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Jasmeet Singh

LessonsatStartup is small business & startup consulting blog by Jasmeet. He shares his startups' experiences in the form of blogs related to marketing, operations, and finance. He also works as a Consultant for small businesses.

How to Start a Consulting Business? If you ask any business owner they certainly understand what consultants are.

How to Start a Consulting Business?

Even we are very much well aware of the term consultancy. A consultant's role is to consult. Nothing more, nothing less. It's that simple. There's no magic formula or secret that makes one consultant more successful than another one.But how do you become the good consultant? How to Get Funding for Startup in India. Raising funds is one of the toughest things to do when you start a startup or a small business.

How to Get Funding for Startup in India

If your business is a car, money is the fuel. The car just does not move without money. “How to raise funds for startup in India”, “How to get funding for startup” or similar fund-raising questions are the ones, I am asked to answer a lot on Quora. I thought of combining all my answers into a single blog so that its easier for me to give my blog’s link in future (helps me from being repetitive). The lack of money or shortage of money is one of the topmost reasons “Why Startups fail?”. One of our startups had shut shop because we ran out of money and guess what, we exhausted all our money even before the startup could see the light of day.

I know bad planning was another reason to lead to the apocalypse but ultimately, it was money which put a full stop to our dreams. Let me tell you a secret. Before I list the mediums, I have a confession to make. There were months we did not see any money. How Much Business Consultants Charge Per Hour in Your Country?

Every business owner at some point in time thought of hiring a business consultant.

How Much Business Consultants Charge Per Hour in Your Country?

But as many other, they are not aware of the fair rates. Even, we barely know what an experienced business consultant charge per hour. Why do we need Entrepreneurship Development Program (EDP)? by Aditi Singh. In the last 5 years, Startups have mushroomed all across the country.

Why do we need Entrepreneurship Development Program (EDP)? by Aditi Singh

In fact, running a startup is the latest fad among the youth. (I am not being sarcastic when I write this) Everyone I meet today is busy laying a platform to launch their startup which is great because economy benefits a lot from startups. There are revenue generation and job creation which directly or indirectly impact the growth of a country. Add to the above, the innovative ideas which have the power to make our lives easier and simpler. FREE TIPS FOR STARTUPS BEFORE APPROACHING ANY CONSULTING FIRM IN INDIA.

What are the objectives of entrepreneurship development programme? The purpose of Entrepreneurship development programme (EDP) is to develop skills Entrepreneurship development programme or EDP as they are popularly referred as are the programmes running across the country by govt owned bodies and private organizations.

What are the objectives of entrepreneurship development programme?

Recently, our digital marketing training wing of company tied up with a govt enterprise to provide these programs in digital marketing and other fields like IT Enabled services, etc. In every class, I get am asked questions like: Challenges/Problems Entrepreneurs Face When Starting a Business. So you want to break free from the shackles of a 9 to 9 job?

Challenges/Problems Entrepreneurs Face When Starting a Business

(yeah.9 to 9 because 9 to 6 had become a mythological job long time back) A job where you are made to slog endlessly working for a tyrant boss, who does not give two hoots about the hard work you put into making the company a success. Is it time for you to start your own startup? Nope. What is the difference between entrepreneur vs employee mindset? The most difficult part of being a first-time entrepreneur who has just quit a job is to get out of the “employee” mold.

What is the difference between entrepreneur vs employee mindset?

Just a few days back, you were busy working in a specific role as per the KRA provided to you. Suddenly, you are in a role where there is no clear definition of what you have to do. Add to the above, the challenge of getting out of Employee vs Entrepreneur mindset. What it takes to be an Entrepreneur for an Employee is the transition of mindset. Obviously, the transition is easier said than done. In my first venture, it took me months if not weeks to leave behind the Employee Mindset. One fine day I was an Entrepreneur and the next day I was thinking like an Employee. Advantages/Benefits & Disadvantages of Partnership Business. When you are starting a new business, you are always in two minds with starting a business with a partner or without one.

Advantages/Benefits & Disadvantages of Partnership Business

I have had startups/businesses which closed due to the stupidity of partners and my ever-reliable source of income, my only business which has survived all storms (and is going from strength to strength) has a business partner, who undoubtedly has outshined all my achievements in last few years. How did I find a business partner? Well! I went out on the road looking for a business partner holding a board which read “Need a Business Partner who can work for food” and found one 😉 The advantage of running a partnership business at times is outshone by disadvantages of having one.There is an advantage of the partnership business.

Your partnership business might succeed or fail, depending on the synergy between the two partners.There is an advantage of the partnership business. Without Security-Unsecured Business Loans For Startup in India. The Banks are an indispensable part of startups and small businesses.

Without Security-Unsecured Business Loans For Startup in India

They give us loans in our country. If we are lucky, they do give us unsecured business loans for startup in India. When we started our venture, banks for me was a place where client sent their money and we got our salaries source : disbursed for our staff. As our business grew, I realized the constructive role a bank can play in our company’s growth.

Why Most New Business And Startups Fail? View 800% 400% 200% 150% 125% 100% 75% 50% Full Width Full Height Full Page Show Text Download as...

Why Most New Business And Startups Fail?

Include... Search Results No terms available. Who is an entrepreneur and what is entrepreneurship in Business. How do you identify an entrepreneur today? Benefits of crowdfunding for entrepreneurs. What exactly is Crowdfunding? In layman language, crowdfunding is a concept where a lot of people commit money to a venture or a project to raise a target amount of money in a stipulated time frame. i.e. rather than relying on one individual to fund the project we get a lot of people (crowd) come together to fund the idea/project. The concept is simple. For ex, you need 3,00,000 INR to start a venture or Startup. You have few people who are willing to fund you with money ranging from 3,000 to 10,000 INR. You go and ask all of them to fund your project rather than ask a single person to fund the project.

What is The Dark Side of Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneur. One of my close friends convinced me to start my first venture. I was so intrigued by what is Entrepreneurship that I left a decent paying cushiony job as a programmer to test the waters of Entrepreneurship. Trust me. All the fuss about Entrepreneurs makes starting your own venture so tempting. Those were the days when leaving a job was the biggest crime that can be committed by a middle-class family person. The marriage stocks would plummet. List of Failed Startups in India in 2016- Startups that Failed in India. In last few months, VC-backed Indian startup companies have finally come face to face with harsh realities of the startup world. The exponential growth, they claimed while taking funds from VCs had made way for a negative growth. Predictably, there is a huge cut in funding by VCs. Some had to scale down operations.

Others had to shut shop. The list of failed startups in India 2016 could very well be a show where all top failed startups can walk the ramp displaying the amount of money they have tanked. How Crowd Funding Works In India? What is crowd funding? Crowd funding is the process of one party financing a project by requesting and receiving a small contribution from many parties in exchange for a form of value to those parties. For ex, you need 3,00,000 INR to start a venture or Startup. You have few people who are willing to fund you with money ranging from 3,000 to 10,000 INR. Do You Really Need Small Business Startup Consulting? Why Choose Business Startup Consulting? - My cousin recently opened her own café, called “The Red Door Cafe”. The amazing thing is, she is just 22 years old, already running a small business startup of her own. She manages all her finances like bills, taxes, rent, etc. on her own.

Lessonsatstartup — List of Failed Startups in India. 5 Lessons About Startup You Can Learn From An Entrepreneur - LessonsAtStartup's soup. How Effective Is Unsecured Loan For Startups in India - Small Business Startup HELP. Indian startups Startups in India are increasing yearly. Last year it was close to 4,400 technology startups that exist in India which is estimated to be 12,000 by 2020. India is also at the third place behind U.S and Britan in terms of the number of startups. Today, India has its own billion dollar club to boast about. Mentioning some of them like, Paytm, Oyo rooms, Ola cabs, Zomato, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Quikr are world's most valuable brands.

List of failed statups in india. List of failed statups in india : Learnnearn. List of Failed startups in India. Top 5 Startups in India That Failed in Year Of 2016. The Dark Side Of Entrepreneurship. Public. Employee Mindset vs Entrepreneur Mindset by Aditi Singh. By Aditi Singh Entrepreneur Anonymous once said, “Being an entrepreneur does not require owning a business anymore”. How To Get Unsecured Loan For Your Business? What is an unsecured loan and how do you get one? What It Takes To Make The Leap From Employee to Entrepreneur – StartUp Lessons.

Have you ever wondered what it takes to make the leap from employee to entrepreneur? What it would take to be your own boss, nurturing your own idea? 5 Small Business Startup Advices that are Going to help You in Your StartUp. At the end of year 2016, India had 19,000 startups. The number is quite significant as this was the year, when the startup scene in India really took off.

As per studies, the above number is only going to increase in 2017. Facing Fears Entrepreneur - Being Solo Entrepreneur Fears. The Fear of Being an Entrepreneur Specially For Solo Entrepreneur. Do You Really Need Small Business Startup Consulting? Net Neutrality (Purpose. Top 10 Reasons Why Most New Businesses And Startups Fail? THE RELEVANCE OF A BUSINESS PLAN FOR A SMALL BUSINESS - Lessons At Start UP. Small Business Startup Help.