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TrainingResources. Young Adults Deserve the Best. Young Adults Deserve the Best is a training initiative to help library staff successfully connect to and work with teens in their public or school library.

Young Adults Deserve the Best

Created by trainers for trainers, directors, or librarians to use in their libraries, these instructional kits provide guided training with customizable PowerPoints, a complete script and optional group activities. Kits are organized into modules, and trainers can either teach them individually in one hour segments, or combine them for a full day of training. Each kit includes a literature review and each PowerPoint presentation is accompanied by an introductory paper and list of additional resources. The curriculum for Young Adults Deserve the Best is based on YALSA's national guidelines: Competencies for Librarians Serving Youth. Understanding Teen Behavior for a Positive Library Experience – on sale now for $99.50! Contributing authors include: Amy Alessio, Erin Downey Howerton, and Sarah Flowers.

Order your kit today! $199 (print). YALSA Academy. All Upcoming Training. Library Juice Academy, Online Professional Development for Librarians. Reading Stamina (Online Course): Literacy Solutions. With experienced literacy consultant and author, Angela Ehmer Reading stamina is the ability to read for an extended period of time without requiring adult supervision to maintain attention.

Reading Stamina (Online Course): Literacy Solutions

Reading stamina builds the reader’s capacity to focus attention on the text without trying to concentrate, or feeling they are making a significant effort. The ability to re-engage with the text following an interruption or distraction and to get lost in the ideas without thinking about time should result. Reading Stamina Online, will examine in detail the process to introduce this critical strategy into your classroom. The course will cover: What is Reading Stamina? At various points throughout the course you can check that you're staying on track with what you're learning with topic-specific learning reflections.

Course Outline Course FAQ Register Now! DigitalCampus BennettTovaniCourse Brochure. IASL2004 Dub Greef (1) IASL Newsletter October 2016d. Guidelines for Library-Based Literacy Programs. Français | Español | Deutsch | Русский | العربية | Português Some practical suggestions Introduction The IFLA Section on Reading is pleased to present some practical suggestions for library staff who would like to help our society become more literate.

Guidelines for Library-Based Literacy Programs

We believe that libraries are uniquely situated to promote literacy. Libraries may develop and staff their own programs or they may support literacy projects sponsored by other organizations. The aims of these practical pointers are: To encourage libraries to become involved in literacy programs To serve as an informal checklist for evaluating library-based programs that are already in place Our definition of literacy is broad. We have written these guidelines as librarians speaking to librarians. Who is our audience? The activities of each library will be different. The questions and answers are offered as suggestions, not formal guidelines. Staff - School of Information Studies. Curriculum Sessions – Global Libraries.

On this page, you will find all of the materials you need to conduct an advocacy training.

Curriculum Sessions – Global Libraries

Before getting started, take time to read the Advocacy Training Implementation Guide. You’ll learn how the curriculum’s 15 training sessions work together to build an understanding of the value of advocacy and how it can be effectively conducted on behalf of public libraries. Based on your needs, you may decide to teach only some of the sessions, rather than the full 15. We have identified five sessions as “core” sessions, which are essential to any training. Below you’ll find a brief overview of each session and a link to download the materials for each one.

Trainer notes and talking pointsA PowerPoint presentationA set of handouts and worksheets Remember to review the licensing agreement and to attribute the curriculum before using. Public Library Association (PLA) Build advocacy skills and confidence through Turning the Page!

Public Library Association (PLA)

A fully customizable advocacy training curriculum is now available through Turning the Page: Building Libraries, Strengthening Communities. PLA is pleased to announce that the advocacy training curriculum Turning the Page: Supporting Libraries, Strengthening Communities is now available at This training curriculum is an updated version of Turning the Page that was developed for library associations and networks around the world, with input from the Public Library Association and other grantees of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s Global Libraries initiative.

Turning the Page: Supporting Libraries, Strengthening Communities is a complete training package that includes an Advocacy Training Implementation Guide—a recommended read before diving into the curriculum—and a set of 15 training sessions that each includes a trainer script, PowerPoint presentation, and handouts.