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Дуплет вязание на вилке - Елена 1. Waltz Shawl. Woman's Hairpin Lace Shawl Crochet Pattern. Pineapple Lace. Pin stripe doily- crochet pattern. Crochet Doily Pattern - Pin Stripe Doily This is an easy to crochet rectangle, pin stripe doily with ruffled edging. Materials: Crochet Thread; size 30, (3) big balls of white or color of choice. Steel crochet hook No. 10. 1 Hairpin Lace staple, 1/2" wide.

Gauge: Each strip measures 1" wide, 16 inches long. First Strip: Make a strip of hairpin lace until there are 153 loops on each side of staple. See below for Hairpin Lace Instructions Hairpin Lace: Step 1: Make a loop at end of ball thread (Fig. 1). Step 2: Insert hook in loop and wind ball thread around right prong of staple (Fig 1). Step 3: Thread over hook and draw through loop, keeping loop at center (Fig 1). Step 4: Raise hook to a vertical position and turn staple to the left (Fig 2). Step 5: Thread over hook and draw through loop on hook (Fig 3).

Step 6: Insert hook in loop of left prong (Fig 4). Step 7: Thread over hook and draw loop through (2 loops on hook), thread over and draw through 2 loops. Back to pattern: Edging: Metropolitan Shawl. KCT0022 Long Leaf Scarf. Calling all knitters and crocheters, take a few minutes to unwind with Red Heart’s free crochet patterns and knitting patterns and find inspiration for your next knit or crochet project.

Are you looking to create a soft blanket or hat for charity? Looking to create a bespoke gift for your friends or family? Perhaps you want to create something for yourself that is sure to have someone say – did you make that? You can choose from thousands of free crochet and knitting patterns which range from throws, accessories, baby blankets, clothing and home decoration. To find all of these exciting projects you can browse the free pattern categories to the left of the page, this will help you narrow down the huge number of patterns and projects we have so that you can find the one which is just right for you! Don't worry if you are new to this, we have a range of easy crochet patterns and easy knitting patterns. Hairpin Shawl. Instructions for making Hairpin Lace - Crochet. The popularity of hairpin lace has ebbed and flowed since Victorian times.

It's a gorgeous, simple, crochet method that works up fast and produces beautiful results with today's yarns. There are many ways to make and join hairpin lace. This tutorial is intended to introduce you to the technique, how to make a basic strip, and how to join it to other strips. Hairpin lace was originally created on U-shaped hair pins and then metal U-shaped looms, but now days there are several models of hairpin lace looms which can create varying widths of lace. The lace is formed by wrapping yarn or thread around the left and right tines of the loom to create loops. These loops are crocheted together up the center of the loom. You can make any desired length of lace. The demonstration below uses the Boye Hairpin Lace Tool, worsted weight cotton yarn, and I/9/ 5.5MM hook and US crochet terms. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Repeat steps 5, 6, and 7 keeping the middle stitches centered. HLTunic. Free Crochet Stole Pattern - Easy Shawl Pattern. These free hairpin lace crochet stole pattern was originally published in the 1940s in the American Thread Company's Puritan Crochet Book. Follow the easy step-by-step instructions of this vintage crochet pattern to make this stylish hairpin lace stole (or shawl).

There is absolutely no charge for personal use of this easy crochet home decor pattern. Free Crochet Shawl Pattern: Crochet a Hairpin Lace Stole AMERICAN THREAD COMPANY The Famous "PURITAN" STAR SPANGLED CROCHET COTTON, Article 40, 12 Balls Silver Spangle or Color of Your Choice Steel Crochet Hook No. 7 1 1/2 Inch Hairpin Staple NOTE(s) This crochet stole pattern make a shawl 21 inches x 69 inches.

Crochet Stole Pattern - Hairpin Lace Work a length of hairpin lace having 460 loops on each side of staple, cut thread. Work another strip in same manner but do not cut thread. Work 5 more strips and join in same manner. You have now finished crocheting this crochet stole pattern. More Free Patterns for Shawls Crochet Pattern Books for Shawls. Hairpin Lace Stole. Crochet Renee' - Free Pattern! Hairpin Lace Hat & Scarf. Undefined Click on image for larger view. PRINTABLE VERSION (text only) HAIRPIN LACE HAT AND SCARF *Don't know how to do hairpin lace?

Go here! Materials: Adjustable hairpin lace loom (3 inch loom), Crochet Hook J or 10, worsted weight yarn (12 ounces), pom-pon maker. Gauge: 3 sc = 1 inch at center of strip. Yarn is used double. HAT: Make hairpin lace strips as follows: 1 strip of 30 loops 2 strips of 60 loops 2 strips of 90 loops FIRST STRIP: (30 loops) Thread a piece of yarn through all loops on one side of strip and tie yarn tightly forming a circle.

To finish last strip, pull 2 lps through 2 lps all around. SCARF: Make 4 strips each of 150 loops. TO MAKE FRINGE: Wrap yarn around a six-inch cardboard 96 times. . * From a magazine called "Discover the Excitement of Hairpin Lace", Book 17600. Hairpin Lace Doily 3. Hairpin Lace Doily 2. Hairpin Lace Doily 1. Talking Crochet ... Hairpin Lace Bookmark. Hairpin Lace & Flowers Scarf Crochet Pattern. Hair Pin Lace Shawl. Dagmar. Hairpin Lace. These tutorials are the property of Stitch Diva Studios, and can not be reproduced or printed without the prior written consent of Stitch Diva Studios. Hairpin Lace is a beautiful and easy crochet technique that was very popular in the Victorian times.

Because hairpin lace is so quick to work up and yields such gorgeous results with modern yarns, it is the ultimate stitch craft for the modern crocheter who wants fast results. Using a crochet hook and loom, hairpin lace (sometimes called hairpin crochet) involves creating strips that are then crocheted together. While our tutorial is intended to provide a solid introduction to Hairpin Lace, we can only scratch the surface at the infinite ways that strips can be joined together. In order to attempt hairpin lace, it is necessary to have experience with the basic crochet stitches. See our Crochet Tutorial if you need to review the basic stitches. It may feel clumsy at first to handle the loom. Labores con encanto. Advanced Search. Old and new designs in crochet corset covers and nightgown yokes : LaCroix, Sophie Tatum, 1862-

Hairpin lace edging patterns to crochet. Image: courtesy of our friend Nicole Wickham from Hairpin Lace: Make a loop at end of thread and place 1 prong of staple in loop just made, insert hook in loop, wind thread around right prong of staple, thread over hook and draw through loop keeping work at center of staple, * drop loop from hook, turn staple 1/2 turn to the left, pick up the dropped loop at center, thread over and pull through loop, insert hook through top part of loop on left hand prong, thread over and pull through (2 loops on hook), thread over and pull through both loops completing the single crochet, repeat from * for length desired.

Hairpin Lace Edging Materials Required: Tatting Thread, 1 ball White or color of your choice; 1/2 inch hairpin staple; Steel crochet hook No. 13. Crochet Pattern Collection! 317 One-of-a-kind Vintage Crochet Patterns That Are Over 100 Years Old! Work hairpin lace for desired length having a multiple of 32 plus 24 loops on each side of staple. Back. Hairpin Lace Instructions - How To Make Hairpin Lace. How to Make Hairpin Lace - Step-By-Step Instructions. Hairpin Lace is made on a hairpin fork (sometimes called a staple), which comes in various sizes, along with a crochet hook. The result is a soft, fluffy lace most commonly used in afghans, shawls or baby wear. Difficulty: Average Time Required: 30 minutes to learn technique Here's How: Hold the hairpin fork so that the curve is at the top.Make a single loop in the yarn. Tips: The finished strips of hairpin lace can be combined with an endless variety of other stitches to be made into afghans, clothing, edgings and other items.

How To Make Hairpin Lace. How to Make Hairpin Lace From your Crochet Guide Hairpin Lace is made on a hairpin fork (sometimes called a staple), which comes in various sizes, along with a crochet hook. The result is a soft, fluffy lace most commonly used in afghans, shawls or baby wear. Difficulty Level: Average Time Required: 30 minutes to learn technique Here's How: Hold the hairpin fork so that the curve is at the top. Make a single loop in the yarn. Tips: The finished strips of hairpin lace can be combined with an endless variety of other stitches to be made into afghans, clothing, edgings and other items. Related Information: How to Index More How To's from your Guide to Crochet. A Study of Tatting as Combined with Hairpin Crochet Lace. A Study of Tatting as Combined with Hairpin Crochet Lace Dale Pomeroy Round Robin Doily with Hairpin Crochet Lace So let's begin with the basics. A Comparison of Basic Directions Over a Span of 109 Years Here are links to a number of websites which feature both basic crochet instructions and the basics of hairpin crochet lace too.

About.Com Crochet's How to make hairpin lace Wright's Hairpin Lace Hairpin Lace Instructions by Craftown's Hairpin Lace (Minimal directions) Edging Pattern Any questions? A Comparison of Basic Directions Over a Span of 109 Years. A Comparison of Basic Directions Over a Span of 109 Years Here are the basic steps. I regret I lack some notations regarding from which instruction manual some of these diagrams are excerpted.

If you recognize them, please let me know. This first one appears to be a very standard representation of the beginning steps. Note the first loop on the loom is a slip knot. And further observe that the ends of the hairpin loom itself point down. This diagram appears to be by the same company as above only published earlier. Here a diagram from a 1906 pattern shows an actual hairpin in use as a loom and with the open end pointing down Here are diagrams from a manual on Maltese Lace (Hairpin Lace) from 1891 showing the hands on the loom (note the open end is pointing up here :) and holding a crochet hook. Now examine the beginning knot, the initial loop and the manipulation of the crochet hook in this 1970's diagram. Please also examine the method of joining strips in the above diagram.

Il pizzo a forcella - Hairpin lace. Mi sono allenata un pò all'uso della forcella e dell'uncinetto per fare delle strisce di varia larghezza, provando ad usare diversi filati .... fino a quando non ho trovato quello perfetto! Si chiama "Super Chenille" di Patons, 100% ciniglia di cotone, fabbricato nel Regno Unito. Ho comprato gli ultimi otto gomitoli rimasti nel negozio La Compagnia del Cotone.I trained myself to use the hairpin staple and crochet hook, and I managed to make several strips of different width, using many kinds of yarn....until I found the perfect one! It's Patons' "Super Chenille" 100% cotton made in UK. I bought the last eight balls left from the shop "La Compagnia del Cotone". Ho dovuto sperimentare ancora un bel pò prima di riuscire ad ottenere questo risultato, ma ne sono davvero contenta.

A parte questo non dico altro, ho un'idea che mi frulla per la testa e devo ancora definirla bene! Beside this I won't say more, there's something running through my mind, but it's not clear yet! Hairpin. Here a few pics of my progress on the So Called Scarf. I must say that I fell in love with this pattern. It's easier and faster that I thought. I have to really thanks heyjulie95 for her really helpful video tutorial, especially for suggesting an alternative way to realize the crossed stitch on the right side. Now I'm thinking about realizing my own video for those among us who knit the English way (as opposite to the "Continental" way). Anyway the scarf is progressing well, thanks to circular needles I knit on the bus, on the subway, at work, watching tv, etc...

Very funny. I only have a doubt on Manos del Uruguay, it's a pretty rough wool. I also progressed a bit on Hairpin Lace, the tool is amazing. Hairpin Crochet patterns and tutorials. Thanks to Knitaly I found the essential key word to understand and use the knitting fork Ingrid offered me, the k-word is "Hairpin". Looking for "Hairpin Looms", "Hairpin crochet" and "Hairpin patterns" I found all I need to know to correctly use this amazing tool and make wonderful scarves and shawls in no time. Horray! I feel I will be able to make some lovely scarves for Vik's project! :-) Here a few links:Hairpin Crochet video tutorial Hairpin Looms tips and techniquesJoining two Hairpin stripes Hairpin Afghan Vogue Knitting Shawl (.pdf) Many Hairpin patternsBasic Directions Over a Span of 109 Years Tatting as Combined with Hairpin Crochet Lace I'm totally excited!

The new Maltese crochet designs complete with instructions : Francis, Anna. [from old catalog] Crochet series. No. 1-5. ちょっと手作りno11. YouTube. Free Hairpin Lace Crochet Pattern Link Directory. Fiberjoy. Recently a journalist, Jo Garcia-Cobb, from a local newspaper came here to interview Ed and I about our business. Jo was frequently at the Mt Angel Abbey Library working on a book she was co-authoring with her husband, Keith – who was studying for his Masters at the seminary during the time I worked at the Library. This summer I saw Jo when she came to Scotts Mills to report on the annual Summerfest. It was wonderful to catch up a bit with her and her young daughter. She was please to hear that our small business is keeping us busy and asked to write an article to help encourage people struggling during this tough economy; to let them know that there are people who have successfully built up a simple business. The article came out a week ago today. It’s evident that Jo well knows the writing craft and has honed her skills though the years.

The body of Mirth’s shawl/wrap was finished Tuesday night, just before midnight. Mirth was completely delighted with it. Doesn’t Mirth look great! Number 19. Poster_kc_hairpinbroom_8may10.png 638×826 pixels. 手編みのページ. Number 19. Number 19. Number 19. Fiberjoy. Lisadaehlin's blog. Hairpin Lace Chandelier Earrings Pattern. Hairpin Lace Neck Cuff Pattern - Scarf.