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Legal finance And tax services in Delhi By Letscomply. Establish your business with our accounting and financial services. Feel free to reach us +91-9717070500

Tax Filings in delhi. Income Tax returns are required to be filed if the gross total income exceeds the basic exemption limit.

Tax Filings in delhi

For the year ended 31st March, 2015 the basic exemption is Rs. 2.5 lakhs for an ordinary individual, Rs. 3 lakhs for an individual over 60 years and Rs. 5 lakhs for an Individual above 80 years. The word gross total income is not the same as the income on which your tax liability is calculated. Gross total income is the income calculated before any deduction under Sections like 80 C, 80 CCC, 80 CCD, 80 CCG, 80D, 80E, 80EE, 80G and 80 GGA and 80 TTA is availed. In case you are required to file return as discussed, the due date is July 31. The due date is applicable generally in case of individual tax payers. For more information, please contact us on

Right legal structure for your business. Due Diligence Services. SEZ and STPI Compliances. Special Economic Zones (SEZs) Special Economic Zones (SEZs) are those trading centres, which are designed to promote and encourage the domestic enterprises with free trade policies provided by the government for the development of the public/private sector enterprises.

SEZ and STPI Compliances

Under these SEZs, hundreds of Multinational Companies and foreign investors have registered themselves and set-up their individual units. Through the SEZ schemes and policies, all these companies are exempted from the taxes levied on their export and import of goods. In these special economic zones, the economic laws are more liberal in comparison with the other economic zones. Virtual general counsel service. Fssai license consultant in delhi. In order to check the hygiene and quality of food, Food Safety and Authority of India (FSSAI) was established under the Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006.

fssai license consultant in delhi

FSSAI is responsible for regulation and inspecting the quality and safety standard of goods. FSSAI, a regulator, under the control of Ministry of Family Health and Welfare, issues FSSAI license to the FBOs carrying food business activity in India. Yes, it is mandatory for a Food Business Operator (FBO) to take FSSAI license to carry out food business activity in India. No FBO can carry its food business activity without an FSSAI License. Iso certification in delhi. ISO Certificate is given by International Organization for Standardization, an international organization which set international standard for material, product, procedure, format, information and quality management.

iso certification in delhi

ISO certification is an assurance that standard set by ISO has been complied with, it is neither a license nor it enforces any rule or regulation. ISO Certification in numerous ways increase efficiency of your business and built a strong market for you. Moreover, it does not come with strict rules and regulations to confirm with. Private limited company registration in Delhi. A Private Limited Company is a form of company which gets registered as per the provision of the Companies Act, 2013.

private limited company registration in Delhi

A private limited company registration in Delhi is easy and hassle-free. A Private Limited Company is one of the best options to jump start your operations in Delhi or any other states in India. Earlier, minimum paid-up capital of Rs. 1 Lakh was required for the formation of a Private Limited Company. But after the 2015 amendment to the Companies Act, 2013, no such minimum paid-up capital is required to form a Private Limited Company.

Compliance requirement for a private limited company becomes mandatory not only before the incorporation, but also afterwards. Financial statement audit services india. Payroll accounting services. Our Accounting Services range from maintenance of books and accounts to preparation of accounts in the form of the following - Financial Accounting, Payroll Accounting, Online Accounting Services, Forensic Accounting Services, Small Business Accounting Services, Tax Accounting Services and Preparing Financial Statements.

payroll accounting services

Being the technology-driven legal service provider that we are, we assuredly use the best professional accounting software, hence, we promise accurate, cost-effective and prompt accounting services. Since we are based in New Delhi, the capital of India, we deal with clients from all over the country. Our location will provide you with every possible associated benefit and therefore, our services are prompt as promised.

You can avail our services from our website directly and therefore, you needn’t worry if you are not Delhi-based. Scrutiny assessment in income tax. Company registration - Diwali offer. Service Tax Registration in India. Works contract tax Works contract tax (WCT) is a tax imposed on a contract for work, such as assembling, construction, building, altering, manufacturing, processing, fabricating, installation, improvement, repair, or commissioning of any movable or immovable property.

Service Tax Registration in India

ESIS registration in India. Employees' State Insurance Scheme of India is an integrated social security scheme tailored to provide social protection to workers and their dependants in contingencies such as, sickness, maternity and death or disablement due to an employment injury or occupational hazard.

ESIS registration in India

Following industries are required to obtain registration under ESIS: Factories employing 10 or more persons irrespective of whether power is used in the process of manufacturing or not. Shops, hotels, restaurants, cinemas including preview theatre, road motor transport undertakings and newspaper establishment employing 10/20 or more persons. Private Medical and Educational Institutions employing 10/20 or more persons in certain States. Register a company in India. Legal service information Delhi. LetsComply is a technology driven platform based in New Delhi to provide world-class affordable and convenient professional services related to legal, finance, accounting and tax under the guidance of experienced team of professionals, whose knowledge & credentials are proven.

legal service information Delhi

We are committed to help entrepreneurs and business owners to start, manage and grow their business by simplifying everything related to legal, financial & taxation related regulatory framework of business so that they focus on innovation and expansion without having concern about compliance, which matters the most. Intellectual property rights in India. The creation of the human mind using intellect and imagination is called ‘Intellectual Property’ (IP).

intellectual property rights in India

Intellectual Property Right (IPR) is the right conferred by law on the owner or creator of such intellectual property. IPR balances private rights and public interest. Today IPR plays a major role in most of the sectors. Legal vetting of Documentation. A contract is a valid agreement entered between two or more parties that create a legal obligation to perform any particular duty.

A contract is valid when it contains the essential elements such as offer and acceptance, lawful consideration, lawful object. We find many people enter into various contracts in day-to- day life either for business or for personal reasons. In India contracts can be made both in written and oral form. E-contracts (online contracts) are also valid legally in India.

It is very important to note that the terms of the contract need to be drafted carefully, to negotiate and review the terms to meet the requirements of the parties involved. Contract Drafting. Audit your business strategy services. Business proposals vetting. The Business Plan Vetting Service will review the client's business plan and provide advice and a recommendation on whether the business has a reasonable chance of succeeding based on the information in the business plan. An independent review report will be produced. This report will be a key tool when making a decision regarding eligible job seekers who want start their own business. Company registration services in India. TAN Registrations. Tax Deduction Account Number (TAN) is a one of its kind 10 digit alpha-numeric code allotted by the Income Tax Department to all those persons who are required to deduct tax at the source of income.

It is mandatory to quote TAN on all TDS returns or any TDS imbursement challan. These applications are digitized by NSDL and forwarded to the Income Tax Department like the PAN applications. The Income Tax Department will issue the TAN, which will be closed to NSDL online. On the foundation of this, NSDL will issue the TAN letter to the applicant. ESOP Agreement. Employee Stock Option Plan Scheme (in short, ESOP scheme) is a right given to employees (including whole-time directors and officers) to purchase shares of a company at a future date and at a pre-determined price. It is one of the equity-based incentives available to employees in today’s era of globalization and has emerged as an effective tool to attract, retain and reward human capital. A stock option granted under the plan confers a right but not an obligation on the employee. An option can be converted to shares if the holder of the option fulfils certain conditions. Legal services in delhi. Accounting and financial services in Delhi.

Secretarial compliances. Assistance for funding. Calculate Income Tax Return in India. The Government of India has come out with the new Income tax return forms and Tax filing procedures. The Department of Income Tax has implemented these changes in an effective manner to provide some ease in the e-filing of Income Tax Return. Following are the key changes: Credit of Income Tax Refund: In the previous years, the taxpayers were given an option to claim refund through cheque or credit into bank account.

But now all taxpayers will receive the income tax refund directly into their bank accounts.Introduction of Form ITR 2A: The Government has introduced Form ITR – 2A for individuals and the Hindu Undivided Family (HUF) assesses. In the previous years, the assessee was supposed to file ITR – 2 for exempted income above Rs. 5000, income from lottery winnings, capital gains, income from horse race or from any asset outside India. Income Tax Return Online. How to file income tax return. E-filing is the process of filing income tax return online.

Apart from paying taxes, filing Income Tax Return (ITR) is important. Accounting services in Delhi NCR. 2. VAT registration. Secretarial Compliances. Digital Signatures certification. Copyright registration process. Patent Registration Service. Virtual CFO services. Virtual CFO (vCFO) is services of a senior and matured finance professional at the cost of finance manager. It is not just cost effective but to retain good talent is a concern for comparatively small organization to hire CFO whereas even the small business even at the startup stage or at growing stage, it is the requirement of business to avail the services of experienced & matured finance professional. Shifting Registered Office. What is a registered office? Digital signature certificate service provider. Provident Fund Registration. The Employees' Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) provides social security benefits to employees of establishments on which the Employees' Provident Fund and Miscellaneous Provisions Act 1952 applies.

The Organization manages three Schemes under the EPF & MP Act, 1952 which becomes applicable on an establishment under the following conditions: 1. Register private limited company. Register public limited company. Import export license code in India. National Manufacturing Competitiveness Council. Jurisdiction of the State of Telangana. Service Tax Payment And registration. How to find the best Legal Service Provider in India.

Best Experts for Legal Opinion and Support. We all need legal opinion and support. As a result, we all need legal service providers. Pan Card Registration Service. Register a Company in India. With the liberalization of FDI policy 2013, most restrictions on foreign investment have been removed and procedures have been simplified. Today, there are very few industries where foreign investment is prohibited. Online accounting services. 2. Intellectual Property Rights in India. Forensic Accounting Services. Online legal advice. Legal services in india.