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B2B Lightings - Philips. Philips Lighting. Tips to Make Best Use of High Bay Luminaires in Industrial Applications. Your choice of industrial LED lighting has far-reaching effects on workplace productivity, efficiency and safety.

Tips to Make Best Use of High Bay Luminaires in Industrial Applications

Hence, it’s necessary to understand the different types of solutions available and perform due diligence before selecting suitable lighting products. Read on to learn the uses of high bay lighting fixtures and factors to consider while purchasing them. Where are High Bay Luminaires Suitable? High bay industrial LED lighting fixtures are commonly used in large industrial spaces with ceilings that are approximately twenty five feet high or more. They are suitable for various applications including warehouses, manufacturing facilities, logistical centres, car park areas, walk ways, exhibition halls, indoor sports facilities and much more. CFL Bulbs For Saving Money & Energy. With our energy-saving bulbs you can enjoy bright, energizing light, at the same time as saving energy and money.

CFL Bulbs For Saving Money & Energy

Perfect for task lighting in studies, home offices and other spaces that need extra brightness they last up to 20 times longer than traditional incandescent bulbs and use up to 80 % less energy Available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes you will be sure to find the right bulb to fit your needs: •The very popular stick shape is perfect for functional lighting, typically in common light fixtures, in shaded lamps, where the bulb is less visible •The compact spiral shape is a perfect fit for smaller light fixtures, and first choice if you need more light output to really brighten up a space •The standard bulb (``A-shape``)is the most familiar shape, best for creating ambience and a cozy atmosphere, mostly used in table lamps or ceiling fixtures.

•The deco shapes (globes, candles) are used for more decorative fixtures, where the bulb is more visible. Lighting Controls for Homes & Offices. IOT Lighting for Digital & Connected Cities. How Philips LED Drivers Can Enhance Outdoor Lighting Place. Tips To Enhance Stadium Lighting. Stadium lights are a critical component of indoor stadiums and outdoor sports arenas.

Tips To Enhance Stadium Lighting

Stadiums have evolved from being spaces where different types of sporting events are held to becoming spaces that provide comprehensive entertainment. The choices for stadium lighting too have evolved, with LED flood lights becoming the new standard. Factory Lighting For Better Productivity. Factory LED Lighting. Garden Lights To Create Perfect Theme.

High Quality Factory Lighting Solution For Maximum Output. Factory lighting is one of the main features that makes modern industrial spaces productive, safe and efficient.

High Quality Factory Lighting Solution For Maximum Output

Here are some factors to keep in mind while selecting factory lighting solutions. Leverage Natural Lighting Factory spaces are no longer the dark and dingy places that were prevalent in previous decades and centuries. Many factories today have windows to let in natural sunlight and fresh air. CFLs As A Convenient Conventional Lighting Solution. Architectural Luminaires Increasing Demands in Cities. Architectural lighting has been attracting increasing attention in recent years.

Architectural Luminaires Increasing Demands in Cities

And why not? When done right, it can enhance the design experience of architecture and infuse new life into buildings and spaces. Fluorescent Lamps for Quality Lighting. OEM Lighting By Philips. How LED Spotlights Can Be Beneficial for Your Home? Why Fluorescent Lighting for the Kitchen is considered Best? Have you considered fluorescent lamps for kitchen lighting?

Why Fluorescent Lighting for the Kitchen is considered Best?

Here are some reasons these lighting solutions are a great choice for your kitchen. Requirements of Kitchen Lighting The kitchen is popularly referred to as the heart of a house. It is one of the most visited areas of a home. It’s an important area because meals are prepared here and family members get together for enjoying meals together and spending time with each other. Superior Light Quality Fluorescent bulbs and lamps provide overall better quality light than other traditional sources such as incandescent bulbs. Conventional Lighting For Better Future. Study Table Lamps for Home & Offices. How Fluorescent Lighting Solutions will Enhance Your Place. Are you considering fluorescent lighting in areas of your home?

How Fluorescent Lighting Solutions will Enhance Your Place

Most fluorescent bulbs produce light in the same way. However, they vary in terms of size, brightness and durability. Here are some tips to help you select the right type of fluorescent lights. Reasons for Popularity Even though there’s a growing emphasis on LED lights today, fluorescent tubes and bulbs continue to maintain their popularity. Solar Lighting System. Philips Lighting: Why is LED Lighting Far Superior to Incandescent Bulbs? The classic light bulb has worked reliably for years.

Philips Lighting: Why is LED Lighting Far Superior to Incandescent Bulbs?

But the technology is ancient and therefore has some serious disadvantages compared to advanced technologies such as commercial LED lighting. Except for the low purchase price, there are no more any advantages to using incandescent bulbs. Many countries have also banned their use since they are energy inefficient. The essential advantages of LEDs compared to conventional light bulbs: Up to 90% energy savings compared to incandescent bulbs There is hardly any heat development and thus lower risk of fire The significantly longer service life of up to 30,000 operating hours Low energy consumption and lower heat generation An LED lamp can save a lot of energy compared to a conventional light bulb.

Here is why LED Lighting is creating waves around the world? By Abhi Sharma Professional in Electronics Department The LED light or light emitting diode is indeed lamp of the future because it has many advantages over incandescent as well as CFL or compact fluorescent lamps.

Here is why LED Lighting is creating waves around the world?

LED lighting is beneficial for your budget. In addition, the customers will find several models to create a distinct and unique atmosphere for each room using the products LED light manufacturers have brought to the market. Consumers in large numbers are changing their old lamps in favor of LED lights and it is a very smart move indeed. Why Solar Lighting System is becoming a trending choice of the homeowners? Philips Projector. Philips Lamp. Fluorescent Lamps are a big hit due to these beneficial aspects. These Benefits of CFL bulbs will tempt you to buy them straightaway. CFL bulbs work on a very different technique than any other light bulbs.They use a ligament to pass the electric current through and further produce light.

These Benefits of CFL bulbs will tempt you to buy them straightaway

The electric current is driven through tube containing argon and small amount of mercury in vapor form. This generates UV light that further initiates the fluorescent coating to get visible light. CFL bulbs generally needs more power and energy to start but once you switch them on, they consume less energy to maintain the light. Typically, a CFL bulb uses 70 % lesser energy consumption. The entire process takes somewhere from 3 seconds to 3 minutes. Advantages to vouch for Some of the major benefits of using a CFL bulb include: These Smart Tips to Choose LED Lights will Fill your space with Radiance. Light is the superior energy, which lets us live the life we want. Indeed, sunlight gives energy, but are you aware that LED bulbs also emit energy?

Facts suggest that led bulbs emit blue light waves that produce serotonin, which eventually helps us in staying focused and alert. On the other hand, LED bulbs do not produce such waves leading us to a relaxed mode. CFL Bulbs. Philips Study Lamp. Philips LED Lights. Philips LED. Light Bulb. Welcome to the extensive range of bulbs from Philips Lighting. It covers LED, halogen and fluorescent bulbs for your home, office, car and more. They come in an impressive variety of shapes, styles and fittings.

Whether you want to create the perfect atmosphere for your living space, energise your work area, explore how colour adds ambiance, complement your decor or simply save energy and reduce household bills, there's something for you. And it doesn’t have to be a challenge to find what’s best for you, because we’ve launched the Bulb Advisor. It's fun and easy to use, and ensures you always choose the right bulb for your needs. LED lights: Brightening up your streets. Top Reasons to Upgrade your Commercial Lighting to LED. With the smart innovations that have revolutionized the world of illumination, it is only natural for all forward-thinking business owners to think about upgrading their commercial lighting to LED.

Most business owners realize the savings (in terms of money and time) that an LED upgrade give back to a commercial set up. So how does my business benefit from the upgrade? Here’s our list of some of the quick benefits that you’ll notice when transitioning to commercial LED lighting systems: Money savings on energy bills: That is a big word for business owners, especially when a good portion of the energy bills are used up for lighting purposes. A Brighter Future with a Connected Lighting System. Lighting is all about illuminating spaces? Well, if that is how you’ve been thinking all these years, it’s definitely time to think again. World has seen a revolution in lighting. With smart lighting systems that can react to your presence or even your mood and change to create the desired effect, there is a lot that can be achieved through the data-driven insights of connected lighting systems.

Upgrading your lighting systems to LED. Articles by Abhi Sharma Professional in Electronics Department There are multiple benefits of upgrading an existing lighting system to Led, especially when you choose to buy the services/products from a leading LED light manufacturer. The benefits Here’s our list of the top few benefits that you’ll definitely be thankful for, once you’ve decided to switch to LED. Reduced energy bills- Since LED lighting does not depend on heating up a filament as with the traditional incandescent lamps, the overall energy consumed to light up the bulb is significantly less. The Benefits of Hiring a Lighting Service Expert for Your Commercial Area. Lighting Control Systems to Save Energy. You’d never get back to manually switching the lights if you’ve once experienced a smart, automated lighting control system. With their demand and usage seeing a huge surge amongst all sectors including industrial, commercial and residential, these smart lighting systems are there to stay.

The control units that provide input signals includes various units like time clocks, occupancy sensors, movement sensors, light control switches, relays, photocells etc. The entire system often needs adjustments at the device location as well as the central computing unit for it to function smoothly thereafter. Types of controls Broadly speaking, lighting controls could range from simple wall switches to advanced systems made up of multiple sensors and interfaces with complex programming needs.

Lighting control systems are broadly classified into two types namely the Analog and the Digital control systems. Lighting Control Systems to Save Energy by Ajay Singh. Philips Led Tube Light. Lighting Services. Solar Lighting System. Top Reasons to Install LED down Lights in Your Retail Space. Tips to Select the Most Suitable Philips LED Floodlights for Your Application. Three Key Considerations for Selecting Architectural Lighting Products.

Without proper lighting, do you think architecture would have the same impact? Obtain Competitive Edge by Installing IOT Lighting Solutions for Your Business Premises. Five Amazing Benefits of LED-based Outdoor Sports Floodlights. Five Lighting Control Features That Help save Money and Ensure Optimal Lighting. Lighting controls have taken a huge leap from the days when they consisted of simple on/off switches. Industrial Lamp. Light Controller. These Quick Tips for Hotel Lighting are in fact too much beneficial. Decent lighting for hotels can win rave reviews of the customers, while a poor one can cast a shadow on it. According to a survey conducted by Osram in the year 2014, guests often backlashed hotels for their poor lightings. It is hence wise to know some handy tips for hotel lighting, especially if you are the owner or care taker of one such hotel.

Different Types of Led Lights That Light up Your City. LED Lighting System – Leading You towards a Bright Future. A Strict Comparison between LED and CFL Bulbs. The electric light bulbs are one of the most revolutionary technological advancements of human history. Since their innovation in the late nineteenth century to the current era, it is consistently serving the civilization by eliminating the dark. Philips Flood Light Led. Philips Lighting – Your way to Magnificent Lighting Services. Trust Solar Street Lighting to Illuminate the Stagnant Darkness. Industrial Lamp. The Advantages and Disadvantages Of Installing Recessed Lighting In Your Home.

Recessed lightingis a mode of house lighting that is made of metal and is not visible from outside. They are also called can lights or downlights and need extensive ceiling wiring during installation. The lights are connected by a single cable that runs through. The major parts of recessed lighting are the trim and baffles. How to Choose Lighting for a Warehouse. The lighting in a warehouse must have two functions: to provide safety to all those workers who routinely use the warehouse on a daily basis, and to increase productivity.

How IOT Lighting Can Make Our Lives Easier. By Abhi Sharma Professional in Electronics Department Connecting luminaires to the internet of things is the next step to modernized lighting. IOT lighting can be very beneficial if used in the right way for the right purposes. The Ultimate Guide For Choosing A Light For Every Room. A Guide to Supermarket Lighting. The Keys to Figure out Successful Factory Lighting. Lighting plays a very important role in a factory setting. It is crucial to illuminate the right areas with factory lighting to ensure that the processes within the factory run smoothly. How To Enhance The Beauty Of Your Home With Indoor Lighting. Philips LED Luminaries. Flood Light LED.

Top Benefits Of Installing Advanced Lighting Control System. Make a Difference to your Home with Wide Choice of Building Lights. Illumination in Industries and Warehouses with Advanced Industrial Lamps. Embrace the Development in Street Lighting with off Road Lights and Street Light Controller. LED Lights in Office. How does LED Street Lighting save energy and improve road safety? What Are The Key Advantages Of Installing LED Lights? What are the key applications of LED Batten Lights? Smart Light controller System – An Essential Part of Home Automation. Brighten your Home with Exciting Luminaries. Building Lights For Illumination. Philips Flood Light LED. Off road & Street Lights From Philips. Philips Building Lights. Traditional & Modern Led Batten Lights.

Luminaries & Wholesale Led Lights By Philips. All You Need To Know About LED Street Lighting Systems. LED Technology in India. How Connected Lighting Systems Offer Greater Benefits than Regular Lighting Systems. Why Is It Important To Choose LED Lighting For Hotels? LED Lighting: Lighting Up Your World Responsibly. How are LED lighting systems useful for Retail Stores and Supermarkets? The Importance Of Hiring Professional Lighting Services. LED Technology: Brighter, Stronger and Greener. Solar Lighting Systems – The Best Alternative To Standard Illumination Solutions. Global Lighting Services by Philips Lighting. Industrial Lamps by Philips Lighting.

Save Energy With Lighting Control System. Waterproof Outdoor Flood Light LED.