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Mozilla to Let Enterprises Build Custom Firefox Browsers - Busin. Mozilla is readying a program that will allow companies to build their own customized browsers based on the next version of Firefox, which will be out in a few weeks.

Mozilla to Let Enterprises Build Custom Firefox Browsers - Busin

The Build Your Own Browser program is a good fit for enterprises that want to create a customized browser that can be easily installed across multiple corporate desktops, said Mike Beltzner, director of Firefox at Mozilla Corp. Through the program, which will start sometime soon after Firefox 3.5 is released at the end of June, companies can use a Web application provided by Mozilla to specify certain customizations for the browser -- such as bookmarks to certain sites or corporate intranets or portals, he said.

Companies also can brand the browser through technology called Personas that allows them to code a skin across the top of the browser with a company's logo on it, Beltzner said. How To: Deploy Firefox throughout your Organization. Before you proceed any further with mass deployment of Firefox in your organization or entire network, conduct a survey to determine the websites used by your employees to do their job.

How To: Deploy Firefox throughout your Organization

Then, test those websites in Firefox and ensure that they work [in most cases they will]. You are now ready to deploy Firefox throughout your network. We will cover two topics in this post. We will learn about a way to deploy Firefox on all the computers in your organization.We will then learn to control various settings of Firefox like we do for Internet Explorer, such as proxy settings, enabling and disabling certain options etc.

Mass Deployment For installing Firefox throughout the network, you will need MSI installer version of Firefox. Active Directory deployment is fairly simple task, just follow the steps mentioned on For IT Administrators who want to build their custom MSI Installer package, the site has a ‘Firefox Packaging Service‘ that will let you build a custom installer. Spread Firefox. The Firefox Affiliates program is a great way to share your love of Firefox and other Mozilla products.

Spread Firefox

Host buttons on your site and climb your way to fame on the leaderboard. Learn more » Firefox Affiliates is the go-to place for Firefox fans and Mozillians to get promotional buttons and links that encourage users to download Firefox. We do send out prizes and gifts to our affiliates from time to time, but Firefox Affiliates does not offer monetary rewards for hosting Firefox buttons. That warm, fuzzy feeling in your heart will have to do. Sign up and become an affiliate today! Internet Explorer 8 vs. Firefox 3 – Deployment and Management. <span class="big">Please enable Javascript, because you won't see all of the content.

Internet Explorer 8 vs. Firefox 3 – Deployment and Management

</span> In my last post I covered the arguments usually heard when people compare Internet Explorer and Firefox. From my perspective however, other factors have to be considered when comparing the two vis-a-vis the corporate environment. I outlined these issues in my previous posts, which dealt with earlier versions of the two programs. For this article, I reviewed the situation, and I must admit I was a little surprised that not much has changed. The three key factors to consider here are deployment, patch management, and central management. Deployment Deploying Firefox is not a big deal but you certainly have to invest some time in it, depending on the number of computers within your network.

Patch Management When it comes to patch management, Firefox’s position is even worse. Central Management I was most disappointed by the developments made to Firefox’s central management features. . - Rate this post. Inside aebrahim&#039;s head » Enterprise Deployment of Firefox. I am responsible for overseeing the IT infrastructure of an office with about 40 Windows-based computers.

inside aebrahim&#039;s head » Enterprise Deployment of Firefox

We always keep the OS and relevant software patched, though sometimes even keeping Windows/Office/IE patched to the most current level is not enough. The workarounds provided by Microsoft for this issue are frankly, not acceptable because website functionality with security set to ‘High’ is unacceptable and generate user complaints (and doesn’t even solve the problem completely). Events like this give me cause to consider a company-wide deployment of Firefox as the default browser.

We have no internal applications that rely on IE so this is not a sticking point for us as it is for many corporations. Plus, Firefox has far fewer “vulnerable days” as compared to IE (and when Firefox is vulnerable the potential risk to the system is usually lower). However, there are a couple of blockers that stop me from taking this step.