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LED Bus Signs and Their Applications - Transign - Destination Signs. Boiler Heat Exchanger - Liquid Process Systems. Heat Exchanger With a heat exchanger heat is transferred from a liquid or gas to another liquid or gas without requiring direct contact of the fluids.

Boiler Heat Exchanger - Liquid Process Systems

Within heat exchangers, heat is transferred from the warmer fluid to the colder fluid as both streams flow through the pipe network. Boiler heat exchangers In a boiler heat exchanger, heat is transferred from the hot gasses of a combustion process to water moving through the exchanger’s internal piping system. As a result, the water heats up as the gas cools down. Typical boiler problems No heat or hot water – Broken diaphragms and airlocks, failure of motorized valves, issues with the thermostat or low water levels can result in no heat or hot water. Passenger Safety on Public Transit: A Growing Concern. Though passenger safety regulations’ controlled by FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) and APTA (American Public Transportation Association) have mandated maximum occupancy, proper installation and safety techniques for equipment, and appropriate communication of passenger safety regulations, passenger safety on America’s public Transit is still lacking on many fronts.

Passenger Safety on Public Transit: A Growing Concern

Public Transit: Fraught with dangers Very poor communication of passenger safety rules.Stationary signs are crowded, unnoticed, and ineffective.Drivers have many other responsibilities, and cannot relay safety information or stop information to each passenger without causing other hazards. As a result of these inadequacies implementing automated systems are becoming the standard way to deal with increased passenger expectations and the rise in traffic, congestion, and other road vulnerabilities.

What are Intelligent Transit Systems (ITS)? Integrated Passenger Information Systems LED stop sign. Electric Boiler - LPS Filtration. An electric boiler scores over gas or oil heaters as an adequate water and liquid heating device because it is safe, clean and quiet.

Electric Boiler - LPS Filtration

Whether used in some industrial, commercial or home application, an electric boiler provides almost total efficiency in terms of the electricity used to run it. Where an electric boiler falls short is the expense of electricity costs to operate it. However, these costs can be mitigated by going in for an environmentally-friendly source of electricity. What are two things users must keep in mind while purchasing an electric boiler? One should bear in mind capacity, i.e., the amount of liquid the boiler can heat over any given period.

How Millennials are growing and shaping the transit world. Who are the Millennials?

How Millennials are growing and shaping the transit world

The largest and the most diverse generation in American history, the Millennial Generation are those born between 1982 and 2003. How are Millennials influencing the transit world? According to US PIRG’s report, “A New Direction: Our Changing Relationship with Driving and the Implications for America’s Future.”This generation finds public transportation the best for digital socializingThey work as they travel, a trend noted by 40% of those polled.Reasons and motivations for transportation choices are pragmatic, with 46% stating that a need to save money drives their decisions; 46% also note convenience, 44% want to exercise, and 35% say they live in a community where it just makes more sense to use transit.

With the car ownership rate for people between the ages of 18 – 34 down over 30% compared to generations past Millennials tend to use the most convenient mode of transportation available to them at any given time. Connected devices. Thermal Oil Boiler - LPS Filtration. LED EnCompass - Transign Destination Signs. Oil Boiler - LPS Filtration. Onboard communication: more than just ADA compliance. As we mentioned previously in Universal Integration – Simplicity in Operation, the connected devices of an ITS (Intelligent Transportation System) work together to increase safety and efficiency by simplifying the roles of maintenance, directors, and operators.

Onboard communication: more than just ADA compliance

The benefit to passengers, however, goes far beyond these “bottom line” conversations and enters the realms of public safety, accessibility, and basic human needs. While all passengers benefit from good communication and a well-maintained fleet, those with disabilities require additional services and hardware in order to navigate the transportation system. By connecting multiple devices to a central Mobile Data Terminal (MDT), these additional services are relatively easy to provide, and will help to increase passenger comfort, safety, and ultimately ridership. To complete the integrated onboard communication package, fleets should also incorporate their exterior destination signs.

Industrial Filtration, Industrial Oil Filter - LPS Filtration. Destination Blinds - Transign Destination Signs. Hot Oil Filtration, Hydraulic Oil Filtration - LPS Filtration. Liquid Process Systems, Inc.

Hot Oil Filtration, Hydraulic Oil Filtration - LPS Filtration

(LPSi) provides filtration systems that are extremely efficient for cleaning and maintaining the efficiency of heat transfer fluids, thermal or hot oils. LPSi systems are for in-system filtration. Our patented filter housings use proprietary filter elements to enhance optimum cleaning of the oil at elevated temperatures, since they can withstand system temperatures of up to 750°F (399°C). These elements have excellent dirt-holding capacity, are economical and disposable.

The SENTINEL series offers a complete stand alone system that will re-circulate a portion of the fluid through the filter unit and discharge the clean fluid down stream into the main piping at a pressure higher than the system. LED Destination Signs - Transign Destination Signs. Heat Transfer Fluid Filtration, Hot Oil Filtration, Thermal Fluid Filtration.