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Second Life

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Community Virtual Library. McMaster University Gaming Sculpture Garden. Students in a Multimedia Digital Games course have created a garden of sculptures of historical characters from videogames like MS Pacman or Link on the library's Second Life island. Come visit the garden of sculptures and strange objects. Pick up a hat or teleport through a portal. The Gaming Garden is located on the McMaster University Library Second Life island, Steel City. McMaster has been developing this and other virtual spaces for teaching and learning.

Now students are learning to sculpt and program as part of classes. Imagine creating a sculpture as an assignment! Why Second Life? Now Shawn and David are preparing for a "ribbon cutting ceremony" for the sculpture garden to which we can invite the students and others to celebrate what the students have created for others. Some of the lessons learned are: 1. 2. 3. Immersive Learning Librarian Shawn McCann hopes to see more projects like this being initiated. American Library Association in Second Life.