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Use this crochet flower pattern to create delicate violets for a pin or embellishment for clothing or accessories. The metallic thread adds a bit of glamor. Materials: Violets Pin Crochet Flower Pattern Violets Pin Crochet Flower Pattern
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Mosaic Magpie Here is where this tutorial began: The Beauty Pin created by my grandmother. Beauty Pins where often used in the place of a button. In my case, the pin was used Mosaic Magpie
Don't Eat the Paste: Paracord Bracelet Don't Eat the Paste: Paracord Bracelet If you're interested in purchasing a finished bracelet, my son has agreed to make them for 12.50 each using handmade clasps, or 14.00 dollars using a plastic clasp. Clasp options are brass, copper or aluminum, color options we can get easily are black, gray or olive. Email me at shalasbeads at (nospam) gmail dot com to order one.It's always hard to make things for young men isn't it? I made my son a paracord bracelet because I wanted to see if I still remembered how to make them. I bought the paracord, but completely forgot the clasp. Whoops.
{Dedicate as your "Headcovering" unto God} I realise these "Bun Covers" are not "full head covers" (your hair is not down, lose. sexy, and flowing, drawing attention unto yourself), but I also believe God honors our hearts as daughters wanting to be obedient unto His Word, so dedicate your bun covers unto God as your Headcovering and He will Bless you for your obidence. God recieves "ALL" Glory while your being obident unto His Word by covering your hair (your hair is your glory) and by covering your giving HIM "ALL" the Glory ~ ~ ~ "JESUS is LORD" ~ ~ ~ Materials: *Worsted Weight yarn, small amount, *Hook size G, *One large elastic ponytail band. Jeanarie: Bun Cover Jeanarie: Bun Cover
Chunky Bow Brooch Pattern Chunky Bow Brooch Pattern Hi everyone, thought I'd share a super duper easy and fun crochet pattern with you Chunky Bow Brooch Pattern Row 1 - SC in 2nd CH from hook and each st across = 11 CH1 turn Row 2 - 4 Repeat Row 1
Hey Divas! Okay, so I decided to take a break from making earrings for a second and decided to make a ring. This is what I came up with and since this is my first real pattern I decided to share it (so bear with me). :-) Crochet Flower Ring Tutorial Crochet Flower Ring Tutorial
I hope you enjoyed all the handmade fun we brought to you this year! From cardboard tube kazoos to newspaper pom-poms to fingerprint valentines there was all sorts of crafty fun going on. And to think that I had even more in the works that never got finished. scrumdilly-do! the year in review. scrumdilly-do! the year in review.
Grandma Rosie Rings...Tutorial... Grandma Rosie Rings...Tutorial... Yes that's right... My Grandma Rosie Ring pattern if here... For all to enjoy this festive season... I have included a printable version as well... Which is only in English terms