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Life Retailers is dedicated to inspire you to live your best life, giving you everything that’s great for you: mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally & environmentally.

Great Things You Didn't Know You Can Do on Facebook. Document Your Facebook Relationship If you’ve stated yourself as “in a relationship” with someone in your facebook profile, then you will be able to visit to view the friendship page you share with that person.

Great Things You Didn't Know You Can Do on Facebook

Facebook will merge photos, posts, and events that you and another person have shared. Publish a Blog-like Post with a Large Header Image Over the time facebook has developed as only social network where you keep an eye on friends to the primary source where around 44% of people in western hemisphere gets their information. Along with the time facebook made a move to a publishing platform, it updated a few of the old tools also. Now you can utilize Notes feature on facebook, if you’d like to publish and promote your writings in blog format with large header images, as with in Kinja, Medium and other posting platforms. Can Mute Your Ex on Facebook Save Posts, Articles & Videos Posted By Others.

How to Start Meditation at Home for Beginners - Learn to Meditate. Do you want to improve your concentration ability?

How to Start Meditation at Home for Beginners - Learn to Meditate

Want to keep your mind calm in any stressful situation? If the answer is “Yes!” , then you should definitely practice the meditation. Here are some basic tips to start meditation at home: Choose the Right Time for Meditation. Tips to Make Your Girlfriend Happy. It is difficult to please girls, we all know that, sometime you think you’ve done everything right, bang!

Tips to Make Your Girlfriend Happy

Natural Hangover Remedies that Really Work. The hangover corresponds to the appearance of symptoms after excessive alcohol consumption.

Natural Hangover Remedies that Really Work

According to scientists, it occurs after consuming a dose higher than 1.5 g alcohol/kg. So now let us first understand hangover, its causes and symptoms. Hangover: Symptoms and Causes Symptoms Symptoms of the hangover generally start to occur when the drinker’s blood alcohol drops considerably. HeadacheAnxietyThirstBloodshot eyesNauseaSweatingPhotophobia (sensitivity to light)Sensitivity to loud soundsAccelerated heartbeatProblems in focusing or concentratingMoodinessTrembling or shakiness, etc.

If anyone has the following more severe symptoms, they may have case of alcohol poisoning, this is a medical emergency and need to visit doctor as soon as possible. 5 Natural Ways to Look Younger & Attractive for Longer. It’s the law of nature; your age will increase gradually no matter how hard you try to look younger.

5 Natural Ways to Look Younger & Attractive for Longer

Every person wants to stay younger and beautiful for a long period of time. Well, it’s impossible to stop your age, but there are the possibilities if you follow then you can be successful in maintaining perfect body features. 6 Tricks to Make You Confident on Stage. The fear of stage can erect barriers between you and the goal you eye to achieve.

6 Tricks to Make You Confident on Stage

People have conquered the fear that is pushing you away from your goal. Admittedly, some people are born with the great finesse. They are able to face the audience and convey their message in the most engaging manner. However, there are some great leaders who were born with the stage fright. Now we read their success stories. The American Founding Father and the third President of the United States, Thomas Jefferson was born with the fear of speaking in public but he conquered the fear.

I use some simple tricks that make me a confident visual communicator. The Knowledge-Confidence Relationship Here, I am using the word ‘knowledge’ to refer the information, idea or thoughts you want to share. Practice, But How Many Times? If you have read some other blog for some tips to overcome your stage fright, you might have read something like “practice, practice and practice”.

Easiest Guide to Create and Verify Your PayPal Account. PayPal is the oldest & most trusted service to receive and send money.

Easiest Guide to Create and Verify Your PayPal Account

Failure is a Part of Success. To live Happy, Live in Present Moment. Early Signs & Symptoms of Lung Cancer Not to Ignore. The lung cancer is among the most frequent causes of death in the world.

Early Signs & Symptoms of Lung Cancer Not to Ignore

It occurs because of uncontrolled cell growth in lung tissue and if left untreated can spread to other parts of the body as well. The smoke is the number one risk factor for getting lung cancer, but it can also develop in people who have never smoked. People who have a family history of lung cancer, especially a parent or a sibling, they are at greater risk. Other risk factors include exposure to secondhand smoke or noxious gases. Lung cancer occurs mostly in older people, almost 70% of people who have contracted over 65 years, while 3% are less than 45 years. Myths About Happiness That You Need to Stop Believing.

“A man is Happy as long as Choose to be Happy.”

Myths About Happiness That You Need to Stop Believing

-Alexander Solzhenitsyn The researchers cataloged a series of myths about the nature and cause of happiness. They include the following myths, in which many people believe despite being false. Happiness depends primarily on the quality and quantity of events in your life.Today, people are less happy than they were before.People with some serious physical disabilities are always less happy.The young people in the prime of life are much happier than older people.People who feel much happiness also feel much unhappiness.The intelligent people are happier than less intelligent.Couples with children are much happier.Make a lot of money eventually leads people to be happier.Men, in general, are happier than women.It may seem like a big contradiction, but pursue happiness is a guaranteed recipe for being unhappy.

Happiness Make A Difference. Basic Principles to Develop Mental Strength - Life Retailers. The mental strength is one of the most important qualities to achieve and to maintain your success (whatever is your definition of success).

Basic Principles to Develop Mental Strength - Life Retailers

Without the mental strength it gets more difficult at work, in sports, in the study and in general in various aspects of life.