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LEVEL Financing

Level Financing offers a range of proven, ethical debt solutions to lower monthly credit card payments and eliminate crippling debt, helping you regain the balanced, debt-free lifestyle you deserve. It is a complete debt settlement and debt management solution. Learn more at:

Debt Settlement: The Pros And Cons. The Benefits of Debt Settlement - Level Financing. Level Personal Loan - Level Financing. Level Personal Loan Personal Loan Starting From $15,000 Tell Us What You Need.

Level Personal Loan - Level Financing

We’ll Find You the Best Rates. Loan Calculator ©2021, all rights reserved$ : mm/dd/yyyy Original Size Loan Calculator Help... Using the calculator is straight forward. The "Payment Method" determines when the first payment is due. The term (duration) of the loan is expressed as a number of months. 60 months = 5 years120 months = 10 years180 months = 15 years240 months = 20 years360 months = 30 years Need more options including the ability to solve for other unknowns, change payment / compounding frequency and the ability to print an amortization schedule?

Debt Consolidation Loan - Level Financing. There’s no magic to eliminating debt.

Debt Consolidation Loan - Level Financing

It takes financial discipline. We can offer the program, but ultimately only a sustained personal commitment from you makes a consolidation-settlement strategy succeed. First, you’ll need to continue paying at least 60%-70% of your previous minimum monthly credit card amount, just as with a traditional debt settlement plan. Then you must control your spending by resisting the temptation to run up further credit card debt during the period of your loan repayment. Taken together, our hybrid plan, along with your commitment to your own success, gives you an unparalleled chance to become debt-free faster than any other means short of, well, winning the lottery. Securing Financial Future During Pandemic with Jason Bartlett. Leveling Up: How To Create Everything From Nothing with Natalie Jill & Jason Bartlett In today’s episode, Jason Bartlett (our Founder and CEO) sits down with Natalie Jill from the Leveling Up Podcast and shares the story of how he lost everything, then rebuilt everything from scratch.

Securing Financial Future During Pandemic with Jason Bartlett

Inside you’ll learn practical tips to help you financially survive a recession, how to secure your financial future and set yourself up for success no matter what, and what you should be doing right now to make it through this crisis. Podcast: Play in new window | Download Jason’s Story: From 2005 – 2008 Jason Bartlett was on top of the world. A wedding in Cabo was one of his last success memories. Can Debt Settlement Fix Your Money Problems? Posted at 16:09h in Debt Settlement by codelevel Debt settlement has been called the quickest and least expensive way out of debt for anyone seeking urgent debt relief.

Can Debt Settlement Fix Your Money Problems?

As the term “settlement” implies, reducing the amount of money you owe to your creditors entails negotiating, either by you or your appointed representative. It takes patience and persistence to reach an agreeable reduction amount. But if you’re confronting the need for urgent debt relief, and can still afford to make at least 60%-70% of your minimum monthly payments, the results can be life-changing.

Level Loan Hybrid Program. Do You Qualify For A Debt Settlement? - Free Debt Analysis. 5 Ways To Get Out of Debt. Level Personal Loan - Level Financing. Debt Settlement: The Pros And Cons. Debt Management vs. Debt Settlement: What’s the Difference? Posted at 17:29h in Debt Settlement by codelevel When you’re drowning in debt, struggling to pay the bills each month, it’s tempting to grab the first life raft that floats your way.

Debt Management vs. Debt Settlement: What’s the Difference?

Fair enough. Yet unrestrained panic is also why people often file for bankruptcy, only to realize later there were better, less drastic options available for solving their personal debt crisis. These options can include either a debt management plan or debt settlement plan. But here, too, choosing hastily could result in doing more harm than good to your long-term financial health.

So what’s the difference between them? Asking the Right Questions The first thing to understand is that neither plan is a loan. But “better” is a relative term. How Debt Settlement And Debt Management Programs Work. Debt Settlement Plan - Level Financing. Although it’s possible to negotiate a debt settlement yourself, it is considered risky.

Debt Settlement Plan - Level Financing

Inexperienced negotiators often lack the resources (particularly time), and can be quick to capitulate to the hardball tactics used by a creditor or collection agency to intimidate them into paying more than they might otherwise need to pay. Such tactics can be dispiriting, inducing one to give up and file for bankruptcy. Level Financing has the experience not to be intimidated, and to negotiate a settlement on behalf of consumers that will provide real savings, and an opportunity to help them make a fresh start. Debt Management Plan and Program. One of the biggest misconceptions about credit counseling is that it has an outsized, adverse effect on your credit report.

Debt Management Plan and Program

This is not true. Not only does FICO not use your participation in a debt management plan when determining your credit score, but by completing your payment plan and clearing your debt in full you’ll go a long way toward re-establishing good credit. Demonstrating a timely payment history throughout the term of your debt management plan will account for 35% of your future FICO credit score. Another 30% will be determined by the amount you owe, which will steadily decline throughout the term of your plan. Further aiding your score is the fact that no inquiries will be made about establishing new lines of credit in your name. Debt Settlement and Debt Relief Solutions.