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7 Tricky Work Situations, and How to Respond to Them. How to Take Minutes at a Board Meeting. Pin on Art. View the archive of today's student panel. Click the link here and then select "Video" in the upper left corner to play the archive. @TracySchaelen @SFDaya @Lorarts #detche18. And in case anyone has missed this, here's my 4-episode series on precarious academic labor called #ContingentTalk. Thanks to @caavisual & so many others for the unwavering support. How to Design Museum Interiors: Display Cases to Protect & Highlight the Art. How to Design Museum Interiors: Display Cases to Protect & Highlight the Art about 15 hours ago Share.

How to Design Museum Interiors: Display Cases to Protect & Highlight the Art

The Burlington Magazine. A more recent development than is often realised, and historically imposed in a variety of ways, peer review is a fundamental but rarely discussed aspect of academic life.

The Burlington Magazine

What impact does it have on publishing in art history? Scholars, especially in the humanities, know surpri-singly little about the academic publication system in which they participate’.(1) So suggests a recent article on high-prestige journals in North America, noting that although humanities scholars have been long been fascinated by historical systems of knowledge production, the actual mechanics of publication, including peer review, have rarely been thought to merit much attention.

It is probable that for both the reader and the author of this article, any sense of the precise conditions under which it was reviewed and accepted for publication will be largely a matter of gossip and guesswork. And yet publishing is the economy through which the discipline of art history functions. The history of peer review. Planning and assessing a job candidate's teaching demonstration (opinion) {* #emailNewsletterEnrollmentForm *} {* signInEmailAddress *} Newsletters {* optInDailyNewsUpdate *} News, opinion and jobs in higher education - delivered each weekday.

Planning and assessing a job candidate's teaching demonstration (opinion)

View a sample >> {* optInWeeklyNewsUpdate *} Your need-to-know digest of the week's news - delievered Friday morning. Specialized Newsletters {* optInAdmissionsUpdate *} A weekly look at the latest news, opinion and careers related to admissions and enrollment, sent each Monday. {* optInDiversityMatters *} Behind the Scenes at the Getty. Diversifying the Conservation Profession through Paid Internships and Training. Beautiful Free Stock Photos - NegativeSpace. How to Start a WordPress Blog The RIGHT WAY (Step by Step) New Faculty Majority National Unemployment Compensation Initiative. AAH - Association of Art Historians. Art History in the Pub reflects the AAH's commitment to bringing interesting, cutting-edge art history to a wider, public community.

AAH - Association of Art Historians

Talks are free, and open to all. We are currently developing a new programme of one-off pop-up sessions as well as our regular series of talks. Making a Personal Website: A guide for grad students and other academics. I currently work as an educational technology consultant at a large Midwestern research university.

Making a Personal Website: A guide for grad students and other academics

Most of the people I work with are humanities/social science grad students or faculty. One of the most common questions I get asked is how to build a website. I’ve heard it so often, helped so many friends build quick, simple websites by now, and seen enough capable-yet- overwhelmed-veering-on-desperate people overpay for something that’s relatively simple to do yourself that I figured it was time to write up my advice.1The ideas for much of what I’m presenting here originated in a presentation for grad students in the environmental humanities I put together a couple of years ago along with my friend Garrett Nelson, who is now a postdoctoral geographer at Dartmouth.

‘We Have to Mobilize’: Latinx Art Scholars Talk Representation with the College Art Association. The New York Hilton Midtown, where the 2017 CAA annual conference will take place.

‘We Have to Mobilize’: Latinx Art Scholars Talk Representation with the College Art Association

Last September, ARTnews reported on the findings of a study, conducted by Rose G. Salseda and Mary Thomas, that showed that Latinx art was underrepresented at the College Art Association’s annual conferences between 2012 and 2016. The study reported that, on average, just 1.4 sessions and 7.2 papers on Latino art were presented per year at the conference, with the 2013 and 2014 gatherings featuring no sessions on the topic. A preliminary report on the 2017 CAA annual conference, which runs through Saturday, February 18, in New York, found that, of 256 sessions, only 3 (1.17 percent) will be dedicated to the subject of Latinx art, while 14 of the 949 papers (1.47 percent) discuss Latinx art. Taking into account the growth in sessions and papers between the 2016 and 2017 conferences, the preliminary report states that these are 0.13 percent and 0.43 percent increases, respectively. Rose G. How to write an effective diversity statement (essay) Faculty job postings are increasingly asking for diversity statements, in addition to research and teaching statements.

How to write an effective diversity statement (essay)

According to the University of California at San Diego website, “the purpose of the statement is to identify candidates who have professional skills, experience and/or willingness to engage in activities that would enhance campus diversity and equity efforts” (emphasis added). In general, these statements are an opportunity for applicants to explain to a search committee the distinct experiences and commitment they bring to the table. So, how do you write an effective diversity statement?