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Repas de Noël

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List of Christmas dishes. This page is a list of Christmas dishes as eaten around the world. These food items are traditionally eaten at or associated with the Christmas season. Albania[edit] Traditional Albanian pumpkin and walnut pie – Byrek me kungull dhe arre This is a traditional Albanian pie cooked usually on Christmas Eve, especially in the Roman Catholic Albanian families. The ingredients are wheat flour, pumpkin, walnuts, vegetable oil (if fasting is considered) or butter, a pinch of salt and black pepper. Argentina[edit] Vitel toné Australia[edit] Belgium[edit] Cougnou (with various like cougnolle), sweet bread in the form of the infant Jesus[15] Brazil[edit] Lombo à Califórnia - pork loinsRabanada - French toastPernil - roast porkPerú - roast turkeyBacalhau - codfishFarofa - raw manioc flour roasted with butter, salt, bacon or smoked meat, and spices, with a smoky and slightly salty tasteBrazil nutPanettone Canada[edit] Gingerbread house Chile[edit] Pan de pascua Colombia[edit] Colombian Buñuelos Colombian natilla.

Festive Foods: Australian Traditional Christmas Pudding. Right now, while we're all bundled up and cozy, everyone south of the equator is shedding off layers and celebrating summer. In fact, Christmas Day in Australia can often reach temperatures near 100 degrees Fahrenheit. So while we're inside stuffing ourselves to keep warm, our friends in Australia are headed to the beach, gathering around the Christmas Bush (a native plant with red flowering leaves) and snacking down on Christmas pudding.

To make your own version of a traditional Australian Christmas pudding, read more Australian Traditional Christmas Pudding1/2 pound plain flour 1/2 pound breadcrumbs 1 pound butter 1 pound brown sugar 1 pound currants 1/2 pound raisins 1 pound sultanas 1/2 pound citron peel 9 eggs 1 pinch salt 1/2 cup brandy 1/4 pound almonds 1/2 teaspoon all spice 1/2 teaspoon baking sodaCream butter and sugar. During the Australian gold rush days, it was tradition to put a gold nugget into the mix. Christmas In Australia. Christmas In AUSTRALIA For the majority of Australians, Christmas Downunder has all the glitter, tinsel and razzmatazz of a Christmas in New York, London Paris or Vancouver.

The major difference is one of WEATHER....Christmas Down Under is never White. Snow has rarely fallen if ever on this date, Down Under. We have during past Christmases experienced all the seasonal variations of a Summer Down Under.....electrical storms, floods, hailstorms, cyclones and bushfires. But 80% of the time we are blessed with blue skies and depending on our Australian location, temperatures ranging from 25-38 degrees centigrade. Currently it is Summer Down Under and daily temperatures range from 30-40 degrees centigrade on the mainland. Christmas is special to the majority of Australians for it is our Summer Holiday season and students especially are "wrapping" up their school year.

So how do we REALLY celebrate Christmas? Currently everyone is beginning to get ready for the "silly season". Australian Christmas Meal Menus. My Western Australian contributor reports :- My sister and I normally go to mum and dad's at about 10.30 and start the task of peeling potatoes, pumpkin and sweet potatoes, as Mum insists on having the Christmas lunch at her house. We always open the presents when every one arrives. Then we have a traditional lunch of: Roast Meats: Turkey, pork, beef and a baked ham Roast Vegetables: Potatoes, pumpkin and sweet potatoes Other Vegetables: Broccoli & cauliflower with white sauce, peas and beans. and of course gravy and cranberry sauce. When we sit down to eat, we toast with a glass of champagne, and then open the Christmas crackers.

It is mandatory to wear your paper hat and read out your joke! At dinner time we have salads with left over meat from lunch. A traditional Tasmanian menu is roast lamb, ham, roast turkey or chicken, potatoes, carrots, cauliflower, freshly picked green peas, beans, pumpkin with brown gravy. Roast chicken and three vegetables. Koala's Australian Christmas Recipes. Here is a selection of Australian Christmas recipes. If you have any you would like to contribute, please send them in to me by clicking here and I will add them and give you credit for your recipe. :: White Christmas :: 3 cups rice bubbles (Rice Krispies) 1 cup mixed fruit 1 cup dessicated coconut 1 cup dry powdered milk 3/4 cup of sifted icing sugar 225 grams copha drop of vanilla essence 1.Put 3 cups of rice bubbles(krispies), 1 cup of mixed fruit,essence, dessicated coconut, dry powdered milk and 3/4 sifted icing sugar in a bowl. 2.

Melt 225 grams copha in saucepan. Add copha to dry ingredients in bowl and mix well. 3. Press mixture firmly into a biscuit tray. Makes a nice little christmas gift if placed in cellophane and decorated with ribbons. (For our overseas friends, I believe you can buy copha online at or :: Anne's Old English Xmas Tarts :: Sheets of prepared shortcrust frozen pastry - cut to fill pans. :: Gail's Cherry Pom Poms :: Method. Le repas de Noël en Australie - Taxiresto Blog. Après le Portugal et le Royaune-Uni, direction l’Australie. Aux antipodes, Noël est un mélange entre héritage britannique et père noël en maillot de bain. {*style:<b> </b>*} {*style:<b>Christmas Carols mais pas de repas pour le réveillon. </b>*} Colonisée par les Britanniques, l’Australie est un état indépendant depuis 1901 certes, mais la Reine d’Angleterre Elisabeth II est toujours la souveraine du pays bien que ce dernier soit doté de son propre gouvernement.

Toujours membre du Commonwealth, l’Australie est donc encore fortement imprégnée et influencée par la culture britannique. {*style:<b> </b>*} {*style:<b><b>Un repas de Noël « so british » mais en maillot de bain! </b></b>*} Noël en Australie et Noël au Royaume-uni, c’est culinairement parlant la même chose. Sous un soleil de plomb, il est fréquent que les australiens passent noël à la plage, Bondy Beach accueillant près de 40.000 personnes chaque année.

Plateau de fruits de mer (crevettes, …) Dinde accompagnée de petits légumes. Un Noël à l’Australienne. Comment se passe un Noël downunder ? En Australie, les fêtes de fin d’année ne se vivent pas emmitoufler au coin du feu mais plutôt à lézarder à la plage… eh oui, ici Noël est célébré en été ! Exit les bottes fourrées et place aux tongs ! Préparez-vous à passer votre réveillon au soleil et à découvrir les particularités du Noël Australien.

Entre héritage culturel britannique et climat estival, l’Australie a su adapter les traditions typiquement européennes à son mode vie. Ainsi on retrouve les principaux ingrédients du Noël traditionnel avec des sapins décorés, des chorales à tous les coins de rues, des guirlandes lumineuses qui illuminent les balcons des maisons ou les centres commerciaux et des cartes de vœux qui représentent un Père Noël avec sa hotte et son traineau dans un décor neigeux… plutôt décalé, non ? Noël se passe avant tout en famille. La fin d’année en Australie marque le début d’une longue saison d’événements culturels et sportifs en Australie. Gâteau aux fruits de Noël. Recette Noël Australie. Un menu australien pour Noël - Cuisine.