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Stanford Medicine Profiles. Stanford Alzheimer's Disease Research Center. The Stanford Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center (ADRC) is part of a nationwide network of Alzheimer’s Disease Centers supported by the National Institutes of Health.

Stanford Alzheimer's Disease Research Center

The centers work together to translate research advances into improved diagnosis and care for people with Alzheimer’s disease and related brain disorders. The ultimate goals are to cure Alzheimer’s disease and, even more important, to prevent it from developing. The clinical and research focus of the Stanford ADRC includes both Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease. They are the most common and the second most common neurodegenerative disorders. We believe that research and patient care can be advanced by comparing and contrasting distinctive features of each. Om Demens. Healthy Brain Initiative: Alzheimer's Disease - Aging. What is Alzheimer’s Disease?

Healthy Brain Initiative: Alzheimer's Disease - Aging

The most common form of dementia.A progressive disease beginning with mild memory loss possibly leading to loss of the ability to carry on a conversation and respond to the environment.Involves parts of the brain that control thought, memory, and language.Can seriously affect a person’s ability to carry out daily activities. Although scientists are learning more every day, right now, they still do not know what causes Alzheimer’s disease. Who has Alzheimer’s Disease? Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia. Nationalt Videnscenter for Demens - Nationalt Videnscenter for Demens. Alzheimerforeningen - Livet med demens. Sundhed. Sundhed. Alzheimer's Disease International. Alzheimer's Disease International. Improving healthcare - World Alzheimer Report 2016 The World Alzheimer Report 2016 looks at ways of improving the coverage, as well as the quality, of healthcare for people living with dementia, and the costs associated.

Alzheimer's Disease International

World Alzheimer Report 2016 - Improving healthcare for people living with dementia: Coverage, quality and costs now and in the future The global impact of dementia - World Alzheimer Report 2015 The World Alzheimer Report 2015 updates ADI's data on dementia's global prevalence, incidence and cost. By carrying out a full update of previous systematic reviews, the report makes key recommendations to provide a global framework for action on dementia.