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Light Doctor

Light Doctor is a novel concept put together by a dream team of industry veterans comprising Interior Designers, Lighting integrators and Engineers to help new homeowners find the perfect lighting solution for their homes. In three easy steps, a new homeowner can find, select and buy a lighting package designed to match his/her apartment type and layout. What’s more, each apartment type has three packages on offer so the buyer has a choice to select the one that perfectly matches his/her requirements and budget.

Decorate Homes for the Festival of Colors with Interior Lighting. Holi is also a day in which relationships are rejuvenated.

Decorate Homes for the Festival of Colors with Interior Lighting

More than playing with colors, Holi is also known as the day where you continue to honor your loved ones as well as strengthen the family bond. For this reason, a well-lit and sparkling house can make people happier. Your living room is one of those places that are widely seen by everyone visiting the home. Luckily, there are many ways to beautify and brighten this room to influence and enhance the mood of the person who visits your home. There are varieties of lighting options available that you can provide a vibrant look, by deploying colored RGB LED bulbs in the table lamps, floor lamps and in chandeliers. Although the bedroom is a private and entirely personal space, the festival mood should flow throughout your home. Kitchens are not only functional, but you can also brighten your cooking mood, which will make the process more enjoyable.

Table lamps are available in unique designs that can give a contemporary look to your home. Bring unique style to your home with interior lighting! Nowadays everyone wants their house to keep up with the latest trends; it helps you stay refreshed and updated for the new season, while never going out of style.

Bring unique style to your home with interior lighting!

So, we have added some new lighting fixtures for you combining elegant, gorgeous colors and truly fashionable. More than that, some new color lighting fixtures will form a mainstay of your home decor trend, with various color accents, helping to add more depth to the home's color theme and providing the home a more enriching effect. The central space like livingroom, needs to be somewhat bold for your home decor. It needs to attract the attention of guests. You can install a bold, large chandelier to dominate the space while controlling the theme of the space in a stylish yet practical manner. Unique ideas for using LEDs in your home. Unique ideas for using LEDs in your home LED lighting has been viewed as a splendid development from the customary type of lighting.

Unique ideas for using LEDs in your home

The LED has changed the manner in which the world uses light. This sort of lighting gives more energy proficiency and is intended to last longer than most kinds of lighting. LED is additionally quickly turning into the new top decision for some property holders on account of the long term savings they get from it. LEDs present various advantages. Glowing furniture There is frequently a little space between furniture and the floor.

Under Cabinets LED Light is adaptable and comes in various shapes and sizes. Mirrors. Enhance your home decor with decorative Floor lamps. Enhance your home decor with decorative Floor lamps When we talk about home decor, our choice of indoor lighting allows us in creating spaces, ambiance, style, and warmth in each room.

Enhance your home decor with decorative Floor lamps

There are plenty of lighting options available for you such as chandeliers, wall sconces, ceiling pendants, table lamps and floor lamps. Amongst all, floor lamps are one of the most versatile, as they come with a plug-in-play style with an inbuilt on-off switch. There are numerous varieties of designs and styles available that can complement every home design and fit in any budget. In addition, floor lamps are very quick and easy to assemble, here are a few useful tips. How to choose and place the floor lamp? You can install a floor lamp in almost every room, such as a living area, bedroom, study room, entrance foyer but remember never to put your floor lamp in the center of the traffic flow, where people normally walk while moving from one room to another.

LED Modern Light Online. Hanging Lights Online - Modern Lighting Fixtures. LED Lights for Home. How Can I Use LED Lighting in Kitchens ? No matter what sort of cooking you do, your kitchen is basically a workspace.

How Can I Use LED Lighting in Kitchens ?

At the point when done right, LED lighting can help make a splendid yet comfortable environment for your work in the kitchen. From acquainting accent lighting with lighting up the entire room, utilizing LEDs will totally change your kitchen space. Here are a few plans to start with for kitchen lighting. 1. Use cabinet LED Lighting Based upon the setup of your kitchen cabinets, setting warm LED lights under the over-head cupboards makes a comfortable shine all through the working counter surface. 2. You can't get a lot more decent than recessed ceiling lights in the kitchen. 3. Nothing causes a kitchen space to feel warm and inviting like deliberately put toe kick lights. How To Use Pendant Lights? Lighting is one of the most important elements while planning your home decoration scheme.

How To Use Pendant Lights?

It is the visual backbone of such a space in achieving the right balance to get the desired appearance and utility, here we are discussing how to use pendant lights while decorating a home. The pendant or hanging lights can add an interesting touch of style and design, and there are so many options available at Light Doctor to help you enhance your space.

For the entrance foyer, if you are planning to add a small seating arrangement or a console table, you can install a single or a small cluster with 2 or 3 of pendant lights. Design + Decor to re-read.