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Make up - hair 2014

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Fashion Trends, Makeup Tutorials, Hairstyles and Style Secrets. As we all know, nails form an important component of our everyday looks, also being a crucial factor for the overall success or failure of the looks.

Fashion Trends, Makeup Tutorials, Hairstyles and Style Secrets

Thus knowing everything about the most fashionable and stylish nails is very essential for you to be able to have modern and cool looks. And what else if not the fashion trends concerning nail polishes can be the best sources of having all the necessary information about how to have good-looking nails? So that’s what we are going to talk about right now, introducing the fall/ winter 2014-2015 nail polish trends so that you have a general insight about which are the most popular and stylish nail polish options that the famous fashion houses opted for.

Fall/ Winter 2014-2015 Nail Trend #1: Natural Nail Length and Shapes The inclination towards natural looks has been preserved now as well and the fashion houses demonstrated the strong positions of the natural accents of nails during their fall/winter shows once more. #1 in Hair Accessories and Styling Tools.

Scünci hair accessories - your key to effortless beauty. Hair Chalking. JUST found out about something called hair chalking.

Hair Chalking

Basically, you get your hair wet, rub chalk down it, then run it through your flat iron/curling iron, and you have some instant temporary color! I'm not sure how easily it washes out yet, since I've only found this cool tutorial on how to do it so far, but I think I'm going to do a little bit more research to see if there are any risks on putting chalk in your hair. It looks like you need to make sure it doesn't have any oil or wax in it, but other than that, it sounds just fine. I just read some other thing that it may dry out your hair if you do it often, but I personally would save it for special occasions or going out. Which, going out is a special occasion anyways!

I wish I had found out about hair chalking before Radcon, but, there's always next year! Teen vogue - Hair Chalk How-To. I migliori beauty trend per l’Autunno/Inverno 2014-2015 dalle passerelle di Milano [FOTO] Biggest Hairstyle Trends 2014. Keep your hairstyle fresh in 2014 with the latest trends or with the looks that are still going strong.

Biggest Hairstyle Trends 2014

The S/S 14 runway collections previewed the 2014 hairstyle trends, but in the last few months some trends have had time to crystallize, while others faded away. If you’re looking for the biggest hair trends in 2014 that have already made an impact and will continue to develop this year, check out the latest and coolest ideas that you can try for a fresh new look. The Shag Flattering for most face shapes, the shag is poised to become as big this year as the bob in 2013. Layered and apparently messy, the shag adds volume and can be very glamorous when cut the right way.

Bangs and Fringes They’re not always easy to grow out, but if you’ve been considering getting bangs, this is the time to do it. Prom Trends 2014 - The Headband - Prom Hair Looks. The headband is one of the hottest prom trends for 2014.

Prom Trends 2014 - The Headband - Prom Hair Looks

You’ve seen them on Downton Abbey but there are options to suit any style (and prom dress) from boho to vintage to rocker chic. Even better, you can wear these fabulous prom hair accessories with any hairstyle. Here’s one lovely way to incorporate a headband into your prom hairstyle plus 4 of our favorite headbands for prom 2014. Sure, you can wear a headband on top of the prom hairstyle of your choice but an even better way to highlight the accessory is working it into the hairstyle.

This stylin’ look combines sexy curls with a touch of retro for a brand new ‘do for 2014. Headbands can also be worn with any prom updo. Soft waves / flowing waved hairstyles. While the braids and wet-look slicks and quirky up-dos are the ones that stick in our minds after we leave a fashion show, it’s the most effortless of styles that we turn to day to day.

Soft waves / flowing waved hairstyles

And whether your hair is chin-length, waist-length or in-between, there’s nothing quite so simple yet effective than some soft, easy, waves. As we count the spring 2014 hair trends that stem from both the runways and the streets, we’d be amiss not to mention the number of variations on flowing waves. And while it’s easily argued that such a hairstyle is a mainstay that never really goes out of style, the question then is which variations have captured the eye of the fashion world for the season.

After the break, a look at the soft waved hairstyles spotted on the runway for spring / summer 2014. Textured soft waves. Soft yet undone, this variation of the soft waves hairstyle incorporates some of that bed hair tousle and beachy texture. Hair accessory spring 2014. Sometimes looking beautiful has little to do with the amount of effort, or hours spent trying to build the extraordinary.

Hair accessory spring 2014

Every now and then a modern twist, or a delicate adornment can easily succeed where a complex process fails entirely. As the hair trends for spring 2014 insist on pointing out, the upcoming season is all about achieving a sense of effortlessness, whether through the style itself or an unexpected use of hair accessories. From gold barrettes and leather headbands, to flower blossoms and flakes of gold, the spring of 2014 mixes modern toughness with the best of femininity. Hair Tinsel – hair color strands & highlights for all hair styles.

Pro Hair Tinsel. Mixed Tinsel - Lipstick Colors 100-Strands Total, 36"Lavender, Purple, Light Pink, Dark Red, Champagne.

Pro Hair Tinsel

Bling Strands-Hair Tinsel-Hair Flairs-Hair Feathers-Hair Jewelry. Livraisons gratuites dès 90€ Balayage per schiarire i capelli ad effetto naturale. 2014 MAKEUP TRENDS (face, lips, eyes) ~ vitreous. Hey guys, it's the middle of December already.

2014 MAKEUP TRENDS (face, lips, eyes) ~ vitreous

It means new year is around the corner, whoop! Let's say we all had lots of fun when it comes to 2013 makeup trends. Who doesn't? Pretty winged eyeliner and pink berry, dark lips and all. And let's say this sexy girl really steal the spotlight, don't you think? I know you all fond it cozy and comfort but move that lazy body and let's take a peek on what's hot next year! 2014 face makeup is all about natural, dewy and glowing finish.

I know you all purchasing those berry dark lipstick to join the fall trend festivity. I know you all gasping and wondering what are you going to do with the purplish lips you've purchased? You're welcome :) EYES Thanks to Miss Cara to freakingly amuse people in the fashion/beauty business industries now we all have to accept that big brushed eyebrow is one of the fashion accessory. Well, is there too much pictures on this post? Love,