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Unit Dose Packaging - A Guide To Making The Right Choice For Your Product. The medical packaging industry has come a long way from where it began.

Unit Dose Packaging - A Guide To Making The Right Choice For Your Product

There was a time when tablets were packed in bottles and drugs had to be administered by medical professionals to ensure proper dosage was being given to patients. But as medicines and related consumable products evolved, their packaging took on a whole new level of ingenuity - allowing manufacturers to provider novice users with the exact drug combination in the right quantity and dose that is adequate for single-time consumption. This is how unit dose packaging came into existence. WHAT ARE DUAL CHAMBER BOTTLES? Dual-chamber bottles are primarily used to make a mixture of two liquid ingredients which ends up in a single liquid.


Basically, dual chambers bottles or compartment containers are produced for the co-packaging of more than one product, which when brought together creates one integrated final product. They can even be packed separately because the compositions cannot be easily or cost-effectively packaged in standard one compartment containers.

Often the ingredients are packed separately as the compositions cannot simply or cost-effectively be packaged in one standard compartment containers. LFO America has issued a packaged solution range to manage and address this issue in one neat and orderly container. The dual chamber bottles are light in weight and also very useful. A to z of packaging. Commercial sale of any products has two major deciding factors to ensure people favour it.

A to z of packaging

Unit Dose Packaging Has Improved Exponentially. In the pharmaceutical business, the blister packaging is known as the unit-dose packaging.

Unit Dose Packaging Has Improved Exponentially

Lozenges, tablets, and capsules are packed with the unit-dose packaging system. These blister packs not only offer a barrier but also help in shielding the shelf life of these products. This type of packaging gives a certain amount of tamper resistance. Filling Options for You Decayed Teeth. Oh!

Filling Options for You Decayed Teeth

You have another good news. Congratulations another new cavity. But don’t worry with the increasing number of cavities; we have come across different types of fillings as well. These fillings vary in complexity and material. The Little Go-To Products: Unit Dose Packaging. The world is turning out to be a compact space.

The Little Go-To Products: Unit Dose Packaging

Everyone around is looking for smart products which can easily fit in their limited space. In a world where we are constantly on the run, we look for various space saving options. A person who is always on the go will always appreciate his daily use items taking up lesser space for more convenience. This is where the unit doses or the “trial products” we see around us have become important. Evolution of Medical Packaging. The pharmaceutical or Medical Packaging revolution came about in the United States in late 19th century.

Evolution of Medical Packaging

This revolution involved innovative ideas alongwith advanced technology which came together to define & sell products in the reputable world of patent medicine. Along with the advances in packaging machinery arrived the invention of the railroads thus, allowing large goods to be transported rapidly with minimum expenditure. People on the east coast could receive goods produced on the west coast & vice versa. These consumables were used at a much faster speed while productive new machinery were constantly being developed and improved with the passage of time.

Dual Chamber Bottles – An Overview. All about Medical Product Packaging and Its Importance. All about the Unit Dose Packaging Industry. Medical field has developed by leaps and bounds in the past few decades.

All about the Unit Dose Packaging Industry

Many diseases which were considered as fatal are now easily curable and do not pose a big threat to us. With new breakthroughs from all around the world, we seem to heading into the right direction. Modern day hospitals along with their state of the art equipment have proved to be life savers again and again. Pros of Unit Dose Packaging. From birth to death, every one of us use medicines in one form or other, and the kind of packaging they are in is definitely something to be amazed of.

Pros of Unit Dose Packaging

Unit dose packaging is a kind of blister packaging that is most commonly used in the pharmaceutical world. It is gaining more popularity in other industries too such as in cosmetics and personal consumables. You may be wondering what it is and why it is so important and beneficial to the packaging world. Think about when you have to take a pill or a tablet, you buy it from a pharmacist and find it usually wrapped inside plastic. This plastic happens to be thick on one side and has aluminum foil on the other. The Importance of Cosmetic Packaging. Packaging plays an important role in enhancing the company’s brand image and increasing the value of the product.

The Importance of Cosmetic Packaging

This statement is truer in case of cosmetics and beauty products. Not long before, all the cosmetics and beauty products used to come in two forms-soaps as bar or in glass jars. This was so because the product itself was very simple. With time, the cosmetic industry has undergone tremendous changes and now, each second a new product is being added to the cosmetics line. Today you have beauty products for all complexions and all ages. Cosmetics are available in liquids of varied viscosities, cream, gel, mousse, powder, cake and endless other forms. Packaging creates brand loyalty Most cosmetic companies produce more than one item and so it is important to use a single umbrella brand, color combination and other design elements that set your product apart and that a consumer can check at a glance and confirm that it is all one brand. The Importance of Cosmetic Packaging. Dual Chamber Packaging Solutions. Dual concept designs open up new avenues of using cosmetics and personal care items with many allowing simultaneous application of two products.

These contain twin chambers with two stage dispensing, use at same time of application and complementary products. Dual chamber bottle can be of different sizes based upon the manufacturer requirements. Larger ones are ideal for cosmeceutical or personal care products. Small versions on the other hand are mainly for masstige and prestige treatment or other cosmetic items. There can various uses of dual chamber versions including: application at two different body parts separate storage of two products mixture need of separate products just before usage The design of such bottles is extremely travel friendly. Different variants of the same can be there such as instead of two different chambers it may contain neck inserts. Unit Dose Packing and Contract Filling – Changing the Medical Industry Forever.

Medical science has developed a lot in the past hundred or so years and has transformed the way we live freely today. Diseases that are easily treated today were once considered fatal and took lives of many in the past. When It Is Time for Medication. Medical advancements have made it possible to heal and treat a lot of bad health conditions these days. Although the symptoms may not go away completely, there is certainly an improvement seen when the medical prescription is precise and given by an experienced doctor. It is based on his judgement what quantity of which drug is to be prescribed to you for optimum results. Neither too much nor too little, there needs to be the perfect quantity that you need to consume. Standard units of measurement have made it possible to apply them to medicines on a universal scale. LF of America. This world has seen many transitional phases through the different industrial stages that came and went.

With each phase and stage, there were revolutionary changes in the way things were done, and new benchmarks were set. Turnkey Packaging For the Cosmetic Industry- The Advantages. Contract Filling And Packaging Services – All You Need To Know About Them. Manufacturing units, especially those operating in the cosmetic or pharmaceutical sector, are always on the lookout for new and innovative means to package their products.. The Various Applications of Unit Dose Packages. Benefits Of Unit Dose Medicine Packaging. A Guide to Help You Choose the Right Unit Dose Packaging For Your Needs.

Single Dose Packaging – Things You Should Know As a Medicinal Tablet Manufacturer. Packaging at Its Best with Lf. How Can a Unit Dose Packaging Machine Help You Out. Turnkey Cosmetics Industry – A Great Way to Take Your Business Forward. The highly globalised cosmetics industry is heading towards some great times indeed. Unit Dose Packaging - How to Select the Best Service Provider. Services Offered by Contract Filing and Packaging Companies.