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Benefits of Using Compounding Services. As we age, we require more and more medication to keep our bodies healthy and strong, this is also true for people with severe illnesses that have to be treated with prescription medication.

Benefits of Using Compounding Services

But sometimes, these medicines get discontinued or patients are allergic to some of their ingredients, making it hard to simply walk into a Retail Pharmacy and buy what they need off the shelves. This is where our Community Pharmacy in Kentucky comes in. We have compounding services to help as many of our clients as possible. Medication Management: Tips to Take Meds on Time. Medications are beneficial for the recovery of patients.

Medication Management: Tips to Take Meds on Time

These have been specially formulated to help improve the health condition of a person. For every ailment, there is a specific medication. This is why it is of utmost importance for patients to find a retail pharmacy that they can rely on. A community pharmacy in Kentucky won’t only provide medications and medical supplies, but it can also help assist patients with their other medical needs. Because of this, adding a pharmacy to their healthcare team is greatly ideal. Because of the role that medications play in the health of patients, it is of utmost importance for patients to take them on time. Unfortunately, there are patients who find it a little too challenging to keep track of their intake schedule.

Here are some tips that will help you take your meds on time: Knowing How Your Immune System Works. A person’s immune system is an extremely important defense mechanism that can identify invading organisms and consequently destroy them.

Knowing How Your Immune System Works

The immune system can be triggered naturally or artificially. The latter is done by immunizations and vaccines. Immunization prevents diseases by enabling the body to rapidly respond to an attack and enhancing the production of an immune response via immune cells to a particular harmful organism. This is done by administering vaccines, such as those available at our pharmacy. Before you get immunized, it’s good to know first the different immune cells of your body. An immune response may either be primary or secondary. A Special Packaging Techniques for Promoting Adherence. As defined by the World Health Organization, medication adherence is “the degree to which the person’s behavior corresponds with the agreed recommendations from a health care provider.”

A Special Packaging Techniques for Promoting Adherence

It is achieved when a patient takes the medications according to the prescribed dosage, time, frequency, and direction. But for many, adhering to their medications is still a challenge. One way to overcome this is by having a close connection with an established provider of high-quality pharmacy services. Having said that, the services provided by include special packaging services as a strategic method to promote medication adherence. Listed below are the different kinds of packaging services offered in our community pharmacy in Kentucky. Bubble Packs – It is the most commonly used medication packaging where medication doses are packed separately into its own little sealed ‘bubble’ or compartment. Trust a retail pharmacy that serves the community today. Tips to Manage Your Medications Better. It may be difficult to keep track of your medications, especially if you are taking several at a time.

Tips to Manage Your Medications Better

However, it is important to stay on track with your medications, as missing a dose may affect your treatment and put you at risk of side effects. As a community pharmacy in Kentucky, we would like to help our customers manage their medications better to ensure their health and well-being. Here are some tips we recommend at our pharmacy: Keep a list of all your over-the-counter (OTC) and prescription medications to share with your doctor, family, and everyone in your healthcare team.

This should include each medication, the dosage information, and what you are taking it for.Have a medication file containing the written materials that come with your prescription. Questions You Need to Ask Your Pharmacist. Pharmacists from your community pharmacy in Kentucky are the most approachable healthcare professionals you can talk to.

Questions You Need to Ask Your Pharmacist

As medication experts you can trust, they can answer your questions regarding your care plan, medications, and disease management. This may include explaining how to take your medication or providing more information about a disease to enhance your health. Likewise, we will share the essential questions you need to ask your pharmacist: What can I expect from my medication? When your doctor writes your prescription, they may not always explain how the medication will work in detail or what you can expect from it.

Is an established independent pharmacy in Louisville, Kentucky. Medication Adherence and the Importance of Packaging. According to a study published in the National Library of Medicine, medication non-adherence may lead to “worsening condition, increased comorbid diseases, increased health care costs, and death.”

Medication Adherence and the Importance of Packaging

To prevent this, patients must work with a pharmacy to store prescriptions correctly. For example, packaging plays a vital role in promoting medication adherence. A retail pharmacy may use blister packs, Dispill®, and other types of special packages to organize prescriptions and label medications according to dosage and time of intake. The Benefits of Custom Packaging for Your Medications. Medication adherence plays a significant role in keeping you on top of your treatment plan and ultimately recovering.

The Benefits of Custom Packaging for Your Medications

However, taking your medication is not always a straightforward process due to side effects, physical limitations, provider issues, prohibitive costs, and even time management. We know these challenges all too well as a community pharmacy in Kentucky at so we have made sure to devise ways to help patients adhere to their medications. One of the main ways we do so is through our special packaging for medications in our independent pharmacy in Louisville, Kentucky. Services from Your Pharmacy You May Be Missing Out On. Most of us go to the pharmacy to get our prescriptions, an occasional treat, or a toiletry item.

Services from Your Pharmacy You May Be Missing Out On

But did you know that they can do so much more for you? Immunization Can Save Lives. Getting immunization is a favorable opportunity for you to protect yourself and your children from infectious diseases.

Immunization Can Save Lives

According to healthcare, it always starts from home. Choosing the Right Pharmacy for You. Choosing a pharmacy is a very important decision. You want to be sure that you are getting the best deal possible on an FDA-approved product.