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Life’s At Home Care serves the Hampton Roads metro as a state-licensed, Medicaid-certified home care agency. We send personal aides to assist our clients with activities of daily living. Our reliable services help improve comfort, convenience, health, and safety.

How an In-Home Aide Can Help You. If you’ve finally decided to age in the comfort of your own home, there might be one more thing you have to consider before deeming yourself ready for the decision.

How an In-Home Aide Can Help You

As you age, your health and strength will deteriorate. Soon, health complications will arise, and your daily tasks will become too taxing for you to perform, which is why you must consider hiring an in-home aide. Caring for a Loved One with Dementia at Home. Individuals with dementia require special attention.

Caring for a Loved One with Dementia at Home

Don’t Forget to Check In With Your Senior Parents. Time flies so fast that many people, especially working-age adults, find it hard to keep track of what’s going on with other people’s lives, especially of their senior parents.

Don’t Forget to Check In With Your Senior Parents

Sometimes, complaints from their old folks about having backaches and so on fall on deaf ears until the time they need medical assistance. If you are always busy at work or with other priorities, don’t forget to check in with your senior parents. You may jump from one life event to another, but as you do so, years pass by. Your parents may start to become weaker. You Don’t Have to Burn Yourself Out. Taking care of someone is part of being human.

You Don’t Have to Burn Yourself Out

When you love someone, or if that person is family, you would want to look after them and make sure they live well. If someone close to you asks for your assistance in helping out someone else, you want to do it as a favor to them. Many people choose a homecare career because they have a passion for helping out families who require specialized care.

If you are a family caregiver, you are already performing tasks where someone depends on you for their home and personal needs. Taking care of someone is always fulfilling. If you are a family caregiver or someone who takes the responsibility of caring for another individual, it’s essential that you know your limits. If you don’t rest from your caregiving duties, you will end up getting sick, frustrated, or depressed. Older Adults Need to Be Physically Active. Having a physical activity can prevent health and fitness decline for older adults.

Older Adults Need to Be Physically Active

As a result, it adds more years to their lives and they get to enjoy their retirement more. However, not all of them utilize this prescription, according to a Medicaid provider in Virginia. Some older adults may like to spend their time watching their favorite shows on TV or online, reading books, making new recipes, and doing other fun things at home. Although these indoor activities are quite the entertainment, they’re not much of a workout. Managing Diabetes at Home for Older Adults. Managing diabetes becomes a lot more difficult for older adults.

Managing Diabetes at Home for Older Adults

They need to have control over their food consumption and lifestyle to prevent the increase of blood sugar levels that cause health complications. Although many older adults already know that eating sugary foods and staying up late at night can affect their blood sugar level, it doesn’t exempt them from getting tempted to binge on sweets and online streaming. Staying at home and watching TV commercials about the delights of cakes and pastries can sometimes get the better of anybody, including elderly adults. The next thing you know, your older family member is already placing an order for a box of them. There may also instances when your elderly loved one finds an enticing series online that they want to watch until the end. Older Adults Need Skin Care.

One of many the things that happen to a person’s body as they age is experiencing dry skin.

Older Adults Need Skin Care

Aging causes oil glands to stop or reduce the production of natural oil that helps keep the skin soft and smooth. When older adults experience dry skin, it sometimes causes them to have dry spots on their skin, especially on their arms and legs. Aging Can Affect Bone Mass. Have you ever noticed your senior family member wearing the same clothes you’ve given to them as presents ages ago appearing a lot bigger on them?

Aging Can Affect Bone Mass

No, the clothes haven’t expanded, that’s for sure. Your loved one is losing bone mass, making them appear smaller than usual. Losing bone mass or bone density is part of the aging process. Some Reasons Why Senior Adults Stay Up Late at Night. Life’s At Home Care believes that a decent amount of sleep is an opportunity to have a better life quality.

Some Reasons Why Senior Adults Stay Up Late at Night

Lack of it can result in irritability, palpitations, fatigue, and low immune system. Sleep is essential for senior adults and they know this. However, some of them may underestimate just how valuable it can be because their general attitude is that it’s something that they have to do rather than something they get to do. Non-Medical Tips to Keep Your Senior Adult Healthy.

Modern medicine has a way of keeping senior citizens alive even when their health deteriorates.

Non-Medical Tips to Keep Your Senior Adult Healthy

However, there are ways to improve their health without only relying on prescriptions. Life’s At Home Care has rounded up some tips to better your senior loved one’s health and wellness: Eat healthy mealsYour senior loved one’s diet needs to consist of high-quantity nutrients like fruits and vegetables, nuts, lean meat, and low-fat dairy products. Letting them eat simple whole foods that are unprocessed and without additives and preservatives are healthy as well. Volunteering Can Give Meaning to a Senior Adult’s Life. Life’s At Home Care recognizes the many benefits of staying socially active, connected, and engaged with others such as meeting new friends and discovering new interests.

However, there is always something special and satisfying about helping others who are in need. Let Your Senior Loved One Enjoy Social Activities. Older adults who stay physically active can take pleasure in a variety of health benefits, like decreasing chronic pain levels, limiting or preventing some diseases, and recovering quickly from an illness or injury. Although exercise is notably necessary to better their quality of life, they can enhance their overall wellness by making connections and building relationships with others. The Effects of Storytelling on the Well-Being of Senior Adults.

Many senior adults love storytelling. It gives them a sense of pride to be able to share their experiences with their loved ones, especially the ones that can teach them valuable lessons. Storytelling can improve your senior family member’s wellness and preserve their memory. The activity allows them to recall all those moments in their past, keeping their mind active. It is also useful for increasing their characteristics of happiness and resilience. Make Valentine’s Day Special for Senior Citizens. Everyone can celebrate Valentine’s Day—yes, including senior citizens. A Caregiver Can Be a Host for Senior Care and Indoor Entertainment.

For many senior residents, they do not look forward to the months of winter. Aside from its unpleasant weather and freezing temperature, they cannot enjoy outdoor activities without shivering from the cold or experiencing slips and falls over the icy sidewalks and snow-packed roads. As per our consultant in Life’s At Home Care, many senior residents prefer to stay at home during the winter season because their heater or fireplace can keep them warm and cozy. However, lingering indoors can also make them feel bored and lonely. Pesonal Care Aide. Life’s At Home Care serves the Hampton Roads metro as a state-licensed, Medicaid-certified home care agency. We send a personal care aide in Chesapeake, Virginia to assist you with activities of daily living. Our reliable services help improve your comfort, convenience, health, and safety. State Licensed. Medicaid Certified. All Employees Surety-Bonded. Individualized Service Plans. Keeping Your Seniors Safe During the Winter Season. During the winter season, the cold temperature can make life quite challenging for anyone, especially for the older adults.

Personal Care Aide. Dancing Always Has Something for Seniors. Your senior loved one must have experienced dancing in the past. Dancing is always enjoyable and health promoting. Seniors With Arthritis Can Still Enjoy a Quality of Activities. Arthritis can be a real piece of work for many senior residents because it causes them a lot of pain and limits their mobility. Caregivers Are Trained for Senior Care. A Caregiver Can Maintain Your Good Relations with Family Members.

Help Seniors Overcome Obesity. Obesity among the elderly is one of the primary health concerns in the community. It can lead to having a high cholesterol, hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, and certain cancers. Physical disability and mobility limitations can also become a massive problem due to the effect of weight on joints.

Tips in Caring for an Elderly Person with Vision Impairment. Seniors whose vision progressively becomes impaired due to their age encounter tough challenges even in the comforts of their home. Allow Your Elderly with Stroke Feel Versatile. Looking After a Family Member with Dementia.