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AmazonLocal sells 1 million gift cards in 17 hours. Amazon sold 1 million gift cards in just over 17 hours yesterday in a bid to bolster its AmazonLocal daily deals service.

AmazonLocal sells 1 million gift cards in 17 hours

The deal -- a $10 gift card selling for $5 to U.S. shoppers -- was the second fastest daily deal the industry has seen, according to Savvr, which tracks daily deals. "The popularity of this AmazonLocal deal shows that customers want unique and relevant deals that provide them with an excellent buying experience," Amazon said in a statement. LivingSocial holds the record for the fastest daily-deal promotion, selling 1 million Whole Foods vouchers in 14 hours last September, according to Savvr.

The deal is particularly notable because it typically costs daily deals companies such as Groupon about $5 to acquire customers, Savvr's Tim Elliott said in a blog post. That's exactly what Amazon paid. "These subscribers are substantially more valuable than a regular list subscription that may never materialize into a buying customer," Elliott wrote. Preparing the enriched discussions at the E20 Meetups. Compilation chiffres clés internet et réseaux sociaux janvier 201... Report: Gamers playing more on mobiles.

Some interesting findings include: • 46% of those surveyed report they're playing more via mobile device than PC • 26% report they're playing more via console • 23% report playing more via PC • 21% say they play via mobile at least 1 hour per day • 24% say they play via console at least 1 hour per day But playing through mobiles is to be expected because people are on the go more, so playing via mobile isn't out of the ordinary?

Report: Gamers playing more on mobiles

Wrong. Most gamers playing through mobile devices, finds the NPD Group, are playing at home (47%), not on the go. "The fact that people are gaming on their mobile phones at home, often sitting a few feet away from their controller, shows that mobile is capable of grabbing and holding their interest. And advertisers will want to make note of this: women over age 30 are playing via mobile devices more than men. Tags: game advertising, mobile games, mobile gaming, mobile marketing, MocoSpace inShare.

6 Social Media Networks to Watch in 2012 plus Infographics. Curiosity is a human trait that makes us want to discover what lies beyond the horizon, over the ocean or what can be seen and experienced from the top of a beckoning mountain.

6 Social Media Networks to Watch in 2012 plus Infographics

It makes humans take risks that are both life threatening and potentially rewarding and life changing. George Mallory, the English mountaineer and explorer who died in 1924 when attempting to be the first man to make the first ascent of Everest was famously quoted as replying to the question “Why do you want to climb Mount Everest?” With the retort “Because it’s there” There is a sense of adventure and discovery that lies deep within all humanity, it is a burning passion that motivates and inspires us to strive and to leave our mark upon the world. Some people say that others have all the talent and pioneering spirit. Is making a difference only for the select few? The reality is that there is a genius within all of us just waiting to be unleashed. Social Media the Global Tribal Facilitator The Social Media Universe 1. Prizee, c'est Cadeau - Jeux Gratuits - Jeux Flash en Ligne.

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