also created with care so that your new designer pendant lights last as long as your style choices. Some of these modern crystal chandeliers come with in-built LED which is considered to be the latest technology in modern lighting. There is no need to purchase light globes. Showing 1 to 17 of 17 (1 Pages) Modern Designer Pendant Australia. Modern Designer Crystal Chandelier Lights Online Australia. Online Lighting Store - Pendants, Chandeliers, Lamps & Designer Lights.