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Chocolate Cheesecake Cake. Chocolate Cheesecake Cake You know how some people really don’t get along well with their In-Laws?

Chocolate Cheesecake Cake

How visits with them are stressful and awkward and generally awful for many people? Yeah, not me. I got kinda lucky on that whole “in-law” thing. And I’m not just writing this to kiss-up to my in-laws because I know there’s a good chance they’re reading this. It happened to be my dear Father-in-Law’s birthday last weekend. If you followed my blog over the holidays, you may have seen me make that oh-so-yummy Red Velvet Cheesecake Cake. I always, always bake my cheesecakes in a “water bath.” That baked cheesecake is popped into the freezer and allowed to freeze up nice and firm. Apple Shaped Cupcakes. It’s September, so apples are on the brain, can you tell?

Apple Shaped Cupcakes

With apple cards, candy apples, yarn apples, I can’t seem to get enough. Well, as I was browsing Pinterest, which I’m addicted to, I came across this post from Muses of Megret on baking your cupcakes into Valentine hearts. It’s such a cute and clever way to bake these! It sparked a thought that this method would also make the perfect shape for an apple as well. So here are apple cupcakes, cute as ever! Supplies for Apple Shaped Cupcakes: cupcake mixcupcake liners and muffin tinmarbles or tinfoilred colored frostingpretzel sticksgreen gumdrops.

Chocolate Wasted Cake. Ever since my brother started using the phrase "I wanna get chocolate wasted" from the movie Grown Ups I've been wanting to make this cake for his birthday.

Chocolate Wasted Cake

Being a chocoholic myself, I had no trouble coming up with ways to fill this cake with layer upon layer of chocolatey goodness. Just looking at this cake, I think you'll agree that it definitely deserves its name. Photo Credit: Ryan Rivera. Chocolate Chip Cheesecake Dip « Slice & Dice. 6 Oct.

Chocolate Chip Cheesecake Dip « Slice & Dice

Zebra cake recipe, Zebra Cheesecake recipe. You know the story - girl meets recipe and falls in love after seeing recipe across the crowded internet.

Zebra cake recipe, Zebra Cheesecake recipe

The recipe looks a bit different from what she is used to so girl is instantly intrigued. After the first tempting glimpse, girl can't get recipe out of her mind. Recipe even features in girl's dream that evening. Girl wakes up, thanks the gods of culinary fate that she has the ingredients to make that recipe and so begins the love story of the girl who met a Zebra cake. Crazy Domestic: Popsicle Brownies. Here's a super fun and easy idea for kids or for a summer party!

Crazy Domestic: Popsicle Brownies

My daughter's eyes were as big as saucers when she saw these! WHAT YOU NEED:•1 box brownie mix or your favorite homemade recipe•almond bark•food coloring•popsicle sticks•sprinkles HOW TO DO IT:1. Make the brownies according to the directions and let them cool completely.2. Cut brownies down the middle horizontally. To have your ideas featured on Crazy Domestic, click HERE. You don't have to be a pro to make these delicious holiday pops.

Impress the crowd, we have a fool proof recipe! Bulk Barn can supply you with all the ingredients and tools you need; cake mix, melting chocolate, sucker sticks, melting pot, parchment paper, cake pans, a cake pop instruction book and more! Ingredients/Tools: 1 9 x 13 x 2 inch cake 1/2 cup icing Sucker sticks Merckens chocolate waffersDirections: Make cake in a 9 x 13 x 2 inch sheet pan - flavour of your choice! Cut cake into quarters. In a large bowl, use hands to crumble the cake until no large chunks remain. Icings Recipes at Bake Decorate Celebrate!

Gingerbreads Heads. The season of giving will be upon us in just a few short days.

Gingerbreads Heads

I love December. People start baking and sharing sweets with friends and family … even people that might not normally bake any other time of the year. There is just something about the holidays and baking for others that makes people feel good to give. I like to give fudge, pies, cake balls, cookies… cookies … and more cookies. Cute & Easy Mini Santa Hat Brownies.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough + Cupcake = The BEST Cupcake. Ever. Recipe. Cheesecake Cookie Bars". Mingmakescupcakes.yolasite. Easy Truffles. This is the fastest and easiest recipe for making delicious, perfectly flavored chocolate truffles.

Easy Truffles

Customize the flavors and toppings to suit your exact tastes. You'll get hooked on trying to come up with the perfect combinations, and your friends and family will be more than happy to help judge their favorites! DIY Pie on a Stick « How-To News. Pie lollipops. The perfect snack. Forget settling on one slice, with the pie pop you can sample multiple flavors. Luxirare posted a beautifully photographed (somewhat) tutorial on how to make your own. Premade fillings, jarred like jam, enable you to make a wide variety in one batch. Check out the amazing photographs below; click through to Luxirare a few DIY text tips. How to make space invaders cookies.