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In our online store all the best selection of Italian Cutlery and Kitchen Knives by DUE CIGNI Maniago and MASERIN Maniago, professional kitchen knives, chef kitchen knives, strong, always sharpened and with modern design, italian kitchen cutlery and professional chef knives of high quality and rigorously Made in Italy for sale online on our store, buy online your professional kitchen knife.

Warranty and quality of the products of MASERIN & DUE CIGNI Cutlery of Maniago, realities that are part of the "Knife District of Maniago" one of the most famous cities in the world for its great history and tradition in the production of blades and cutting tools. Chef Knife 2C 750/20. Chef Knife 2C 750/18. Chef Knife 2C 750/15. Cheese Knife 2C 762/14. Bread Knife 2C 761/20. Boning Knife 2C 756/15. Boning Knife 2C 756/13.