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Tut: Pinterest Pin Using iPod/iPad/iPhone : Savitri Wilder, this is my life. This is a tutorial on how to install the Pinterest “Pin It” bookmarklet on your iPad (iPhone/Pod) Safari web browser.

Tut: Pinterest Pin Using iPod/iPad/iPhone : Savitri Wilder, this is my life

What is Pinterest? It’s an organizational tool that lets you share all the pretty findings with all Pinterest members (who follows you). It’s really fun and I use mine to gather ideas for my current and future home decorating needs, travel ideas, color combos, things I want to buy for myself or the family, etc. Very fun and if not careful can take up a lot of your precious time!

The last few months I haven’t been pinning much. So how do you do it? If you’re interested and have an iDevice whip it out and follow these steps. Oh, before we get started, make sure that you browse to my blog post first using your iDevice so that you can copy the below (we’ll paste in a little bit!) Seven Cool Ways to Use Pinterest. Have you joined Pinterest yet?

Seven Cool Ways to Use Pinterest

I have to admit – I’ve been pretty obsessed with it in the last few weeks as I started pinning things and exploring the community. And some pinners are using this new network in really cool ways. For those who’ve not yet familiar with Pinterest, the concept is pretty simple. When you sign up, you create “boards” – as many or few as you want. Each board has a certain theme. Your homepage is filled with the pins from the people/boards you’re following. The most common boards I see are for recipes, craft projects, fashion, and humor, but more and more, people are starting to get creative, which is super inspiring. Create a gift registry. This list tip comes from Kenna Griffin from Prof KRG. Pin your best blog posts. Sure, Pinterest is a great way to share funny pictures and whatnot, but does it have any practical use for bloggers who aren’t working in visual-centric niches? Pinterest Tutorial: Getting Started. You know how you always see something somewhere and then you try to find it and you can't.

Pinterest Tutorial: Getting Started

Story of my life and since the Momnesia has set in, it isn't any easier. The Internet is filled with ideas, tricks-of-the-trade, shortcuts, recipes, learning possibilities, Do-It-Yourself projects and oh so much more. Gone are the days of bookmarks that are comprised of long lists of website names that mean nothing to us. And for those who lean toward the OCD side of organization, we tried to create folders for those streaming lists of text to compartmentalize a little. Now there is Pinterest. The next step is to grab the button they provide and to drag it to your bookmarks bar. Important note: See how it mentions that it will "credit the original creator"?

2. 3. How Do People Use Pinterest? If the hot little collage site boggles your mind, take a look at how some people are using Pinterest.

How Do People Use Pinterest?

Describe Pinterest to a savvy Web user who hasn't tried it before, you might hear this response: "So, it's basically the same as Delicious? " 5 Pinterest Tips for Beginners. There has been a lot of buzz about Pinterest recently.

5 Pinterest Tips for Beginners

Pinterest is just a few months old, but it has already reached top-10 status for visitors among social networks recently. In fact, here in Type-A Parent, I am seeing now that many days Pinterest drives as much traffic as Facebook (which has long been a steady leader in referrals). If you are jumping in because you have heard all the buzz, here are five Pinterest tips for beginners to help you navigate and understand this new site. Pinterest is much more interesting when you have a steady flow in your friend stream, which is what you see when you log in and go to the Pinterest home page. If you haven’t already tied in your Facebook account, you can do so in Pinterest Settings. Also be sure to check out the Pinterest Profile Linkup to add your profile and find others to follow. Finding killer content to pin can be challenging, but repinning is so easy. Pinterest is definitely addictive, but don’t let that scare you away.

Pinterest for Brands: 5 Hot Tips. This post originally appeared on the American Express OPEN Forum, where Mashable regularly contributes articles about leveraging social media and technology in small business.

Pinterest for Brands: 5 Hot Tips

We've all been hearing a lot about Pinterest lately, so you're probably wondering whether you should take the plunge and create a profile for your company. We say you go for it, especially if women are your target consumers — 70% of pinners are female. Pinterest has a highly engaged audience — a reported 3.3 million users logging more than 421 million pageviews — so there's plenty of opportunity for brands to flesh out pinboards and catch pinners' eyes.

First, let's go through a quick explanation of how it works. Pinterest is a visual social discovery network. Sounds fun, right? 1.