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Tools per mappe concettuali e mentali

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Transno - Outlines, Notes, Mind Map. Mind-Maps, Cartes Mentales, Concept-Maps, Cartes Heuristiques. Pour ceux qui ne connaissent pas encore les outils du Mind-Mapping, il s’agit d’une manière très efficace de partager ce que vous avez en tête, mais pas seulement!

Mind-Maps, Cartes Mentales, Concept-Maps, Cartes Heuristiques

C’est un moyen d’organiser sa propre pensée, il facilite l’appropriation des concepts et la transmission des connaissances. Je vous livre ci-dessous un bon exemple réalisé avec la plate-forme Mind42 qui offre un service simple et gratuit de création, de collaboration et d’hébergement de vos cartes mentales: Évidemment, j’ai choisi un de mes sujets de prédilection: La Démocratie Participative. Mindmaps/Concept Maps. Mind Mapping Software - Brainstorm Online. Mind Mapping. Mind mapping software like Inspiration. MindManager 2016 offers all-in-one visual mapping solution. A Mind Map Query in Information. Learning Technologies / Pearltrees. What is Pearltrees?

Learning Technologies / Pearltrees

Pearltrees is a social bookmarking site that allows its users to bookmark, organize, and share resources (pearls) from any computer or device with an Internet connection. Users may add their own pearls, or "pick" a pearl from someone else's pearltree to add to their own. What makes Pearltrees unique? Unlike most social bookmarking programs, Pearltree displays bookmarks in a graphic way. Each Pearltree has the look and feel of a mind map, also referred to as a concept map or graphic organizer. How can Pearltrees be used in an educational setting? The main purpose of social bookmarking is to allow users to collaborate and share "pearls of knowledge" they find on the Internet.

As mentioned, Pearltrees can be used to share resources with students. Another area of great potential is the ability of students to share pearls with other students. Examples: Here is an example pearltree created for a middle school library: The root pearltree is in the center, ncmslibrary. NspireD2: Learning Technology in Higher Ed. I was taken to task yesterday for limiting the list of software recommended in Best tools and practices for concept mapping.

NspireD2: Learning Technology in Higher Ed.

This morning I did some research and came up with a credible list of the ten most-recommended tools for mind mapping and concept mapping (out of fifty listed at least once). I eliminated titles that had not been updated in the past two years or were neither cross-platform nor web-based. The items are listed alphabetically. Free desktop software for Win/Mac/Linux Commercial desktop software for Win/Mac iMindMap – also iOS and web-basedInspiration – also web-basedMindManager – also iOSNovaMind – also iOS. Cartes heuristiques, cartes conceptuelles, Mind Map ... Best tools and practices for concept mapping. Last summer my interest in concept mapping was renewed when I read How Learning Works by Susan Ambrose et al..

Best tools and practices for concept mapping

At several points in the book they encourage higher educators to use concept maps. It has taken me a while to follow up but, with a little help from the POD List, here we go. Concept map or mind map? Concept mapping and mind mapping are graphic organizers, strategies for visualizing knowledge or graphically representing ideas. The terms may seem to be interchangeable, but here are some typical differences in the way they are used: A mind map is a creative way to represent an idea or task, while a concept map is a formal attempt to organize or represent knowledge.Mind maps focus on a central idea; concept maps connect multiple ideas.Mind maps are colorful, use wavy lines, and often include pictures.

5 Innovative Mind-Mapping Tools For Education. What do you do when you have an elaborate project, assignment, or paper that needs to be quickly organized?

5 Innovative Mind-Mapping Tools For Education

Do you fire up Microsoft Word and whip up an outline? Do you pull out a pen and paper and start sketching? What if you could have the best of both options with a free online tool? It’s called ‘mind mapping’ (“Mind Map” is a trademark of the Buzan Organization.) and it’s basically a fun and intuitive way to visually organize your thoughts. Thanks to a recent article, I received an influx of mind-mapping web tools that I wanted to pass along to the Edudemic audience. XMind Definitely one of the easiest ways to embed a mind map into your blog or website. PEARLTREES ... Organic Chemistry Reaction Map. Organic Chemistry Reaction Map Click to enlarge With it being half term here in the UK, what better use of sudden vast amounts of free time could there be than making an organic chemistry reaction map?

Organic Chemistry Reaction Map

This graphic looks at simple interconversions between common functional groups in organic chemistry. I’m not going to pretend it’s comprehensive, because it certainly isn’t, being primarily aimed at A Level students; to the best of my knowledge, all of the information contained within it is correct, but feedback from any organic chemists out there would be very much appreciated! There’s more news regarding the infographics on the site to come within the next few days – in the meantime, you can download the free high resolution PDF of this graphic here. Thanks to @DaK_64 & @ashl3ylaw on twitter for kindly sharing their own versions of organic reaction maps, which were of great help in putting this graphic together. Like this: Like Loading... Share This Story, Choose Your Platform! Inspiration Software, Inc. - The Leader in Visual Thinking ... Formation Mindmapping pour formateurs et enseignants ... Je lance en juillet prochain une formation de Mindmapping spécialement destinées aux (futurs) formateurs et enseignants : un atelier de deux jours entièrement dédié à la transmission des savoirs par la pensée visuelle.

Formation Mindmapping pour formateurs et enseignants ...

Comment faire passer vos savoirs et vos compétences à des jeunes installés devant leurs écrans toute la journée ? Comment visualiser des informations complexes pour les rendre intelligibles ? Comment organiser vos idées lorsque vous concevez un cours ou une séance de formation ? 10 Great iPad Apps for Creating Concept Maps ~ Educational ... Pearltrees: discover, organize and share your stuff easily ... Die 10 besten Programme, um Mind Maps zu erstellen ... Augmentez votre productivité et ... Product Directory. Mind-Mapping with Technology. Paper® is the immersive sketching app for capturing ideas anywhere.

Mind-Mapping with Technology

Over 25 million people have found their personal creative space in Paper—handwriting notes, drafting, diagramming, sketching, and giving form to their vision. FIND YOUR FLOW Sketch, draw, diagram, color, write notes: No matter what the inspiration, you can get it down on Paper. Capture your ideas in beautiful, 3D Journals that keep you focused and in your creative flow. Fast, gesture-based navigation makes it easy and natural to use Paper. Easily move your ideas into Paste, our app for creative teams.

SKETCH WITH CONFIDENCE Every tool tuned to perfection: draw, sketch, outline, write, color, diagram, cut, fill, and mix. WORK ON THE IDEA, NOT THE TOOL Paper’s simple, quiet interface and gestural navigation offer you space to create without the distraction of controls and sliders. Collaborative mind-mapping platform. Basic plan comes with ... How to copy a branch and its style. 'mind mapping' in EDTECH - DIGITAL WORLDS - MEDIA LITERACY ... UE 106 : Travail en équipe et C2i2e by Christian VALADE on ... A Mind Map Query in Information Retrieval : The 'User ... The 25+ best Mind map creator ideas on Pinterest.

XMind - Mind Mapping Software. Bibliographie "Mind-mapping" - Juillet 2011 ...