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LifeSpeed strives to help people live a healthier and happier life. At Lifespeed, we offer empowering knowledge that is aimed at promoting healthy choices and motivating people by making wellness knowledge more accessible.

Untitled. How To Get Started With Yoga At Home? It is the basic human nature to not realize an abnormality until it catches their nerves.

How To Get Started With Yoga At Home?

During the current Corona-virus outbreak, people have come to realize the gravity of their physical and mental health situation, which our previous busy life was not allowing us to face directly by prioritizing other things over our well-being.Present times of pandemic have made it difficult for people of every age to stay sane and happy as people have plenty of free time to slack off their routine and then worry about doing nothing and being worthless. As much as it is a threat to their mental health, it affects their physical health too. No wonder most of us want to get started with yoga at home.Having a sedentary lifestyle makes our body and mind lethargic for no specific reason for it to be.

Yoga at Home: Yoga Poses for Beginners Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose) Lie on your stomach in the prone position and keep your legs straight together. Best Tips: Traveling During Coronavirus Pandemic. Meeting our loved ones or having that long-awaited vacation were missed out by many of us this year due to the pandemic.

Best Tips: Traveling During Coronavirus Pandemic

However, since the travel restrictions have been relaxed; many people have started backpacking all over again. Nevertheless; traveling comes with its own set of constraints and challenges. The body clock gets disrupted due to different time zones. There’s a constant battle with jet lag. The dramatic and sudden changes in climate, sleep patterns, work stress, irregular intake of food makes one prone to obesity, high blood pressure, and elevated cholesterol levels to name a few.

Here’s a guide to help keep your diet, workout, sleep patterns, and stress in check while traveling during Coronavirus pandemic. Common challenges faced while traveling Dump the common excuses to avoid exercise during travel No health club at the hotel/ airportMeetings and sightseeing all day. Clothes: Check; Imp Documents: Check; Food Options: Check?? Do not forget to exercise References.

Untitled. Untitled. How To Train For A 5K Run If You Are A Beginner? Running a 5K surely adds a new level of challenge and satisfaction to your fitness regime.

How To Train For A 5K Run If You Are A Beginner?

In addition to being meditative, it is an excellent cardio workout that sets you up for the whole day.With dedication and proper instructions, you can prepare for a 5K run within two months. But note that the amount of time it will take you to get ready for a 5K run depends on your current fitness level. Moreover, you would be able to run much faster if you have got previous experience of running under your belt.So, here are some steps with the help of which you would be able to complete a 5K run quite easily.

Untitled. Untitled. Untitled. How To Train For A 5K Run If You Are A Beginner? Untitled. Best 10-minute Workouts For Losing Weight. Do you want a fitter and healthier body but not having enough time?

Best 10-minute Workouts For Losing Weight

Here are the best 10-minute workouts for losing weight. In today’s world, we don’t have enough time to maintain our bodies. But what if we can promote weight loss by spending 10-minutes every day, which is less than the time we allot for spending time on social apps. It is mandatory to choose the workouts well so that it will reduce weight by consuming less time. The best workout will be the combination of fat-burning cardio and contouring strength moves. Beginner: 30 seconds of workout and 30 seconds of rest in between the moves Intermediate: 40 seconds of workout and 20 seconds of rest in between the moves Advanced: 50 seconds of workout and 10 seconds of rest in between the moves Push-ups Push-ups are the best exercise that reduces fat in the chest, shoulders, and triceps muscles. 9 Top Tips For Running With Asthma. With an action plan and some breathing exercises, athletes with asthma can not only indulge in such intense sport, but also excel in it When you think of asthma, running doesn’t feel like a favorable sport.

9 Top Tips For Running With Asthma

But, before you jump to any conclusions on running with asthma, think about this, “Paula Radcliffe of Great Britain, who was diagnosed with asthma at the age of 14 is a marathon world-record holder.” And, Paula Radcliffe isn’t alone.Famous athletes Jerome Bettis, Amy Van Dyken and Dennis Rodman, all have asthma. But, they all accomplished great things by overcoming their asthma. So, don’t let asthma curb your dreams. How To Practice Mindfulness In Running. I’m sure you’re familiar with numerous motivational speakers, all of them advising us to stay and focus on the present, to avoid stress and reduce anxiety.

How To Practice Mindfulness In Running

What they mean by all these is simple: MINDFULNESS.Now, you must be wondering, “what is mindfulness in running?” The ability to stay in the current moment while being fully conscious of our thoughts and feelings is mindfulness. It is a naturally possessed but rarely practiced skill in humans, that can help you in focusing better at work and reducing the chances of getting carried away or being distracted by your feelings and thoughts. It is a practice that, if followed properly, can do wonders and help you attain your goals and objectives more easily.Unlike meditation, which is temporary, mindfulness is permanent.

Are Leggings Suitable For Yoga Poses? Leggings and yoga pants will never be off style, even if it is being fabricated or worn.

Are Leggings Suitable For Yoga Poses?

The colourful design of leggings wreathed with a propitious beauty realizes a prolific outcome while performing yoga, gym training or aerobics. Definitely, leggings are suitable for yoga poses. The best part is, anyone can feel comfortable and relaxed while doing yoga, pranayama or outdoor activities in leggings. As far as large number of people are wearing them, the question is about size, colour and brands.

Combat Weight Gain While Working From Home. The Coronavirus pandemic (otherwise known as COVID-19) has thrown everyone off their routine.

Combat Weight Gain While Working From Home

Benefits and risks of long-distance running. ‘Long-distance running’- I’m sure whenever you come across this word, your mind automatically links it with synonyms like ‘Marathon’ and many others.

Benefits and risks of long-distance running

But, what if I told you it is much more than that in reality? Running nonstop for at least 5 miles is defined as long-distance running. It is definitely a taxing mental and physical activity that can exhaust even the most experienced athletes.Do you know that long-distance running started as early as in 490 BC when Pheidippides, a Greek Soldier ran nonstop for 25 miles from the town of Marathon to Athens? Marathon became the premier endurance event in the 1896 Athens modern Olympic Games and its course was re-lengthened to 26.2 miles in the 1908 London Summer Olympic Games.You might know people who rant about the benefits of long-distance running, without having a clear idea of what actually are those benefits.

Improves EnduranceDuring Long-Distance running, your body develops a greater aerobic endurance. Benefits and risks of long-distance running. Eating Healthy: Top 10 immune-boosting super foods - LifeSpeed. “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the MOST IMMUNE OF US all?”

Eating Healthy: Top 10 immune-boosting super foods - LifeSpeed

Does it ring a bell? Good immunity is like a “lifeline” to all our vital bodily functions and when the COVID-19 outbreak is raising its ugly head all across the globe, we want to do everything we can in our capacity, to help our body fight back the novel Corona-Virus. Boosting immunity is “need of the hour”. When it comes to fighting noxious diseases, vital tools like regular exercise, meditation, healthy and balanced eating will come into play to help defeat it.