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EG Gang EG Gang The following names are the gang members and their siblings: Lev Simon, older brother of Ava Simon Harry Chace, older brother of Leah Chace Michael Herceg, older brother of Lexie Herceg Anthony Lee, older brother of Sabrina Lee and Alexander Lee Jason Dimase, older brother of Vanessa Dimase
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Home - Destroy the Brookside Home - Destroy the Brookside Since our Lillabridge soldiers have been dispatched, they found one of the hideouts used to rendezvous with their supplies crate. As soon as our soldiers reached the hideout, one of our brave soldiers stole a molotov cocktail and threw it at the crates of TNT. None of our soldiers died, but most of the Brooksiders with minimally injured with cuts and 1st degree burns. Our first step has been completed.
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