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Ask an Autistic - What About Functioning Labels? This Mother Tore Off Labels And Nurtured Her Son’s Hidden Genius - The Mother List. By Stephanie Broadhurst/The Mother List Here’s an incredible story about a mother who totally disregarded what experts said about her son and threw off the label that was slapped on him as a toddler.

This Mother Tore Off Labels And Nurtured Her Son’s Hidden Genius - The Mother List

Instead, she followed her own instincts – with astounding results. Kristine Barnett’s son Jacob was diagnosed with autism when he was 2, and doctors said he would never speak. She tried special education programs and therapies aimed at addressing his limitations. When teachers told her there was no hope, she rebelled and took her own path. “A lot of people thought that I had lost my mind,” she recalls. Instead of focusing on Jacob’s limitations, Kristine nurtured his interests.

Relying on the insights she developed at her in-home daycare, Kristine resolved to follow Jacob’s “spark” — his passionate interests. “He liked repetitive behaviors. The more she did that, the more it worked. “As parents, we know in our hearts what our kids need,” she says, “and we need to trust that a little more. A Person Is Not A Function. Elizabeth J.

A Person Is Not A Function I haven't seen my friend Eric in years, and we are not in touch right now because our friendship, our communion, is about hanging out together. He's not much of a talker at all, maybe ten words? And not a writer. (And even if he were a talker, I am heinous on the phone.) Eric is on the ball and understands what people are saying and doing. If he likes you, he will know your name, and say it, even after years. When we are together there is no yimmer yammer. I don't know how much Eric would or could talk if he thought talking were a worthwhile pastime, because that would be me yakking asking him a ton of stuff, which he would obviously find annoying and noisy. If I still lived where Eric lives I could easily help figure out what kinds of jobs he would be good at and enjoy, not for hours and hours, because working too much would probably stress him out. ¿Cual es la diferencia entre Autismo de Alto Funcionamiento y el Síndrome Asperger?

La pregunta de ¿Cual es la diferencia entre el Autismo de Alto Funcionamiento y el Síndrome de Asperger? Es bastante recurrente. Bien, en los siguientes enlaces y hay dos buenas versiones al respecto de esta pregunta y ambas fechadas en 1999. Functioning Labels. Trigger Warning:Ableism, Passing description of self-harm Yesterday at the #autismchat, one of the things I said was ``High functioning means your needs get ignored.

Functioning Labels

Low functioning means your abilities get ignored. " I am by no means the first person to say something like this. Over at Autistic Hoya, there is a good cartoon about functioning labels. I think that over at Just Stimming, something along these lines has also been said. I have traveled foreign countries alone, and done so competently. How do you define high and low functioning? Is it by when someone learned to talk? So, what are we defining functioning by anyways? Edit: A translation of this post into Chinese can be found here. F*%$ Your Functioning Labels. Functioning labels are a distinction created to class autistic people into neat little boxes.

F*%$ Your Functioning Labels

However, these little boxes don’t help others understand us any better; in fact, they play into the many misconceptions surrounding autism spectrum disorders. And, to make matters worse, functioning labels are used to oppress autistic people. When’s the last time someone called you either high-functioning or low-functioning? Did you feel bad about it? Good about it? Most of us, at one time or another, have fallen into the trap of wanting to be seen as as high-functioning as possible. Low-functioning labels are similarly detrimental to our wellbeing. Autism is a spectrum, and not in the high-to-low way; it is a spectrum within each individual, and it even changes from time to time, from environment to environment, etc.