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Personal Loan Guide for a Novice Borrower. Personal loans are a great way to manage your emergency financial situation without having to borrow money from relatives.

Personal Loan Guide for a Novice Borrower

Due to the versatile features of personal loans; it can be availed for a variety of reasons, such as, wedding expenditures, health emergency, costs involved in moving from one house to another, paying off your credit card dues and much more. Personal loans do not require any collateral and you can get higher loan eligibility if you have a good credit rating. Personal loans are also one of the quickest ways to have access to funds, with banks disbursing loan amount within three days of loan application receipt.

People who are in dire need of a large amount of cash due to various reasons can rely on personal loans to fulfill their emergency. Let Us Help You Decide On A Personal Loan. Sudden unforeseen expenses can jolt the finances of many individuals, however, when you find a drain in your savings and it gets difficult to manage such expenses; going for a personal loan can be a hassle-free and instant way of supporting your financial needs.

Let Us Help You Decide On A Personal Loan

However, finding the right personal loan that will fit your budget and at the same time, also fulfil your expenditure can be a daunting experience for some. No one has the time and energy to search different bank sites for the best personal loan offer. Which is why it is crucial to rely on a site that can provide you all the required information from different banks all at one place in a simple and easy manner. Enter – How A Document Locker Tool Can Help You Manage Your Documents. Placing your important financial and identity documents just got easier.

How A Document Locker Tool Can Help You Manage Your Documents

Introducing Document Locker tool by Letzbank, a digitized way to store your documents online in the safest manner. Document Locker is a dig locker that allows you to not only store your important documents safely online, thereby reducing the use of paper and physical space; but also helps you to get access to your documents anytime and anywhere. Get to know How You Can Save More Tax On A Second Home. Suppose you bought a house a few years ago and are already in the process of finishing the home loan.

Get to know How You Can Save More Tax On A Second Home

At times people buy a house that is far away from the city in the prospect of settling in the place once it is properly inhabited. The idea of buying a second house may not strike to you as an ideal one but if you look at the various tax benefits you receive, it is by far a much better investment that is sure to give you returns. Getting finance for a second home is also not that difficult. Many banks easily offer finance based on the previous repayment history of home loan borrowers.

Know that RBI has Ended Prepayment Penalties On Home Loans? Home loans are the necessary evil these days as real estate prices reach an unimaginable amount every year.

Know that RBI has Ended Prepayment Penalties On Home Loans?

However, with the huge amount of penalties, fees and high interest rates at times; home loans are often a burden that borrowers wish they could get rid of. In light of the many home loan borrower’s woes; The Reserve Bank of India took drastic steps to ensure that home loaners get some relief from unnecessary penalties and find better interest rate bank if possible. Every existing and potential home buyer has more than one reasons to thank Reserve Bank of India (RBI) with the removal of any penalty on home loan foreclosure or pre-payment, applicable on floating home loan interest rates. This is a unique step taken by RBI to ensure that existing and prospective home loan borrowers find it easier to repay their debts and to ensure that bank provides reasonable interest rates in home loans to consumers.

Why Top-Up on Home Loan May Be Better than Personal Loan. Do you have an active home loan?

Why Top-Up on Home Loan May Be Better than Personal Loan

Are you looking to renovate your home or need extra cash to fully furnish your home? Before you go searching for an appropriate personal loan to help you with that, why not try a top-up on your existing home loan and get the cash you need in no time. Top-up loans are an add-ons to your existing loan products that banks and financial institutions provide from time-to-time to meet the growing needs of their existing customer base. Follow These Five Steps Before You Opt For A Home Loan.

Before you embark on the journey of searching for the right home loan, we recommend that you follow these simple five steps that will make help you make the right home loan choice. 1.

Follow These Five Steps Before You Opt For A Home Loan

Determine your home loan requirement –Before you even start the home loan process, you must evaluate your savings that you can manage for a home loan down payment. Banks usually offer home loan for 75% to 85% of the total value of the house. Good Credit Score act as a bonus on applying Personal Loan. With greater flexibility and hassle-free documentation process, personal loans are hugely popular.

Good Credit Score act as a bonus on applying Personal Loan

However, like all unsecured loans, personal loans too do not require any collateral or security to be submitted. While this makes it easier to apply for a personal loan, the eligibility criteria set by banks to approve a personal loan application is tougher. Know overhead charges while applying Home Loan. Home Loans are one of the most important loan product that you will ever undertake to fulfill your dream of a permanent home.

Know overhead charges while applying Home Loan

With the splurge in home loans and collaboration of builders with banks to introduce various schemes to attract buyers, one can often overlook the fine print mentioned in your home loan agreement, which may lead to financial woes later on. Find out the overhead charges that are generally applied on home loan applications to familiarize yourself with the process: Things to know before you apply for a Personal Loan. Tackling your unexpected expenses can at times be very stressful and place a dent not only in your monthly budget but also your savings.

Things to know before you apply for a Personal Loan

Take a medical emergency for example. Most people in India do not have a medical insurance and at times when they are hospitalized, managing hospital bills can be a daunting experience. Hospitalizations are costly and can put a severe dent in your life’s savings. It is at these times that a personal loan is often sought after since they are easily available and do not require any security or a collateral to be submitted.

Know overhead charges when applying Personal Loan. Personal Loans support your financial needs at times when you require it most, such as, a wedding, a vacation, a medical exigency or any other personal need. As personal loans are unsecured loans, they carry a high rate of interest. They also involve a range of charges and fees that are charged by the bank/financial institution and are mentioned in your loan agreement, but these fees and charges are often overlooked. Things to know before you apply for Home Loan @ Letzbank. Buying a house of your own is a major life goal for many and people start saving up for their dream home once they are old enough to earn.

With the development in housing schemes and banks partnering with builders directly to offer home loans to borrowers, one often gets swayed by the in-house loan schemed by builders, without reading the fine print and understanding the conditions; only to later find many difficulties with repayment and home ownership. Being prepared for a home loan and its process is an important factor in getting the best home loan that fits your individual requirements.

There is no dearth of home loans offered by banks and financial institutions but the approval process for home loans is not simple. So here are a few pointers you must know before you apply for a home loan: 1. Borrowing Personal Loan to clear Debt - A blessing or Boon. There are many reasons why people opt for a personal loan – manage wedding expenses, pay huge hospitalization bills, pay for your higher education when you cannot get a student loan or renovate your home. Due to the flexible nature of personal loans, it can be taken for a variety of reasons. However, more and more people are now consolidating all their debts into a single one and are choosing personal loans for that matter. Some want to get rid of credit card debts. Since credit cards have a much higher interest amongst any other form of loan – unsecured or secured; people often take a personal loan to repay their credit cards.

There are any reasons why a personal loan can be a boon when you use it to pay off debts: Why Personal Loans are workable answer for your Expediencies. There are times when your financial needs becomes difficult to meet due to sudden unexpected expenses such as an expensive medical treatment, a sudden job loss or a wedding that goes over the budget. At such times, getting access to instant cash is a number one priority. Which is why, a personal loan are regarded as the most workable solution for any sudden expenses that warrant your attention. Build your dream home judiciously with the best home loan. Home Loans are stepping-stones to the realisation of a dream home. But with the growing demands in real estate, getting a dream home comes at a huge price. Which is why, home loans are now a part and parcel of a home seekers journey. Finding the right home loan can be a daunting experience for some, and Letzbank aims to help home loan seekers with access to one of the best home loans from all top banks, so that you need not run from pillar to post in the search of a good home loan.

There are a few things you must keep in mind while searching for the best home loan: 1. Calculate EMI on your Tips With EMI Calculators at Letzbank. Rulebook for NRIs interested in Home Loans in India. Un-veil the secrets of the Best Personal Loan for you. Boost up your Home Loan Eligibility with your Spouses Income. Get benefits of a personal loan for self employed. Benefits to avail home loan for Salaried. Get Two Wheeler Loan eligibility for self employed. Benefits to avail Home Loans for firm and organisation - Letzbank. Get Personal loan in Pune at lowest interest rate. Apply for Personal Loan in Kolkata @ lowest ROI. Apply for Home Loan in Kolkata @ lowest ROI. Get Home Loan in Kolkata at Lowest ROI. Get Business loan in Pune @ lowest interest rates. Get Home Loan in Pune @ lowest interest rates. Get Education Loan in Kolkata @ lowest ROI. Get Education Loan in Ahmedabad at lowest ROI. Get Business Loan in Ahmedabad at lowest ROI. Get Business Loan in Ahmedabad at lowest ROI.

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