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Planning to buy a classic five stone ring on your big day? Here’s what to know! : leonemege — LiveJournal. When it comes to engagement and wedding rings, they are more than just aesthetics.

Planning to buy a classic five stone ring on your big day? Here’s what to know! : leonemege — LiveJournal

In fact, unlike any other jewelry piece, these rings have meaning and symbolism, such as love, commitment, and loyalty. This is why today, people go for meaning rings for the wedding and engagement. What should you know about three stone rings? – Leonmege – The Art of Platinum. Are you planning to buy three stone rings?

What should you know about three stone rings? – Leonmege – The Art of Platinum

Knowing everything about the same will help you make a better decision. What is the first thing that comes to your mind when it is about a three-stone ring? Well, this a type of a ring that has gained a lot of popularity with time and now that Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex is wearing one, it is known to be one of the most opted rings. If you are someone planning to buy the same, this blog will help you know everything about the custom made engagement ring. Four best engagement rings to give your partner – Leonmege – The Art of Platinum. Have you been looking for some of the most spectacular, elegant engagement rings to make your partner feel special?

Four best engagement rings to give your partner – Leonmege – The Art of Platinum

If so, then you have just landed on the right post. In this post, we have covered some of the outstanding engagement rings that are masterpieces created with great precision and care. Sugarloaf sapphire ring – Designed to be strong, bold and empowered, when you’ll put this beauty on your partner’s finger, she will definitely fall in love with you again. Sugarloaf sapphire rings come with bold and regal look with a rich blue sugarloaf sapphire over a diamond pave detail. The crest color and bluestone symbolize truth and loyalty. Morganite statement ring – These are GIA certified 35.73 carats pearshaped natural pink morganite. Type of engagement ring settings – Leonmege – The Art of Platinum. So it’s finally the big day.

Type of engagement ring settings – Leonmege – The Art of Platinum

Has your other half informed you about the engagement ring she always wished to wear? What about purchasing a custom made engagement ring? Or a solitaire ring? Purchasing an engagement ring is not as easy as it sounds. It requires both time and effort. A Brief Intro of Asscher-cut. The original Asscher cut, created by Joseph Asscher, had 58 facets.

A Brief Intro of Asscher-cut

Being referred to as “vintage” or “antique”, it has become a popular choice among many modern brides commonly refer to Asscher cut diamond engagement rings. A rough diamond is used more efficiently than round diamonds and in the case of Asscher-cut halo ring, these can tend to be a bit deeper. There are two types of Asscher Cuts. Reasons to invest in platinum engagement ring. Occasions like engagements and weddings are special in everyone’s life, so do the things related to these events like the venue, transportation, dress, and ring.

Reasons to invest in platinum engagement ring

These days, people are particular about choosing their engagement and wedding rings. In fact, many people get a customized ring for their big day. Why halo made pendants are special? – Leonmege – The Art of Platinum. Oh well, the long wait is finally going to get over for all those love bugs who have been waiting for Valentine’s day.

Why halo made pendants are special? – Leonmege – The Art of Platinum

And obviously, you need to do things that will make her feel special and loved. How to accentuate your attire with evening jewelry? You’re never fully dressed without a smile!

How to accentuate your attire with evening jewelry?

Yes, just like a beautiful smile, your attire is often incomplete without some unique pieces of jewelry. Especially when you are heading out for a date, an office meeting, or even when you are going out for dinner. We all love uplifting our attires with some accessories. And if you are anything like me, you wouldn’t want to walk out without a few classy jewelry pieces. If you are also a jewelry-passionate person, you should be familiar with the latest trends in this industry. How To Shop For True Antique French Cut Diamond Ring? Yes, the trend of true antique french cut diamond ring is back again.

How To Shop For True Antique French Cut Diamond Ring?

Diamonds have been the true love of women since ancient times. After all, they come with an undeniable charm and style. Diamonds have been a beautiful piece of the past, present, and will be of the future as well. r5506 Leon Mege Custom made halo ring with round diamond and three rows of micro pave. How to select a perfect engagement ring? – Leonmege – The Art of Platinum. What Are The Reasons That You Should Get Custom Made Engagement Ring? Choosing the engagement ring should be a wonderful experience, but in the attempt to find the perfect one, comes along frustrations.

What Are The Reasons That You Should Get Custom Made Engagement Ring?

Additionally, the availability of a variety of beautiful rings at every jewelry store, makes the task of choosing one even more difficult. In the process of finding a dream ring, you need to consider various factors. They include types of metals, 4c’s of diamond, third-party certifications, precious stones, settings, cuts and shapes and more. Everything You Need To Choose The Perfect Halo Engagement Ring– Leonmege – The Art of Platinum. Guide To Buy Micro Pave Diamond Wedding Bands. Amongst a plethora of designs circling in the market, what makes your diamond jewelry stand out from others? It has to be the latest jewelry trend of 2018, the Micro pave diamond wedding bands. Micro pave can be referred to as the technique of placing very small diamonds precisely and neatly in a band or a ring with the help of a microscope. Diamonds of uniform sizes are used and carefully placed in the band.

A certain defined pattern is used in the process. Mostly, the diamonds are placed by hand, however, with the advancement of technology, the CAD-MAD method micro paving was developed for the same purpose respectively. Tip On Buying Handmade Diamond Earrings – Leonmege – The Art of Platinum. With the qualities like classic and versatile, a pair of handmade diamond earrings makes a perfect option for a gift. However, finding perfect diamond earrings is a real challenge. There are a number of factors such as diamond shapes, sizes, cuts, facial contours and many more that make your diamond earrings to stand out. Of course, your budget is going to play a major role in making a decision to buy diamond earrings. With endless style options for diamond earrings in the market, it is hard to know what level of diamond quality, which shape of a diamond, and which setting will suit you best. Do not be fret! Everything You need to know about buying custom made engagement ring – Leonmege – The Art of Platinum.

Many walk in the jewelry store and buy their engagement rings, other spend days curating designs and selecting something special for their loved one. What You Should Know About Custom Made Diamond Rings? The term “custom made” often makes the people think about the thousand of dollars they would have to give to purchase the right ring. Many believe that is something that only rich and famous people do.

However that is not true. Best collection of platinum engagement ring– Leon Mege. It is the engagement year and the people all over the world are drooling over the Instagram worthy platinum engagement rings. The 2018 engagement ring trends go way beyond the last years trends. They are more elegant, chic and classy. The shift has been seen in the diamond shape, metal choice and the side stones. Pear Shape:- For a few years, pear shaped diamonds have been making rounds in the engagement circles.

These diamonds dominate the fingers and yet look absolutely mesmerising. 5 Best Popular Wedding Bands For Men – Leon Mege. The market for the women wedding bands is huge, but men are often left with the simple bands. This year, the market is favorable to men. All you need to know about custom made engagement rings. Whether you love platinum and rose gold or want diamonds and gemstone on your custom made engagement rings, you can definitely get them all. In the past, majority of people thought that the custom made engagement rings belonged to the couples with wacky tastes and more.

But with so much variety out there, each and every couple can get the perfect engagement rings that symbolize them and their relationship. Why should you opt for platinum engagement ring? With current technology and resources, the couples all around the world have the opportunity to propose with unique and beautiful engagement rings. The metal choices are vast, so are the choices of adding diamond or gemstones to the ring. While, the stone is to be chosen later, the first consideration should always be given to the metal.

Everything about the three stone rings. Different Types of Halo Engagement Rings. Choosing an engagement ring setting is extremely challenging for all of us, especially if you don’t know what to buy and what is going to suit you. Halo engagements are the best rings that you can choose without any doubt. Sapphires gemstone trands of 2018. Wear Three Stone Ring to Grab Everyone's Attention. An Eye Catching Five Stone diamond Engagement Ring. Slide 1: An Evergreen Trend Of Five Stone Engagement Ring h t t p s : / / w w w . l e o n m e g e . c o m / slide 2: Find the Best Deals on Asscher Cut Halo Studs. Are You Going to Purchase Diamond for Your Wedding Ring. Diamond. Stylish Rings. Indian Diamond Jewelry Stores For NRI’s Living In USA.

Select the Right Metal for Your Wedding Ring. 5 Styles in Asscher Cut Halo Studs That You Really Like. How to Get an Amazing Custom Made Engagement Ring on a Tight Budget. Leon Mege is an acclaimed brand well known for its marvellous custom made jewellery ranging from engagement rings, MIlgrain wedding bands, Micropave wedding bands, classic three stone ring, earrings and other jewellery types made from rare rubies, high grade diamonds, emeralds, sapphires from Burma and Kashmir.

Accolades Leon Mege has won many international awards. 1987 St. Petersburg Jewellery CompetitionPlatinum A’Design 20122010 Classical Spectrum AwardA’ Design Award 20132014 Vision Award In Design ExcellenceAJDC New Talent Award 20122013 Evening Wear Spectrum Award2014 Evening Wear Spectrum Award2014 Objects Of Art Spectrum Award2015 Spectrum Awards Top Honors And Best Of Show2014 Objects of Art Spectrum Award The designs created by Leon Mege are distinct designs that seem to float in air with the gemstones cradled by the thinnest filaments of platinum.

Cutting edge techniques. How to Get a Fabulous Diamond Pendant on a Tight Budget. Buy New Trendy and Unique Wedding Rings Online. A Guide to Custom Made Engagement Ring. Extraordinary Yellow Sapphire Earrings. Unique Hand Made Earrings For a Gorgeous Look. Fancy Gold Wedding Band Now Available at Leonmege. Now You Can Choose Unique Hand Made Earrings Online at Leonmege. Micro Pave Wedding Band. Various Unique Designs of Diamond Earrings. Designer Engagement Rings at leonmege. Custom Made and Hand Made Wedding Rings. Searching for Unique Jewellery.