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Baltimore Workers' Compensation Lawyers

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For over 30 years, the Baltimore Workers’ Compensation lawyers at LeViness, Tolzman & Hamilton have fought for the rights of injured workers.

First Annual Respiratory Protection Week. September 4, 2019 Each year for the past eight years, the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) has held a respiratory awareness event on September 5.

First Annual Respiratory Protection Week

The event, called N95 Day, highlights the importance of using N95s, disposable masks that cover the nose and mouth, which prevents the wearer from breathing in hazardous substances. The NIOSH is expanding the N95 Day event to kick off the first annual Respiratory Protection Week, which will occur the first week of September. This milestone event will review the history of respiratory protection and highlight some of the current work that is being done to protect employees.

The event will include online poster sessions and webinars hosted by NIOSH. Fatal Accident Brings Attention to Caught-In/Between Hazards. September 5, 2019 On August 9, a 30-year-old employee with Maryland Landscape Supply was in the process of putting a container into a front-end loader when he became pinned between the machine and a truck.

Fatal Accident Brings Attention to Caught-In/Between Hazards

Police were called to the scene by a man who was working nearby. What are Common Truck Ergonomics? August 30, 2019 Truck drivers spend most of their workday behind the steering wheel inside the cab of their truck.

What are Common Truck Ergonomics?

Neck strain, back pain, and shoulder problems are common injuries sustained by workers in this profession. Thankfully, a new focus on ergonomics is helping to alleviate some of these truck driver injuries and problems. Ergonomics refers to design innovations that can improve the effectiveness of the work environment. For truck drivers, ergonomics considers the physical traits of the human body and design the truck cab to provide comfort and protect the driver from work-related injuries. With proper attention to posture and the physical positioning necessary for a truck driver to effectively and safely operate their vehicle, many physical injuries can be avoided.

How Can I Tackle Workplace Burnout? August 28, 2019 Everyone feels a little stressed out at work now and then.

How Can I Tackle Workplace Burnout?

However, true cases of long-term burnout can lead to more than a few days of intense emotions. In fact, workplace burnout can lead to a host of physical and mental problems. Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer. August 24, 2019 If you have been injured at work, a Workers’ Compensation lawyer can help ensure that you receive the full financial benefits to which you are entitled.

Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

If your injury is severe and prevents you from being able to return to work, you should be eligible to collect temporary or permanent disability benefits, depending on the nature of your injury. A skilled Workers’ Compensation lawyer will walk you through the claims process, address all your questions and concerns, and ensure that you receive the benefits you deserve. Before you hire a Workers’ Compensation lawyer, there are several important questions you should ask that will help you choose a lawyer that is right for you. During your initial consultation with a Workers’ Compensation lawyer, you will have the opportunity to determine whether they are a good fit for you.

How long have you been practicing law? Carbon Monoxide Dangers in the Workplace. August 22, 2019 Because carbon monoxide has no smell, taste or color, it is a particularly dangerous and fatal gas.

Carbon Monoxide Dangers in the Workplace

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), carbon monoxide exposure often results in industries where materials containing carbon are burned. Common Workers’ Comp Mistakes. August 16, 2019 When a worker is injured on the job, they are eligible for Workers’ Compensation benefits.

Common Workers’ Comp Mistakes

These benefits cover the costs associated with the injury, including medical bills, prescription medication, physical therapy, and vocational assistance. Autonomous Vehicles in the Construction Industry May Improve Safety. August 12, 2019 According to the National Safety Council, the construction industry is one of the most dangerous industries when it comes to workplace injuries and fatalities.

Autonomous Vehicles in the Construction Industry May Improve Safety

Construction workers are exposed to a wide range of hazards, including falls, electrocution, being struck-by-objects, and caught-in/between accidents. With the rise of autonomous vehicles, construction experts have been applying the software and artificial intelligence used in autonomous vehicles and applying it to construction vehicles, such as bulldozers and mining trucks. Are Telecommuters Eligible for Workers’ Compensation Benefits?  August 9, 2019 Workers’ Compensation benefits are available for any employee who has been injured while on the job.

Are Telecommuters Eligible for Workers’ Compensation Benefits? 

However, with more people working from home in recent years, some employers are faced with the challenge of determining whether an employee’s home qualifies as an official work site, and if telecommuters are eligible for Workers’ Compensation benefits. Recently, Maryland’s Circuit Court ruled that one worker’s home qualified as an office and that he should be eligible for Workers’ Compensation benefits. The Court of Special Appeals vacated the decision and ordered a retrial. How Can Sleep Disorders Among Nurses Impact Patient Safety? August 5, 2019 It is no secret that nurses tend to work long hours, with a typical shift lasting 12 hours or more.

How Can Sleep Disorders Among Nurses Impact Patient Safety?

For many nurses, one of the benefits of longer shifts means that they can work fewer days. How Can Exoskeletons Impact Work-Related Musculoskeletal Disorders? August 2, 2019 According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) are responsible for approximately one-third of all lost workdays in the United States.

The total costs associated with these injuries can run into the billions. In fact, a 2018 Liberty Mutual Safety Index found that overexertion injuries are responsible for $13.7 billion in annual costs and make up 23 percent of the total national burden. Many industries have incorporated exoskeletons as part of their personal protective equipment (PPE) to significantly reduce or prevent work-related injuries and MSDs. By helping reduce muscle fatigue for repetitive tasks, these industrial exoskeletons can increase productivity as well as prevent injuries. Toyota was one of the first companies to incorporate exoskeletons as part of their PPEs. Other Benefits of Exoskeletons Ford is another automaker that has incorporated exoskeletons into their PPEs. Recent Statistics Show Decline in Crane Accidents. July 30, 2019 Cranes can lift, lower, and move large, heavy objects that no other piece of equipment is able to do.

They play a crucial role in the construction industry. However, if a crane collapses or tips over, the crane operator and the workers who are in the vicinity of the accident will likely suffer devastating injuries. Depending on the nature of the accident and the size of the crane, these accidents can cause multiple fatalities. Fortunately, according to recent reports, the number of crane accidents in the United States has gone down, as have the number of injuries and fatalities.

The Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries (CFOI) found that there was an average of 42 crane-related deaths each year from 2011 to 2017. Causes of Crane-Related Fatalities Statistics show that just over half of all fatal crane injuries were caused by a worker being struck by an object or piece of equipment. FallsElectrocutionsStruck-By ObjectsCaught-In/Between Tips to Prevent Crane Accidents.

Baltimore Workers’ Comp Lawyers. July 24, 2019 Mosquitoes are more than just pesky insects that leave itchy, irritating bites behind. They are also carriers of many harmful diseases, such as the West Nile virus, malaria, dengue, the Zika virus, and the Chikungunya virus. Infected mosquitoes can spread these diseases through a human population with their bites.

Most people bitten by an infected mosquito do not become sick, but it is possible to suffer illness ranging from mild to severe. Some severe cases can be fatal. How a Death in the Workplace Impacts Employees. July 18, 2019 The average person spends a significant amount of time at work. For people who work in high-risk jobs, like construction workers, police officers, and firefighters, this means that they are often exposed to serious injuries and illnesses, some of which are fatal. In addition to the initial feelings of shock and grief, people can experience a range of emotional responses when they witness a work-related death. It is important that employers recognize these emotional responses and provide employees with the resources they need to cope with those feelings in a productive and healthy way. Protecting Workers Misclassification of Employment.

July 16, 2019 In today’s economy, more companies are using freelancers, or independent contractors, to save money. Because these individuals are not technically employees, they are not eligible to receive health insurance, Workers’ Compensation benefits, or unemployment insurance.