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Inspiring Spaces and 10 Ways YOU Can Create One! Part 1: An Introduction into Inspiring David Jakes is the Director of Learning Spaces for EdTechTeam and leads the Learning Space Design Studio. The Studio, created to support schools in developing compelling and engaging learning environments, is the most recent addition to the comprehensive services offered by EdTechTeam. How do you inspire your students? That’s an important question for every educator to contemplate and answer. What invitation into learning do you offer, and how can learning spaces be a part of that invitation? Does your classroom invite learners into an inspiring experience? Inspiring spaces can look different to different people, but such a space can take kids somewhere new, somewhere magical even, where it is possible to be immersed in the wonder and curiosity associated with meaningful and joyful learning.

Inspiring spaces empower, engage and create the conditions for learning. We've compiled 10 tips for creating inspiring spaces for your students today. Learning Space Toolkit. How Classroom Design Affects Student Engagement - Steelcase. Adaptable Spaces and Their Impact on Learning – Research. Research reveals the divide between what is known about the learning experience and the spaces built to support them. This has prompted exploration of new types of spaces. The goal is to understand the role of adaptable spaces in supporting the learning experience. Just as important is an examination of the impact technologies, pedagogies, and, yes, furniture has on these spaces.

Measurement demonstrates the impact space can have on the teaching and learning that occurs on campus. Herman Miller, Inc., has conducted collaborative research on this subject with several institutions across North America. *1 The research involves a new concept for adaptable learning spaces known as the Learning Studio. The Learning Studio evolved from a design pattern for learning spaces first explored and implemented by Eliel Saarinen at the Crow Island School in Winnetka, Illinois, in 1939. *2 This design pattern used an L-shaped model for classrooms. Research Methodology Teaching Learning Engagement 1.

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Assessment. Flipped Learning. Google+ How to Get Projects Off to a Good Start. In project-based learning, project kickoff is an exciting day -- and for good reason. This is when PBL shifts from planning to active learning -- the moment when students enter the picture. By planning entry events that fire up their curiosity, you'll engage students' sense of inquiry right from the start. Today's post focuses on planning effective entry events. My next post will offer ideas for culminating events. Launch with a Bang There's more than one way to get a project off the ground, but good entry events share common characteristics.

Combined with the provocative driving question for the project, the entry event gives students a "need to know. " Good entry events also convey a teacher's investment in the project. Here are a few ideas to jumpstart your thinking about how to get your project off the ground. Setting the Scene At Manor New Tech High School near Austin, Texas, students are unlikely to forget the day they were immersed in an ancient world.

More Visual Prompts. Khanacademy.

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Digital citizenship. EdTechTeam Teacher Leader Certification Portfolio for Micah Carlin-Goldberg. As of today this blog has existed more than six weeks, with no posts, and no title. This morning I found both snuggled up together. Please read to the end to find out where I found them. Two months ago I had an experience that opened my eyes and changed my teaching forever. What was this experience? I attended my first (but not my last!) Google Apps For Education Summit (GAFE).

It was hosted byEdTechTeam at Windsor High School on April 9-10, 2016. Why did the GAFE summit have such an effect on me? There were two reasons. The second and probably more far reaching reason can be summed up in one word. I have been on Twitter since the beginning of 2008. How did Twitter change me at the summit? Twitter for Professional Development What is Twitter for educators?

One of the biggest difficulties that I have encountered in my teaching (and I am a new teacher) is the tendency for educators to get isolated in their rooms. Want to get started on Twitter? What changed?