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Structured authoring and XML - MAP Systems. Flash to html5 conversion tools. With the apparent rise in the popularity, Hypertext Markup Language 5 is fast becoming the go-to-technique when one wants to render videos online.

Flash to html5 conversion tools

Gone are those days when you needed to have the latest version to Adobe Flash to play the video.Thanks to HTML5, now we have the best and a more versatile technique to play videos online without worrying about downloading or compatibility issues. This is a great boon as we don’t have to simply waste time. The very conversation about Flash and HTML5 naturally brings us to the next pertinent question; how can one convert Flash site to HTML5. The Best Way to Convert PDF to Mobi for Kindle Devices. Sometimes, it becomes inevitable to convert PDF to MOBI format.

The Best Way to Convert PDF to Mobi for Kindle Devices

When you buy an eBook from any of the online stores such as Kobo, Sony or other, you will get electronic Books that are either in ePub or PDF format. It is understood that both these formats are supported by almost all platforms and devices available today. Enhanced eBooks – Some facts you need to know. Enhanced eBooks in simplest of words is an eBook that includes interactive features like audios, videos and animations etc. embedded in it.

Enhanced eBooks – Some facts you need to know

Making eBooks readable on multiple devices has always been a challenging task owing to the fact that the features of eBook readers keep on progressing inconsistently. Underlying are some of the facts regarding enhanced eBooks which you should know before stepping ahead for the digitization process. Misconceptions regarding enhanced eBooks Before delving into the depth of enhanced eBook features, let’s check what is often misunderstood as enhancement. A lot of misconceptions are there regarding enhanced eBooks that should be alleviated. Enhancements are actually those extra virtues that make reading a more interactive, informative and interesting process. Fixed layout interactive eBook. E-Publishing solutions for educational sector.

MAP Systems blazes the trail in the domain of specialized educational publishing with state of the art technological interventions and best in class expertise aimed at enriching the value of bespoke solutions.

E-Publishing solutions for educational sector

We as a seasoned ePublishing solutions teamrelying on innovation, market insights and experience to develop productive and streamlined solutions for higher education, K-1 and professional sectors. Our complete array of academic solutions and cutting edge services are intended at helping instructors, pedagogic experts and students more value additions. We believe in making learning more experiential, efficient and robustly administered. Teams with us strive relentlessly and do everything possible for the same. We have formidable experience in the field of educational publishing. Fixed layout eBook conversion for STM Books. Switch to digital documents to boost up your business. Global companies are switching over to digital documents in place of traditional logbooks.

Switch to digital documents to boost up your business

Well, converting paper documents to digital files has a number of advantages. For instance, they are safe from physical damage and you can store them in multiple locations as soft copies. Apart from this, digitization of documents reduces search time and increases the productivity of a company. Reflowable eBook conversion for STM Books. Alternative to adobe flash animation - choosing the right one - MAP Systems. E-Publishing solutions for legal firms. When it comes to legal services domain, content and data are very crucial; it’s in fact the very basic of legal industry.

E-Publishing solutions for legal firms

MAP Systems assists law firms as well as publishers in making their document prepared for publishing via multiple channels followed by distribution thus bettering association, efficiency and productivity. Our company offers comprehensive e-Publishing Solutions for Law Firms. Reach us to publish across multiple channels and assure more accessibility for your content. Since starting, we have been assisting law firms to leverage the scope availed by production of digital matter, format transformation, XML conversion & semantic tagging. The focus has been to come up with smartly formatted and platform-independent data assets and documents that are editable and searchable. Fixed layout media overlay enhanced eBook. Pay attention to these 10 aspects while eBook and ePub formatting for stellar results. How to format an eBook to achieve best results is a tiring question as many factors are to be considered.

Pay attention to these 10 aspects while eBook and ePub formatting for stellar results

Formatting eBooks is not an easy job; it requires patience, skill and exceptional attention to details to get the desired results. In the grand scheme of formatting an digital book, one has to take exceptional care to make it look exactly like in the desired aesthetics. Fixed layout media overlay 2D animation - MAP Systems.

Flash Content to HTML5 - upsides. A number of browsers have done away with the support Flash system that was used in advertisements and other videos.

Flash Content to HTML5 - upsides

However, Google has so far supported Flash advertisements. Well, it will deal the final blow when it will stop developing software kits for flash. This move is expected by the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) by, as it looks forward for flash to html5 migration and the removal of interactive video advertisements from the browsers. Although a number of internet users have switched over to other options by now, a section of people still continues with the old habit.

Therefore, it is a concern for them with the timeline approaching. Interactive enhanced eBook creation for education domain. With the arrival of digital content, the way via which people share and gain access to information has changed on almost all platforms.

Interactive enhanced eBook creation for education domain

With it, novel, improved and more effectual communication channels have opened up that radically transformed how people connect and converse. Getting news to making new friends and shopping to downloading a movie or book, there is virtually nothing that can’t be done with electronic devices. Publishing industry has been impacted immensely by this revolution. These days, interactive versions of digital books are ruling the marketplace owing to attractive features like audios, videos and other media capabilities.

Ebook Cover Design Tips. Benefits of XML conversion. By Leon William Digital Marketing Specialist Most of the companies are not sure whether to opt for XML or not.

Benefits of XML conversion

They in fact are least acquainted with the great benefits of XML conversion. Using XML avails you a discipline in the process of publishing. It provides an archival file format to the publication possessions. With extensible markup language, integration of eBook production into workflow of print production can be facilitated. Publishing process disciplining When in XML workflow, you are preparing for production, higher discipline level is anticipated. You can create a script in normal Word document or else in the InDesign file that check a manuscript for listing the styles used as well as the rigidly coded non-style formatting which has to be addressed.

Getting an archival future-proof document Extensible Markup Language is future-proof; publishers know that. Word .docxInDesign .idmlAdobe .pdfAdobe .dng.jpg, .png, .tiff. 3 things you should never do with interactive ebooks. How different is data backup and archiving? Data backup and data archiving are two words most often used interchangeably to mean the same thing and they both seem analogues to most of the users and listeners as well.

Though both the words are used to mean a process that makes a copy of any documents and stores the same for future use; that is exactly where both these processes begin to end the similarity. The main difference between data backup and archiving is that they are used for extremely different purposes. Besides, the systems and methods used for the same are also entirely different. How different is one from another? The differences between the two processes can be broadly classified for the purpose of better understanding of the same. Migration of Flash to HTML5- the seamless benefits for online learning. Mobile learning, also known as mLearning is getting more and more popular and preferred.

In such a scenario, there are several challenges that need to be addressed. Perhaps the most important among them is dealing with migration from flash to html5. Let us see how the massive opportunity offered can be leveraged for enhancing the impact of your online training programs. Electronic Publishing-Following the Growth of the 'Modern Pied Piper' of the Publishing Industry. iXBRL for SEC filings-Key information. In what could be a game changing development for financial reporting and filing procedure, the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) has stated that companies must use Inline XBRL to file their structured financial statements online. This ruling by the SEC in 2016 June for SEC inline Xbrl would mean that the companies when they file their annual and quarterly financial reports must do in an integrated HTML format allowing for greater flexibility.

This is in fact a little confusing to understand and if you wonder how that is even possible, let us break it down for you further. EPUB for e learning- Why EPUB 3? Content nowadays are designed in such a way that they run comfortable on all possible devices. Many learning management systems are even incorporating offline players to ensure that the content is readily available for readers. As far as the format of delivery is concerned, e-learning materials are commonly developed on mobile apps as well as web-based applications. With the arrival of ePub 3 format, eBooks have gained more mileage in regard of e-Learning. EPUB for eLearning It is a standard format for documents and digital publications that are published by IDPF.

Multi-device Support It is based on XHTML and as it uses CSS & JavaScript, different content types as well as interactivities on diverse platforms can be displayed. Accessibility Support Media overlays are supported by EPUB 3. Multimedia Support. EDUPUB Creation for Education: Expectations – Leon William – Medium. EDUPUB EPUB arrives to fulfill the purpose of accommodating largest possible collection of content for learning needed by learners and providers alike. Publishers may either adopt the entire sections or else only the ones that are most suitable for their matter. With EDUPUB, configurations matching best to their specific requirements can be developed. Multilingual eBook conversion services. Digital publishing has in fact eliminated the concerns and restrictions imposed by geographical boundaries. A work when digitized can be transferred to any part of globe swiftly without any hassles. However, when you want to focus on multiple locations, translating your eBooks in different languages is unavoidable.

You have to create multilingual eBooks if you dream of reaching a wider global audience. At MAP SYTEMS, you will find a squad of programmers, developers, language connoisseurs and conversion experts who assist clients starting right from translation of texts, audios and videos of the publication to its alterations and improvement for diversified readership. People with us specialize in creating eBooks in English, Russian, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Hebrew, Arabic and many other Latin as well as Non-Latin languages. Interactive comic books-creation. The present and future of eBooks publishing.

How influential is HTML5 for mobile apps? Reflowable versus fixed layout. Effective animation techniques and types for eBooks. Common myths related to XBRL and XBRL documents. Digital storytelling- eBooks, enhanced eBooks or apps? With digital storytelling, learning has transformed to be a more effective process and this innovation has completed revolutionize the educational domain. There are three formats that are common with electronic storybooks- eBook apps, enhanced eBooks and eBooks. Before anything else, understanding the difference between these formats is important. The differences are in diverse aspects. Let’s scrutinize. Production Process It an easier process when it comes to electronic book creation but the pitfall is that they have relatively limited capabilities; companies offering eBook creation services frankly admit the fact.

Selling Potential Apps obviously come with great features of interactivity and wide range of options. Normally there are several apps that are available free, initially. Pdf to xml conversion in financial institutions. Why eBook formatting must be outsourced only to experts? Different types of eBook conversion and its uses. What differentiates the standard eBooks from fixed layout types? Using interactive eBooks for e-learning. 3 steps for Lead generation with interactive eBooks.

Best EBook Format For Kindle- A Critical Analysis. How To Create A Fixed Layout EPub In InDesign? PubMed search tips that you should be aware of. XML data: Versatile, Powerful and Adaptable. ELearning realm- How trends are changing in 2016? by Leon William. Key eBook template designing tips. Design your eBook from scratch. Technical document formats- PDF vs HTML by Leon William. EBook conversion limitations and tips to overcome them.

Enhanced eBooks- The basics. Industry’s 5 best tools to convert Flash games to Html5. Four ways for creating an EPub you need to know. 5 operative and most recommended tips for Kindle eBook formatting. 3 useful tips to help your ebook stay on the top list. Digital archiving scanning standards - Map systems.