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Le Pavillon

Le Pavillon is Lafayette's newest premier venue for weddings, corporate events, and more. Conveniently located in Parc Lafayette, Le Pavillon is next door to the Hilton Home 2 Suites, and near many stores and eateries.

Wedding Venues - Reception Venues - Lafayette, La - Le Pavillon. ​Le Pavillon at Parc Lafayette offers vestiges of grandeur to host your special day.

Wedding Venues - Reception Venues - Lafayette, La - Le Pavillon

With four elegantly appointed wedding and reception venues, Le Pavillon is elegantly positioned to accommodate intimate weddings of 25 or grand ceremonies up to 600. Are your wedding day visions of an outdoor ceremony? Our Colonnade is ascribed as a photographer’s dream. Redolent of Paris’ Grand Palais, the arched 24-column entablature, adorned by a fountain, awaits your distinguishing taste. European ambiance, stunning chandeliers, and unparalleled elegance makes Le Pavillon at Parc Lafayette a must see when selecting your wedding reception venue in Lafayette Louisiana. Mini-Wedding at Lafayette's Premier Reception Venue. ​Mini Weddings with Southern Couture!

Mini-Wedding at Lafayette's Premier Reception Venue

Does the prospect of having a fabulous wedding, a short-engagement and all of the details taken care of for you sound like your idea planning? Then think Le Pavillon! Our mini-weddings provide all of the exact experiences you would have with a traditional wedding minus the hassle and headache. Le Pavillon has partnered with Southern Couture Weddings to design, plan, and execute your special day with unparalleled vendors to make your special day something you will truly love!

Our package includes a private 20-minute ceremony and a 1.5-hour cocktail reception with 50 guests. Private Event Venues - Reception Halls - Lafayette, La - Le Pavillon. Meet Our Team - Wedding Venues - Lafayette LA - Le Pavillon. Contingency Plans for Your Outdoor Wedding. Wedding Reception Venues Lafayette La. Helpful Tips to Choose the Best Private Space for your Next Event.

Organizing a perfect private event space is a difficult job even for the topmost organizers in the business industry.

Helpful Tips to Choose the Best Private Space for your Next Event

A private event space or venue can be an amazing alternative to a formal business meeting or a small business celebration. The private event spaces are less pressured and also allows the clients to chat and build a strong relationship, and for important business discussions. Among so many responsibilities overhead and other formalities, finding the right and best private event space is probably the most essential one. So, if you face any challenges or hard time booking a private event space, being well prepared in advance can be the best option. 3 Things to Consider Before Selecting a Private Event Venue in Lafayette. How To Choose The Perfect Wedding Venue. Wedding is one of the most important days in the entire lifetime of every individual.

How To Choose The Perfect Wedding Venue

People want everything to be on point when it comes to their special day. How To Decorate Your Wedding Reception Venues. For humans, wedding is supposed to be a significant event of life and it requires loads of planning and efforts.

How To Decorate Your Wedding Reception Venues

All functions starting from engagement to wedding reception are highly essential and calls on for a huge preparations and planning. There are some pretty good wedding reception venues in lafayette la. If you are looking for some tips to decorate the wedding reception venues, then here are some darn good tips for you. Make use of christmas lights Christmas lights have their own significance and charm owing to which you can use them in most of the places. Centerpieces are ideal Centerpieces can be used at almost avery banquet hall no matter what the occasion or the celebration is for. Try To Keep it in budget. Top 7 Best Popular Types Of Wedding Venues.

5 Unusual And Non Traditional Event Venues. The most important aspect to be considered while planning for any special event is the venue or the space where the same is to be done.

5 Unusual And Non Traditional Event Venues

The venue leaves a great impact on the guests and therefore, it should be taken care of. Here are some of the most unusual types of event spaces that can turn out to be extremely extravagant without much of efforts. Historic Loft Space These spaces generally have repositories of the general history, these come with a vintage touch which is attractive to the guests. 5 Meeting Room Styles You should Try Out Today. Determinants To Choose The Apt Private Venue. So you have the chance of cracking a deal with a huge client, or maybe you are thinking of gathering all your school friend under one roof for one chilled out reunion after decades.

Determinants To Choose The Apt Private Venue

You, either being the subordinate or the initiator of the conversation, depending on the case have to decide a suitable private venue for the function to take place. 10 Easy Ways To Decorate Your Wedding Reception Hall. When it comes to weddings and receptions, there are a number of sensitive things to focus on.

10 Easy Ways To Decorate Your Wedding Reception Hall

10 Things To Consider While Searching For The Ideal Event Space. Events are alway fun and are sure to leave the guests with a feeling of euphoria, but a poorly managed event can actually leave exactly the opposite impact on the guests.

10 Things To Consider While Searching For The Ideal Event Space

The most important thing to look after while planning an event is the venue of the event. Therefore, there are certain things that must be considered and kept in mind before booking an event place and looking for these 10 factors in any event place can certainly help you loads. Location. Top 5 Reasons To Visit Private Event. Private events and parties are generally regarded as the place to chill and have fun after the work.

Top 5 Reasons To Visit Private Event

Some people who do not like to indulge much with other people avoid attending such events. But, there are a lot of reasons by visiting private event parties can actually prove to be beneficial for every individual and some of the most basic reasons are mentioned in the section that follows. New Ideas and latest trends By visiting a private event venue, you make sure that you keep yourself updated with all the latest trends and technologies in the world. This also helps people in knowing about different new ideologies and innovations that you are working upon. Helps in better Networking The best way to improve and extend your network is by attending different private events.

6 Tips To Plan Wedding Reception Party at Lafayette La. Brand New Reception Venue for You. Weddings are full of traditions, exchanging rings, wearing a white gown, the groom not seeing his bride until the day of the wedding in said white garment are but a few of the traditions that seem to transcend time. Traditions start when someone finds a unique way to express themselves, creating an atmosphere that is memorable for the couple and their guest. The reception venue is where it all starts. Today’s engaged couple need look no further than Le Pavillon in Lafayette. This venue stands ready to host wedding receptions, wedding ceremonies or engagement parties.

The couple that chooses this grand setting will begin a new tradition. Wedding receptions and parties date back centuries and have taken place in some form in nearly every recorded culture. In the United States, wedding receptions were commonly held at home before World War II. Today’s wedded couple are received after their wedding ceremony in a more triumphant style. An Introduction to Lafayette’s Newest Premier Wedding Venue.

A spectacular venue is an essential element for a memorable wedding. Whether your taste leans towards a traditional setting with columns, a modern environment with lots of light, or a simple elegant backdrop, the beautiful Le Pavillon at Parc Lafayette is an inspired choice for Acadiana brides and grooms.