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The Dangers Of Social Media (Child Predator Social Experiment) Stand Up to Cyberbullying. 5 Social Media Rules for Teens & Tweens. Playing and Staying Safe online. Internet Detective. Why Introducing Young Students To Social Media Is So Important.

Last year my grade 1 students were uploading videos to their personal blogs and to youtube, tweeting from our classroom Twitter feed, face timing, skyping and participating in Google Hangouts with peers, soon to be teachers, teachers, experts in a certain field, and the class down the hall.

Why Introducing Young Students To Social Media Is So Important

We participated in global projects like the Global Read Aloud and created our own global projects. Why? There are many great reasons why we have embeded social media into our daily classroom routines. The two most important to me are, the increased excitement and engagement I have experienced in my students and because I think it is imperative that we model appropriate digital citizenship at a young age. I am in charge of a Primary Blogging Network that started this past Monday. Teaching The Concept Of Digital Footprint To Middle School Students.

Google Digital Literacy and Citizenship Curriculum —