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LF Shop is a curated world of products that stretch the boundaries of imagination, to offer artisanal, handcrafted products like never seen before!

LF Shop retails space saving furniture brand Arbor Decor. LF Shop By Luxuryfacts Retails Space Saving Furniture Brand Arbor Décor October 2021: LF Shop by LuxuryFacts, a new, curated online luxury store, has introduced Arbor Decor, an Indian luxe décor brand.

LF Shop retails space saving furniture brand Arbor Decor

As the definition of luxe décor gets reinvented in a post-Covid scenario, Arbor Décor designs and produces artisanal, bespoke furniture pieces that are multi-functional. From comfortable chairs with their own push-out footstool to ottomans with storage, Arbor Décor understands space saving furniture that is not just utilitarian, but also beautiful to look at. Choosing the Right Chair for your Home. Few Tips for Choosing the Ideal Handbag. Tips for Choosing the Ideal Handbag What's the one thing that a short trip to the supermarket, an evening out, or going out every day for work have in common?

Few Tips for Choosing the Ideal Handbag

The answer: Handbags. A handbag is often the final item that we pick up before leaving the house, no matter where we are going, and to most of us, it is quite an important item. And being the final item that we add to our outfits, it is no surprise that it can either make or break our look. With that logic, there is quite a lot of pressure on our handbags; not only do they have to be good-looking and stylish, but also comfortable to be carried around all day.When looking to buy a handbag that complements your style, or even when looking for one as a gift idea, it is easy to get a little confused because of the sheer number of options and variety available.

LF Shop - How to decorate your home. Best Luxury gifting ideas for home decor. LF Shop by LuxuryFacts retails home accessories brand Ikkis. Baula’s luxury bag is a perfect way to freshen up your wardrobe. LF Shop - Bringing Luxe Décor right to your doorsteps: Arbor Decor. Ikkis is taking Indian style to the World. Arbor Décor’s Luxury Home Décor Items. Ikkis Patiala Balti – Best Gift Ideas – LF Shop. Devina Juneja Pearls Large Clutch - Luxury Gifting – LF Shop. Arbor Decor Macaroon Ottoman – LF Shop. Arbor Décor Bow Chair – Comfortable and Space Saving – LF Shop. Indian Style Ikkis’ Matka Jug Made with Terracotta Coated Copper - LF Shop. Buy Online Ikkis Chai Glass Set of 4 at LF Shop. Baula Cheetah Bag Appleskin - LF Shop. Baula Elephant Bag Appleskin Sustainable Bag - LF Shop. Shop Baula Hawksbill Bag Pinatex Vegan HandBag - LF Shop. Devina Juneja Cord Kimono Made in India Product - LF Shop. Affordable & Modern Furniture - LF Shop. Shop Devina Juneja Circle Handle Satchel Leather Bag - LF Shop.

Shop Luxury Handbags and Wallets - LF Shop. Best Online Luxury Shopping Store - LF Shop.