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Mingling Through the Decades 1880s-1920s

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Clothing suggestions for the Kenosha Public Library "Afternoon Tea and Parlour Games" event on September 14th, 2019. Click on a picture to enlarge or click on the upper right arrow to visit a website.

Event information and registration can be found at. Fashion of Downton Abbey. Darlings, I just recently found myself obsessed with Downton Abbey.

Fashion of Downton Abbey

The stories, the history, the fashion of Downton Abbey! The pilot episode takes place the day of the Titanic’s sinking and quickly propels through almost a decade in 2 seasons. So much happened to our world at this time and to witness it through the eyes of British royalaty and their staff is quite intriguing. From the early 20th century fashion to the brink of the 1920s let’s see what Fashion 101 will unwrap today… For Modern Era fashion, I feel the latest we ever possibly revert back to is the 1920’s fashion of the flappers and the gangsters, so to have the spotlight on the very early 20th century fashion is most inspirational. The low busts, curvy hips and long dresses of the early 19th century began to change from a mature, full bodied figure to a slight, boyish figure.

Early 20th century had a passion for hats, not quite Marie Antoinette level but not far. This is a great Steampunk outfit.

We like that it comes off as casual and effortless, but with enough visual interest to stand out. It's also flattering for any body type. The accessories keep this look interesting, adding just the right amount of edge. This woman is no shrinking violet; she is a badass. This outfit is easy to recreate once you break it down piece by piece. MORE Fashion Guide - Understand the elements of Steampunk fashion and learn to put together your own costume Tutorials - The best (free) Steampunk costume, weapon, & prop tutorials and DIY guides from around the web. Sharing is caring!

We have now updated this popular post to a much more in-depth and fully illustrated page – A Concise Illustrated History of 1920s Women’s Fashion ! Also if you’re a fan of the 1940s, read the Concise history of fashion – 1940 to 1949. They’re entertaining and an educational read and packed with oodles of imagery and links. Each is a BIG page – so give them a few seconds to load. It was the Jazz Age, peopled by the bright young things who had lived, fought through and survived the First World War ; Class and gender distinction were being slowly erased ; an Economic post war boom was in full swing; it was the age of consumerism, the age of modernism and for the newly emancipated woman – it was the beginning of real tangible freedom of self expression. Two Flappers -Photo – 1928 Mexico – National Geographic.

Source- Everyday Clothes - This Victorian Life. Our everyday clothes, and the originals on which they are based Victorian Fashion Plates ​"Dress, then, is something more than necessity of climate, something better than condition of comfort, something higher than elegance of civilization.

Everyday Clothes - This Victorian Life

Dress is the index of conscience, the evidence of our emotional nature. It reveals, more clearly than speech expresses, the inner life of heart and soul in a people, and also the tendencies of individual character. "—Sarah Josepha Hale, 1866.Manners, 1866, p. 39.Quotations of Quality When we started wearing Victorian-style clothing on a daily basis (as we have done for a number of years), we quickly realized how comfortable and practical they are. Photo courtesy Estar Hyo Gyung Choi, Mary Studio Plaid dress / Green suit Trousers: Copied from 1870s suit. Plaid traveling/work dress: Plaids were extremely popular in the 1880's. Photo courtesy Estar Hyo-Gyung Choi, Mary Studio. flapper dresses. Source- Victorian Clothing for Men and Women. My dear friend Naomi has nominated me for the Beautiful Blog Award over at her blog Wonderland Creek!

Thank you, Naomi! :-) Naomi has just started blogging at Wonderland Creek and she's written several very delightful posts so far. Her blog is simply charming, my friends. Do hop on over and pay her a visit! Alrighty, so here are the questions: ~What do you think of Pride and Prejudice 1995? Well....I have seen both versions (by 'both versions' I mean the '95 and the 2005, because we all know that no one really cares about the one from 1940. At the moment I can't think of any other dresses from my favorite movies that I don't like. WHAAAAT? I really like this hat, although I'm afraid I can't find a better picture of it. And I'm also very fond of this one, believe it or not. :-) ~Who is the last man (from a period drama) in the world who you could ever marry?

I believe that honor goes to Jonas Chuzzlewit. There are so many wonderful teachers in period dramas! 1920s Men's Fashion: What did men wear in the 1920s? Source- Source- Flapper Hair-Style Tutorial.