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The CSS Image Map Generator is Back » Vero Beach, Florida Website Design and Development » Web Presence Partners. After a brief hiatus, our CSS Image Map Generator tool is back online. We took it offline while transitioning to the new site design and are happy to be bringing it back! Access it here . If you haven’t used it before, it’s an easy-to-use GUI tool to create CSS-based “image maps.” Rather than using the HTML map and area tags, it uses CSS positioning to achieve a very similar effect by layering HTML anchor (“a”) elements over an image. Online Image Map Generators - Summer html image map creator.

Image Mapper from ISDN*tek. An Image Map is a regular hosted image than has defined clickable areas or hotspots.

Image Mapper from ISDN*tek

It consists of two components: the actual hosted image and a map file. This tool will create the map file for your online image and will include the displayable image in the code. Imgmap - Javascript based imagemap editor. Security Alert: Security Alert: Security Alert: Online Image Map Editor.