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Twitter. 3 Social Media Tactics From The Top 50 Retail Brands in the U.S. 3 Social Media Tactics From The Top 50 Retail Brands in the U.S.

3 Social Media Tactics From The Top 50 Retail Brands in the U.S.

Lucy Hitz Blogger Extraordinaire Simply Measured The Interbrand Best Retail Brands of 2014 ranks the top 50 retail brands in the U.S. Our Simply Measured Retail Brands Social Media Benchmark Report takes a month-long snapshot of these 50 brands’ audiences, brand activity, engagement, and tactics on three top social networks: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Below are some of the key findings from the study. Account Averages 1. On average, 30 of a retail brand’s 34.5 daily Tweets are direct @Replies to users. Our study shows that retail brands rely on Twitter as a vital forum for interacting with their social audiences and replying to customer voices.

Retail brands, who are trying to drive both loyalty and purchase points are taking the necessary actions to enable their followers. 2. That’s because Instagram is the network where retail brands shine. 3. Retail brands also have the substantially largest audience on Facebook. Twitter. Creatis Tech S.A. sur Twitter : "Ya iniciaste la estrategia mercadeo digital para tu marca? #digitalmarketing #mercadeodigital #SocialMediaMarketing.

Twitter. Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ or Pinterest: Which #SocialMedia Platforms Are Best Suited for Your Business? #infographic. La idea es conectarse! Why Has Twitter Launched Facebook Like Mobile App Install Advertising Product. With 241 million monthly users on Twitter, the company is under pressure to show that its young advertising business is deserving of its current market cap of $26.9 billion.

Why Has Twitter Launched Facebook Like Mobile App Install Advertising Product

Hoping to win the confidence of the advertising business which is inclined towards Facebook, it was said that Twitter is to debut 15 types of new ad products and improved ways to target users in the upcoming six months. Twitter didn’t confirm the development but rumours were rife that the first batch of the ads, that would be rolled out in the coming week, will include a product that will coax users to download apps through Twitter. Hoping to win the confidence of the mobile game developing companies, it was said that Twitter will launch a mobile-app install ad unit. Finally, Twitter has officially confirmed the roll out. Twitter says the new feature leverages both Promoted Tweets and Twitter Cards to show these promotions as a “rich, native ad unit.

Facebook had 245M app downloads in 2013. Answers to 11 Questions You've Been Dying to Ask About Twitter. As a concept, using Twitter seems simple.

Answers to 11 Questions You've Been Dying to Ask About Twitter

You need to say what you want to say in fewer than 140 characters ... and that's about it. Who would think that writing a sentence or two and sharing it with people who want to hear from you would be that hard? And then you actually start using Twitter -- it's harder than you thought. The speed of the feed: Facebook’s real problem. Facebook admitted in their Q3 earnings call what many of us have been saying for months: Teens are bored with Facebook and not using it as much.

The speed of the feed: Facebook’s real problem

What they have yet to admit is that a lot of people of all ages are bored with Facebook. As I travel the country, speaking with my clients and giving presentations, I often ask the audience if they find Facebook less interesting than they did 6 months ago. The answer is nearly universally a yes. 24horasdeayuda. 24horasdeayuda. 24horasdeayuda. 24horasdeayuda. Social Media News: Twitter Advertising, Recruitment, Organic Reach. This Week On Twitter: Evolution Of Social Media, Mobile/Social Influence, SMB Social Media Marketing. 7 powerful Facebook statistics you should know for a more engaging Facebook page. 2.7K Flares 2.7K Flares × One of the things we focus on most at Buffer is the best time to post to Twitter and Facebook.

7 powerful Facebook statistics you should know for a more engaging Facebook page

This is because we want to help you get more engagement with your audience, which is beneficial for everyone. While the best time to post is definitely important, there are some other things to keep in mind. I had a look at what kind of updates work best for Facebook pages to increase interaction and found 7 interesting statistics that you’ll probably find useful if you’re trying to make your page more engaging. 1. Not only do photo posts get more engagement than links, videos or text-based updates, they actually account for 93% of the most engaging posts on Facebook. Wishpond’s data says that overall, photo posts get 120% more engagement than the average post, and photo albums actually get 180% more engagement.

Especially Buffer’s new image posting feature let’s you right click any image on the web and then share it in full-size to your wall in seconds. 2. Setting Up HootSuite for Content Marketing Success. In my last article, Essential Content Marketing Tools, Part 2, I explained how to find, save and share content to your social media profiles using a number of useful tools such as HootSuite and its browser extension, Evernote and the Evernote Web Clipper, and news readers like Zite and Feedly.

Setting Up HootSuite for Content Marketing Success

While the others allow you to find and save content, HootSuite lets you schedule updates to multiple social media profiles at once, from a single interface. If you’re managing more than one, believe me, you’ll soon grow weary of logging into separate accounts every time you want to share an article. Setting up HootSuite takes a little work, but it’s well worth the effort. Each profile works a bit differently, so here’s Your Comprehensive Guide to Setting Up HootSuite for Content Marketing Success. Using HootSuite with Facebook You can use HootSuite to share on either your personal profile or business Page, if you have one.

From there, you’ll have the option choosing the type of Page: That was easy. Report: Instagram to add messaging? Report: Instagram to add messaging?

Report: Instagram to add messaging?

One of the features Instagram has been lacking is a messaging platform. According to GigaOm, that could come by Christmas. The site’s sources tell them that Facebook could integrate messaging into its popular photo and video sharing app, possibly by the end of the year. GigaOm notes that Facebook could want to add this to Instagram in an update before the end of the year, knowing that many consumers will get new phones, computers and tablets for the holidays. Is Snapchat right for your brand? Snapchat, the equally popular and controversial photo-sharing site, has edged out Facebook in being the most frequently used platform to upload photos.

Is Snapchat right for your brand?

Out of 809m daily photo uploads in November 2013 so far, Snapchat has a 49% share (accounting for approximately 400m daily uploads), with Facebook now at 43%. This 400m figure has grown from the reported 350m in September 2013 and a previous figure of 200m in June 2013. It should be noted that Facebook actually owns Instagram, which currently holds a separate 7% share of the pie, so combined they have a 50% share. How to Use Twitter As A Marketing Tool. In most social media predictions, was told that the role of Twitter which will play in the landscape of online communication will increase both in terms of paid tweets and related to the involvement of the social networks in complex promoting actions.

How to Use Twitter As A Marketing Tool

Before we talk about how can Twitter be used in communication campaigns for improving your business should be noted that it is important to first check if your target use the network or not. Only if the answer is positive, it is recommended to integrate Twitter into your communication strategy. 10 Insights on Social Media and Blogging Influence: New Research. Blogging started as personal online diaries, Twitter popped up first as an internal podcasting platform and Facebook was born out of a frustrated date. The journey of online publishing and social networks was never a grand plan but it is the evolution of humans playing on a web canvas that continues to surprise us with its speed, reach and role in influencing buying decisions, building trust and marketing personal and business brands. A decade later the internet landscape is unrecognizable.

We are all still learning about what works and what doesn’t. A recent report on “Digital Influence” by Technorati Media provides some insights into the fast evolving landscape that provides some metrics on the digital landscape. It was created from information gleaned from over 6,000 influencers, 1,200 consumers and 150 top brand marketers.

Technorati Media has a reach of of approximately 130 million US unique visitors per month and has published reports in the past on the state of the blogsosphere. 1. 3 Reasons Why Facebook Should NOT Be Your Brand's Only Social Network. Crucial Tweets for Twitter Marketing. Twitter provides you with a great opportunity for marketing and promoting your brand.

Crucial Tweets for Twitter Marketing

If you aren’t using twitter to promote your brand, you should be. Twitter's Wall Street Debut and What it Means for Marketers. Twitter recently went public and the news has created quite the buzz in the marketing, advertising, and social media industries. This blog post will explore a few areas we think may change as a result of the initial public offering and how that will affect brands in the social space. Monetization Twitter earns the majority of its revenue from advertising. Now that the company is public traded and beholden to the Street's mercurial financial expectations, it will need to find new, creative ways to grow its user base, its advertiser base, and its suite of ad products in order to continue its impressive revenue growth.

This increased market pressure to make money may mean more "in stream" ads as well as real-time video clips embedded in tweets and higher CPMs. Content Marketing Implications. Is Twitter worth $18 billion following its IPO last week? I am not an investment adviser, but what I do know is that Twitter is an important investment for content marketers. Using Social to Humanize Marketing #socialmedia. Millennials, considered by many a lost generation, are more than just entitled, lazy slackers riddled with student loan debt and no job prospects.

We currently represent over $200 billion in annual buying power. Just a few years into our careers, the battle for our customer loyalty and future earnings from our generation begins now, and without the right strategy the lost ones will be the businesses who didn’t capture a group of 86 million consumers. The millennial generation is demanding a more personal humanized approach from marketers, where ads are tailored specifically to a need we have at the moment. We need to have a reason to not read reviews, compare prices, and hold out for a better offer. Ads Are Everywhere and Now They're on Instagram Too. Instagram recently introduced Instagram ads to its users’ feeds joining the ranks of Facebook, Twitter and others. The first ad posted was from U.S. fashion label Michael Kors. Instagram first told users about plans to monetize the site through ads or sponsored posts about a month ago on the official Instagram Blog: We have big ideas for the future, and part of making them happen is building Instagram into a sustainable business.

Sharing Photos, Watching Videos And Social Media – What Do YOU Do Online? [INFOGRAPHIC] The History Of #Hashtags [INFOGRAPHIC] How Marketers Can Improve Social Media Reach, Engagement, Sentiment. Welcome to Forbes. Look Out, Facebook and Twitter - Pinterest, LinkedIn Are Gaining On You In Content Sharing. Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel Lives With His Dad, Doesn't Plan To Leave. Evan Spiegel dropped out of Stanford University in 2012, three classes shy of graduation, to move back to his father's house and work on Snapchat. Spiegel's fast-growing mobile app lets users send photos, videos and messages that disappear a few seconds after they are received.

Founded in 2011, Snapchat is especially popular with teenagers and young adults, but many parents fear the app is the ideal tool for sharing lewd photos, or "sexting. " In spite of the unfavorable baggage and no revenue, Snapchat is growing. The company has raised about $70 million in venture funding from investors such as Institutional Venture Partners and Benchmark Capital. The Pew Research Center found in a recent poll that 9 percent of American cell phone owners use Snapchat.

Influence Marketing: How To Amplify Your Content With Social Leaders. Do you amplify your content through Influence Marketing? You’ve written a great blog post. The 7 Types Of Twitter User – Which One Are You? [INFOGRAPHIC] How The Top 100 Brands Use Instagram. The world’s top 100 brands have Instagram in focus, as social media analytics and reporting platform Simply Measured found in its latest study that 71 of the Interbrand 100 are on the Facebook-owned photo-sharing service, up from 40 in October 2012, adding that the total number of brands on Instagram shot up 55 percent over the past year.

Facebook Page Insights. Facebook is one of the most widely used and most popular social platforms (with an estimated 1.15 billion users) providing the opportunity to reach and engage with highly potential customers in an intimate, exceptional one-on-one way. Twitter's Most Popular Cashtag Is $AAPL. The Future of ‘Social Listening’ Study: Facebook Comments Are More Civil Than Newspaper Website Comments. Hypothesis: A person is less likely to accuse a complete stranger of being a socialist demon hell-bent on killing babies with free health insurance, when their friends can see him being a complete asshat.

Social Media Tools and Use. The State Of Twitter 2013 [INFOGRAPHIC] INFOGRAPHIC: Industries With The Strongest Communities On Facebook. 5 Effects Social Networks Have On You. INFOGRAPHIC: Kontest Looks At Facebook Contests. #SocialMedia Hoy. Of Likes and Tweets: The Current State of Social Media Marketing. How to turn social media into a formidable sales generating tool. Vine lands on the Kindle Fire, beating Instagram to the punch on the Amazon tablet. Social Media Increases Office Productivity, But Management Still Resistant, Says Study [INFOGRAPHIC] The Future of Marketing Isn’t Noisy, It’s Collaborative. Five stonking social media campaigns and their metrics. Anatomy of a Power Tweet.

Status Updates and Social Media. Setting up a social media calendar: Why and how. #SocialMedia Hoy. 7 Ways to Increase Your Facebook Likes [Guide] How to Use Klout for Business. 39 Awesome Tools and Resources for Blogging and Social Media Marketing. Evento - Seminario Redes Sociales con énfasis en mercadeo (jun 2013) A demographic portrait of Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook users. This Week On Twitter: Get More Retweets, Vine Marketing, Top 15 Twitter Countries Worldwide. A Guide to Using Pinterest for Business [INFOGRAPHIC] How Are SEO Agencies Using Twitter? [INFOGRAPHIC] Facebook Home hits 500k downloads in nine days. The Future of Business: Six Layers of Customer Engagement.

Facebook, LinkedIn upgrade mobile experiences for developers, end users. Behind the Scenes of the New Facebook Graph Search. Which Pinterest Analytics Tool Is Best? Are Hashtags Geeky? Top 25 Celebrities On Chinese Twitter (Sina Weibo) What Are The Demographics Of Social Media Users In 2013. Using Social Analytics to Measure & Manage Your Twitter Efforts.

Facebook aburre a los adolescentes. Pinterest Strategy: Are You Pinning with Purpose? 40 y tantos libros y publicaciones interesantes de Marketing y Social media que deberías conocer. Categorizing & Visualizing Social Media Metric & Analytic Monitoring Tools #infographic #study. Social media marketing.