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Alex Turner and girlfriend Taylor Bagley at Serpentine Gallery summer party. By MailOnline Reporter Published: 09:32 GMT, 3 July 2015 | Updated: 13:17 GMT, 3 July 2015 They've been inseparable since they started dating.

Alex Turner and girlfriend Taylor Bagley at Serpentine Gallery summer party

So it's perhaps unsurprising that Alex Turner and girlfriend Taylor Bagley should appear arm-in-arm at the Serpentine Gallery summer party on Thursday. The pair were seen adding some rock-n-roll glamour to the high society event, before joining pals for dinner at the Chiltern Firehouse. Scroll down for video Getting playful! Can't keep their hands off each other: The duo were getting cosy as they flirted for most of the evening Keep it co-ordinated like Taylor in a top and skirt by Alexander McQueen They might have been in danger of bumping into the Arctic Monkeys frontman's former girlfriend Alexa Chung, but Alex Turner and Taylor Bagley looked like a match made in heaven at the Serpentine summer party!

And Taylor definitely turned heads for all the right reasons. We love the embossed texture and scalloped edges on both the top and skirt. The Quiet Poeticism of Alex Turner. Alex Turner, the smoking hot, ice cool frontman of the Arctic Monkeys, is not just a beautiful musician.

The Quiet Poeticism of Alex Turner

He’s also the unsung hero of the noughties crop of lyricists, whose writing quietly electrifies meaning; and for many, the voice of a generation. What with their being a band and not The Dead Poets Society, the Arctic Monkeys are unsurprisingly mostly known for tunes alone – however its Turner’s lyrics that ultimately earn them royal status within the alternative music world. An ability to write stunning lyrics is Turner’s gift, his way of changing the world if you like, and Alex never fails to satisfy as far as the words are concerned. Lyrics are an underrated part of song craft; a catchy melody or flamboyant delivery can often overshadow the words within them, but they’re the bridge between musician and listener, and really the true measure of a song. Turner’s lyrics brush off the idea that they’re true ambassadors of feeling, yet we can all relate to the emotions that they evoke. Alex Turner: His 35 Greatest Lyrics So Far.

Over the last decade, Alex Turner has proven himself to be one of Britain's finest lyrical wordsmiths.

Alex Turner: His 35 Greatest Lyrics So Far

Here's 35 examples of the Monkey mainman's best work. "Great escape lost track of time and space/ She's a silver lining climbing on my desire" "What came first the chicken or the dickhead? " "Does it help you stay up late / Does it help you concentrate / Does it tune you in / When you chew your chin" "Flicking through a little book of sex tips / Remember when the boys were all electric? " "Didn't you see she were gorgeous, she was beyond belief / But this lad at the side drinking his Smirnoff ice / Came and paid for her Tropical Reef" "It sort of feels like I'm running out of time/ I haven't found all I was hoping to find / You said you got to be up in the morning, going to have an early night / And you're starting to bore me, baby, why'd you only call me when you're high? " Alex Turner - Biography.

The best of Alex Turner's non-Arctic Monkeys songs, ranked in order of greatness. 14. 'Get Right': Turner contributes bass guitar rather than vocals to this one, but he also co-wrote it.

The best of Alex Turner's non-Arctic Monkeys songs, ranked in order of greatness

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List of Movies and TV Shows

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10 Things you probably didn't know about Sean Bean

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