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lessburn was started in the year 2016. lessburn offers various services like Business Information Sourcing, Market Research, Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media & Email Marketing Campaigns, Creative Designs, Explainer Videos, UI/UX, Mob & Web Application Development.

4 Key OKRs & KPIs for your Virtual Web Research Team – lessburn. There is a huge volume of data being added on to the internet every day, every minute, even as you are reading this.

4 Key OKRs & KPIs for your Virtual Web Research Team – lessburn

But not all data on the world wide web is reliable. This massive pool of data present in raw form across various web pages has to be mined, extracted, and transformed into credible, usable information for businesses to use as and when required. This underscores the importance of web researchers in any industry. Mining the data from different resources to build a superior quality database, analyzing it, and coming out with valuable insights and trends is not an easy task.

For efficiently achieving this, the knowledge of certain data mining tools and techniques is an absolute must. The Importance of Emotional Intelligence in Marketing – lessburn. Savvy marketers of today seek to tap into human emotions in order to make that ‘connect’ with their audience and develop long-lasting relationships.

The Importance of Emotional Intelligence in Marketing – lessburn

For it is an established fact that emotions play an important role in consumer decision making. Often the reason why marketing campaigns fail to hit the mark is that many customers feel the disconnect between their favorite brands and their true needs. Be it the famous ‘mother-and-child bond’ advertisement of Horlicks that we all remember or the humorous Naukri ad (Remember HARI SADU?) We are sure most of us are able to recall these emotionally stirring ads even today on account of the immediate sense of connection the ad concept established in all of us. It was the award-winning journalist, Daniel Goleman who introduced the idea of emotional intelligence. Self AwarenessMotivationEmpathy Self-regulationSocial Skills Did you know? Brands today have been increasingly taking the emotional route to touch the hearts of their consumers. Fact Check. 5C Model for Successful Digital Campaigns – lessburn.

Digital Marketing today, demands a strong understanding of marketing basics that can be applied digitally by marketers in order to achieve business goals.

5C Model for Successful Digital Campaigns – lessburn

Applying robust marketing strategies, leveraging technology, reviewing and modifying marketing strategies based on performance insights can yield the desired outcomes for every business. Virtual Sales Support Teams – Are they the Way Forward? – lessburn. In today’s technological landscape, work forces are increasingly deployed remotely, and sales teams are becoming increasingly virtual.

Virtual Sales Support Teams – Are they the Way Forward? – lessburn

Going by a study recently conducted by ondeck, by the end of 2020, half of full-time employees are expected to be working remotely, and three-quarters of all employees are expected to not be working in traditional offices, especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and its aftermath. Virtual Sales Support is one area that Team lessburn believes has great potential for any company to explore and implement. Virtual Support Team A Virtual Team is a group of professionals who collaborate and work from different geographical regions. Virtual Teams can be cross-functional among Sales, Product, Human Resource, Finance, Parallel teams or structured according to Organizational requirements. A service provider can offer a range of support services to Organizations from a remote location.

Factors to consider while choosing a Virtual Sales Support Team. Strategies for Businesses to Re-invent Digitally, post COVID-19 – lessburn. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about one of the greatest disruptions of society in modern times, upturning lives and livelihoods.

Strategies for Businesses to Re-invent Digitally, post COVID-19 – lessburn

Millions across the world are quarantined and thousands of lives have been lost as World Governments are engaged in a full-blown war against the pathogen. To add on to the woes, the pandemic has dented the global economy, bringing industries and businesses down on their knees. Across sectors, companies have shuttered with little or no hope of revival in the near future. Several businesses are staring down at huge losses.

Sudden and dramatic changes in circumstances brought about by COVID-19 and its impact on everyday life is something we all would be dealing with for quite a long time in the future. In the face of such a global crisis, businesses must consider the severe and long-lasting impact, the pandemic may have on their bottom line. It certainly isn’t Business as Usual for marketers. Analyse Changing Consumer Behaviour Boost Consumer Engagement. Data Fill Rate Vs Turnaround Time – Bridge the B2B Data Gap – lessburn. Data Filling and Turnaround time based on Market research are critical to businesses in order to take strategic calls on overall business growth, B2B data workflows, lead-to-account management, competitor analysis, duplicate record prevention and email validation.

Data Fill Rate Vs Turnaround Time – Bridge the B2B Data Gap – lessburn

Complete and real-time business data is also important for account planning, messaging and reducing time spent by the sales team in entering and maintaining company and contact data for lead generation. The emergence of Business Information Services firms like crunchbase,, has addressed these requirements to a great extent. Such companies effectively collate company data and identify, evaluate, select, and organize business information, presenting them to clients in a format that helps them meet business goals. But it is a fact that there exists no master database of private companies that is 100% accurate, complete and up-to-date. Reporting delays or Turnaround Time Let us start with a classic example. Optimizing Organizational Growth through Data-driven Business Models – lessburn. There were times when businesses could leverage data to gain a competitive advantage and deliver better products and services.

Optimizing Organizational Growth through Data-driven Business Models – lessburn

However, moving with current times, if a business doesn’t become data driven, it will become obsolete. There have been numerous classic examples where valuable companies built on data have transformed the entire industry, like Amazon in retail, AirBnB in the hospitality and Marketo in the Sales and Marketing. Why does business data matter so much? Is Data Decay Challenging your B2B Business Growth? – lessburn.

Data decay refers to the degradation in the quality of data in the marketing and sales databases of companies.

Is Data Decay Challenging your B2B Business Growth? – lessburn

Data elements like phone numbers, addresses, employee roles are subjected to frequent change on account of companies relocation, employees getting promoted or quitting, phone numbers getting changed, so on and so forth. This goes on to impact the performance of all outbound marketing channels – telemarketing, email marketing or even direct sales. Marketing data integrity poses a real problem for many businesses bringing down efficiency and profits.

Strategies to Turn Your Website Visitors into Customers – lessburn. Many businesses, big and small, are challenged by a lack of clear understanding of the vital role digital and mobile channels play in today’s world for acquiring and retaining customers.

Strategies to Turn Your Website Visitors into Customers – lessburn

Without an integrated plan to grow and engage audiences effectively, such businesses run the risk of losing out to more digitally savvy competitors. For those businesses with an online presence, it isn’t just enough to drive sufficient traffic to the website, but also ensure that these visitors are driven into taking some action post their visit that adds value in some way to business goals. The action could be anything from asking them to sign up for a newsletter, following on social media platforms or in the best case scenario, avail of a product or service. It is one thing to get traffic coming to a website. Turning such visitors into customers is a different ball game altogether. Conversion Optimization So how best do you go about ensuring this? 1. 2. 3. 4. Exit-intent popups for B2B audience include: 5C Model for Successful Digital Campaigns – lessburn. Digital Marketing Agency in Coimbatore - Business Information Services in India.

TaaS for SaaS – Collaborative Ecosystem at the Partners’ Place – lessburn. Every SaaS startup entrepreneur or founder out there knows that there is no easy way to success.

TaaS for SaaS – Collaborative Ecosystem at the Partners’ Place – lessburn

They are aware of the many obstacles that come along the startup journey and try their best to be prepared. Nevertheless, they still face major challenges, especially during the early days and unsure of the best way to respond or don’t yet have the resources or expertise needed to address them properly.