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Hair Tutorial: 5 Minute Homecoming Updo. French Braid High Bun. Bohemian Updo. Romantic Updo. Chic Updo. Have we all seen this photo?

Chic Updo

I see it all the time from brides, bridesmaids, or any other client going to a formal event. It's beautiful. So I used that as a little inspiration for a easy updo tutorial! The Chic Updo (Cream t-shirt is from Target) *What you won't see in the video tutorial is the finish with hairspray. This may be a little bit more complicated than some my other tutorials. You'll see photos of a cleaner updo and one that I messed up a little bit by rubbing my fingers over it. (Yellow Dress is from Macy's So make sure you go somewhere fancy and show off your new 'do! Twisted Updo. Gibson Tuck Updo. Spiral Pin Updos. Braid Up Do. Braid Updo Tuck. Braid Updo. Modern Wedding Bun. Inspired by Hilary Duff's wedding hair, this is a fun and easy style for the big day.

Modern Wedding Bun

It is a little more structured than the previous DIY wedding hair post we did a few months back, and I think it is the perfect modern bun- not too fussy, yet not too messy. 1. Take a section of hair at the crown of the head, use a ton of hairspray and backcomb. 2. Pull your hair into the highest ponytail you can. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. That's it!! PS, you might also like: A DIY headboard How to De-Pot MAC Eyeshadows DIY Seasonal Banner DIY Scary Halloween Foods. Messy Bun / Up-Do.

Back To School Messy Bun Updo and Lowdo Using Goodies Spiral Pins.