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Lighting of Tomorrow

Lighting of Tomorrow's mission is to provide top of the line LED systems in the market as well as helping our planet reduce our energy consumption. For more details call us at (954) 626-0267.

LED Area Lighting for your Parking Lot – Lighting of Tomorrow. Whether you’re tired of changing energy-expensive bulbs, paying large maintenance fees, have had fixtures damaged in a storm or collision, or if your current lighting is simply old, dim, and outdated – it’s time for an upgrade.

LED Area Lighting for your Parking Lot – Lighting of Tomorrow

A free lighting consultation by one of our experienced project managers will add clarity to your project. We have the solution that’s right for you and the experts to get the job done right! A poorly lit parking lot is a hazard waiting to happen. While a well-lit parking lot certainly keeps your property secure, increases visibility, helps customers to feel safe and navigate without difficulty, the cost of bulbs and regular maintenance can be costly! Energy expensive halogen and incandescent lighting simply doesn’t measure up to LED technology. To Retrofit or Replace? Already have lighting in your parking lot? However, if you’ve had the same fixtures for the past 20 years, you may need to replace the fixtures altogether. 6 Reasons You Shoussld Replace Your Old Light Fixtures Soon – Lighting of Tomorrow. Getting ready to replace old light fixtures on your commercial property?

6 Reasons You Shoussld Replace Your Old Light Fixtures Soon – Lighting of Tomorrow

LED fixtures are in demand for a good reason. If you’re planning to cut down on your energy bills, switching to LED fixtures can save up to hundreds or thousands of dollars per year. This high-quality and innovative technology is available in all sorts of fixtures and applications. With very little energy wasted as heat, LED light fixtures are extremely energy efficient and perfect for use in commercial and industrial properties as well as condominiums and neighborhood homeowners associations. Reasons you should replace old lights: Decrease energy consumption: If you want to reduce the cost of your utility bills, using this advanced technology is the best option. Change the look: Old fixtures are hard to replace as models become obsolete. Cost-effective: At first look, LEDs may seem like the pricier option on the market, but don’t let the upfront investment scare you.

Reduce safety risks: 7 Common Misconceptions About LED Lighting Products. As LED technology rapidly replaces traditional lighting technologies, it is only natural that misconceptions begin to start floating around about this technology.

7 Common Misconceptions About LED Lighting Products

The same is true for all technology: whenever a new technology emerges, misinformation begins to circulate LED Lights and bulbs are no different. In order to avoid doubtfulness regarding the authenticity of LED products, let’s shine a light on some of the most common myths about LED Lighting products. We’ll dispel the rumors and give you the facts about this rapidly growing technology. How LED Lights Will Help You Go Green. Are you still wondering about the benefits of LED lighting?

How LED Lights Will Help You Go Green

The world as we know it and interact with it today is, unfortunately, unsustainable. With the rapid consumption of oil and our planet’s other natural resources, people are searching for more efficient ways to perform their daily tasks. Let’s face it, we humans don’t do anything in the dark other than sleep; we need light for everything we do! LED Warehouse Lighting – Bright, efficient lighting for your work space. Keeping your property in top shape shouldn’t be a money pit.

LED Warehouse Lighting – Bright, efficient lighting for your work space

Color Changing LED Lights For Benvenuto Restaurant. If you're ready for Lighting of Tomorrow to Light Up Your World, we've got you covered.

Color Changing LED Lights For Benvenuto Restaurant

Our lighting specialists offer professional guidance on lighting selection including the specifics of fixtures, wattages, lumens, colors, and features. Call us or contact us to speak with a specialist now about your project. We are ready to lead your project in the right direction! 5 Tips For Choosing An Ideal Light Pole. Light poles are equally important for residential and commercial users.

5 Tips For Choosing An Ideal Light Pole

While choosing an ideal light pool for a residential or commercial place, the evaluation criterion or preferences may differ, but there are some general tips that anyone can follow when choosing an ideal light pole. The environment of the location One of the most crucial points while choosing an ideal light pole is the environment of the location. A place with heavy winds would require a stronger mounting than an area with high humidity. Therefore, before making a final selection, consider environmental factors such as wind speed, humidity level, etc. Saving The Planet One Light Fixture At A Time – Lighting of Tomorrow. Lighting of Tomorrow is proud to support local communities in reaqching their goals for energy-efficiency.

Saving The Planet One Light Fixture At A Time – Lighting of Tomorrow

If you want help going green, a L.o.T. representative will gladly assist you! Contact us! Let's work together to make the world a better place! Lighting of Tomorrow (L.o.T.) started as a dream, a simple concept founded in one question: what is the best way to help our world? Co-founders Andersen Zapata and Rosa Vicent love nature; they have spent a lot of time travelling, driving around Florida and enjoying the outdoors. Tired of watching the problems escalate with little productive results, the co-founders decided to take action themselves. The Environmental Problem In recent decades, the widespread consumption of fossil fuels has greatly contributed to the quick deterioration of our ecosystems.

L.o.T.’s Solution Inefficient lighting wastes energy and this is contributing to the rising global consumption of fossil fuels. L.o.T.’s Goal What’s Next? Why LED is the best solution for Parking Garage Lighting? – Lighting of Tomorrow. Not so long ago, different types of lighting technology were the best suited for particular fixture types – fluorescent was ideal for office lighting, metal halide was the preferred choice for street light poles, parking lot lights, and warehouse lighting, and incandescent lights were used primarily for homes, sconce lighting, and basic fixtures.

Why LED is the best solution for Parking Garage Lighting? – Lighting of Tomorrow

However, ever since LED lighting came on the scene, it’s systematically out-performed all of these technologies in every single area – quickly making the former choices outdated and obsolete. Are Steel Light Poles Sustainable? – Lighting of Tomorrow. Steel light poles are largely being used in various styles of street lights, signal lights, and other components for complete traffic control.

Are Steel Light Poles Sustainable? – Lighting of Tomorrow

These are preferred over other light poles because of many advantages. The main advantage of steel ones is its sustainability and strength. If there are a large number of fixtures on a project location, then steel light poles are a great option. Another advantage is its low cost as compared to aluminum. What makes them sustainable? Residential and commercial. These light poles are sustainable due to the following reasons: Characterized by favorable energy usage. . Quality & Reliable Lighting Inspection – Lighting of Tomorrow. Lighting of Tomorrow is a family own business that takes pride in our commitment to offer excellent customer service and professional services. Our professional team of electricians has years of experience in a wide variety of commercial, industrial services. Property Management Services We provide a wide array of services for property management companies to ensure the safety, security, and peace of mind that all building equipment has been maintained or installed to city, county, state, and federal standards with relation to electrical services and installations Electrical areas of expertise Commercial Wiring.

We have decades of experience working on commercial properties. Industrial Wiring These projects typically involve large electrical systems and hiring a team like us that takes a high degree of care during planning and installation is critical to the success of the project. Panels Changes Trouble Shooting Request an Installer Service We service the following areas: