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What is your loft conversion style? The beautiful Hamptons in London is an oasis for comfort living.

What is your loft conversion style?

It is one of the most stylish residential areas along the banks of Thames, thanks to Hampton Court, pleasant parks, and riverside activities. You should be pleased with owning a property in the Hamptons. But, we know when it comes to property, size does matter. We are all about improving on what you already have. Sometimes, adding a single bedroom to your home’s square footage can solve a weighty matter like moving houses. We will visit your property to inspect its suitability for a loft conversion and offer you a quote. Many Hampton Hill homes are terraced, while detached homes are available throughout the area. Dormer loft conversion – Perhaps the easiest and the least expensive, this type has several variations – Flat roof dormers, Shed roof dormers, Gable fronted, and Hipped roof dormers. Mansion block conversion – Carried out in mansion block flats, these also afford the advantage of adding a roof terrace. How to carry out mansion block loft conversions. Mansion blocks were the Victorian answer to affordable, yet comfortable housing in London.

How to carry out mansion block loft conversions

Apart from their iconic charm, they have the potential to become more when you feel like you have less. If you own a mansion block penthouse, you should be proud of your property. The character of period properties is non-replicable and unique to their time. So, simply take advantage of mansion block loft conversions that can afford you with more space when you need it. Did you know that your mansion block top floor flat has plenty of hidden space in the roof?

Loft conversions Kew creating home improvement magic. With its excellent travel links, the Royal Botanic Gardens and historic value it is no wonder you would not wish to leave this wonderful city.

Loft conversions Kew creating home improvement magic

However, a growing family does create the need for increased space. That is where we at Good Design and Build come in, with our professional team of experts. As an expert loft conversion company, we help guide you through the entire process, starting with an initial free consultation. Change the way you live with Loft conversions Twickenham. With great bus and train links and a strong musical and cultural heritage, Twickenham is a lovely place to live with its riverside location and lush verdant spaces.

Change the way you live with Loft conversions Twickenham

Thanks to an extensive town centre and a network of 18th century buildings and pleasure grounds, Twickenham is not a city to give up easily. Loft conversions in West London made easy. We have secured our place as UK’s premier loft conversion specialist by putting your needs first and creating designs that reflect you.

Loft conversions in West London made easy

We are now operating across West London with specialised services for Victorian and 1930s homes. Our designs are 100% bespoke and are drawn up by industry experts. We see exceptional spaces that can do wonders for your home, hidden in your loft. Modern Londoners do not have the luxury of moving to bigger houses as their family grows; neither do they want to miss out on 21st century living. Loft Extensions & Kitchen Extensions in London. Free design for loft conversions West London. 6 things that make your home suitable for a loft conversion. Chances are it is!

6 things that make your home suitable for a loft conversion

A majority of British homes have loft spaces that are suitable for conversion. There is no better joy in home renovation than to find extra space hidden away in your loft. It is a far simpler and cheaper way to the more conventional or infill extension on the lower floor. It is the perfect solution to accommodate your growing family in your London home, where property prices are high. Four out of ten homes across London boroughs have adopted the loft conversion solutions. So, let’s get down to the basics. Free site visit for loft conversions in Surrey. If you’re looking for some extra space in your home, without the hassle of an extension or moving into a larger house, then loft conversions Surrey are a smart way to achieving your perfect home.

Free site visit for loft conversions in Surrey

As loft conversion specialists Surrey, our guide will help explain many of the steps and actions needed for smooth loft conversions Surrey, from local planning regulations, to costs, and even the type of loft conversion best suited for your roof structure. Know everything about architectural drawings. The history of Victorian properties can be traced back to the time between 1830 and 1901.

Know everything about architectural drawings

As you guessed it, this was when Queen Victoria was on the throne. Britain was going through rapid change and this placed huge pressure on improving living conditions. This is why many Victorian homes are characterised by rows of terraced housing on narrow streets. The formula for mass producing housing was standard, and at the time it was pretty much copy and paste. Architecture drawing It is safe to say that when the high ceilings and large windows of Victorian properties were the calling card of the day in property design, the architecture drawings were not as tightly regulated as today.

Elegant loft extensions & kitchen extensions in London. 5 things a kitchen extension project needs. Where kitchens were once small spaces to be concealed, people now love to have large, open cook spaces that form a family hub.

5 things a kitchen extension project needs

Extending the kitchen to create a large family space is increasingly popular. It will also add value to the property. The main purpose of the majority of projects is to create space and light. This can be achieved by redesigned the internal structure of the house and also by extending the house outwards. The key to success often rests on how effectively the existing part of the house – as much the extended part – can be opened up internally, as well as to the outside space.

The easiest way to understand loft conversions. Space-generating loft conversions West London. Turn your loft conversion into a stunning investment. Victorian terrace loft conversion ideas. Kitchen extension builders Chiswick. Today in most homes, the design of the kitchen has become inclusive and central.

Kitchen extension builders Chiswick

Many also incorporate an area for dining. A bigger kitchen gives you so much more workspace and a common area for the family. This becomes especially beneficial as the children grow bigger. You may even be able to have a centre island with extra storage space, which will change the aesthetic of your kitchen, giving it a warm vibe as the island acts as a focal point. Transformative loft conversions Chiswick. Bespoke kitchen extensions London. Loft Conversion West London.